Best Accredited Online Colleges in Texas

There are several accredited online colleges in Texas that offer many online degrees from different fields of study to over 50,000 students without them having to set foot on any campus. So if you are looking forward to studying at any of these colleges, then you have to come with me, I will show you the best of them.

Texas, a beautiful state in America, ranks 2nd when it comes to states with the highest number of schools and those with the highest number of student admissions in the US.

It is home to 268 higher institutions of which 107 are public colleges, 88 are for-profit private institutions, and the remaining 72 are non-profit private schools.

Most of the online colleges in Texas are accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission and they are popularly known for their academic excellence which is seen through the quality online programs they offer.

These schools have made it very easy for students to attain their choices of academic heights without having to break the bank. If you are an office worker, a business person with a tight schedule, or have other personal tasks, you can enroll in self-paced online colleges as they encourage individualized learning, allowing you to learn at your own time and pace.

Well, learning online might not be an interesting experience when you don’t have the right online learning tools to assist you as you forge ahead.

Before we proceed with listing these colleges, let’s first know what it will require and what it will cost one to study there.

online colleges in texas

Average Cost of Online Colleges in Texas

The cost of enrolling in online colleges in Texas is not precise due to the many factors that are being put together to determine what exactly you will pay. These factors include;

  • Type of School (private or public)
  • Type of program (undergraduate, or postgraduate)
  • Place of Residence (instate or out-state)

You should know that the tuition paid at private schools will be higher than that paid in public schools, and students who reside outside (out of state) of the United States will even pay a higher amount than the in-state students.

Also, If you are enrolling to take a postgraduate program, you will also pay a higher tuition amount than someone who enrolls in an undergraduate degree program.

So, these factors put together makes it impossible to say what exactly it costs to enroll in any of the online colleges in Texas. For this reason, we will only talk about what it will cost on average to enroll here.

The average cost of 2-year public online colleges in Texas is $2,500 for in-state students and $10,500 for out-of-state students enrolling in 4 year public online colleges. For out-of-state students, it will cost an average of $10,300 and $23,000 respectively for a 2 and a 4-year public online college.

Now that we have a clue about what it will cost to study online at Texas colleges, let’s get to know what it will require us to enroll in any of these of colleges.

Requirements for Online Colleges in Texas

Before you can become a full student of any of the online colleges in Texas, there are some requirements you will be required to provide, they include;

  •  A high school diploma, a GED certificate, or its equal. ( for a bachelor’s degree program)
  • Meet the required CGPA for your chosen program.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • A completed and signed application form.
  • Official Transcripts of Records from previous schools.
  • Application fee payment proof.
  • A Bachelor’s degree (for Master’s program).
  • A master’s degree ( for Doctorate program).
  • Passport-sized photograph and Identification Card.

If you are an international student, you might need to provide proof of English language proficiency, especially when you are not from an English-speaking state.

Benefits of Online Colleges in Texas

Attending classes on campus can be very stressful especially when you are working or have some other things you do that occupy most of your time. These online colleges in Texas understand this condition, so this has made them develop online courses in order for this kind of students can study from anywhere at any time, thereby helping them reduce stress while they earn their qualifications in a comfortable way.

Now let’s look at some of these benefits.


Unlike traditional classroom learning which subjects students to a specified period of learning and environment, Online learning allows students to study from their homes, offices, entertainment parks, or anywhere else you can think of. All you need is just access to the internet and your learning materials.


Most courses offered online are self-paced, allowing students to learn at their own pace and time, thereby encouraging individualized learning since students are not being rushed by their tutors or have to look at a deadline for submission of their assignments.


Online colleges in Texas structure their programs so that students are being helped and supported from the point of enrollment to the point of their graduation. They understand that students may need help at any level of their study, so they have their tutors always available online to help learners find solutions to their problems, both academically and technically, and even financially or otherwise.


Students best communicate well with their tutors online as they are always available to take their questions and proferring them answers, unlike traditional classroom learning where you will have to wait till the teacher is seen again in school.

Also, through online classes, students get to meet with a circle of friends from other countries, sharing ideas and building friendships that may be beneficial to them in their future careers.

Online Colleges in Texas

From the recent findings we made, here are the top 10 accredited online colleges in Texas

  • Letourneau University
  • University of North Texas
  • Dallas Baptist University 
  • Texas Tech University
  • University of Houston
  • Houston Texas University
  • Texas A&M University-Commerce
  • Texas Woman’s University
  • Midwestern State University

1. Letourneau University

Letourneau University is a small private institution that is committed to helping students achieve academic success through the accredited programs, and courses they offer both online and on-campus.

The School is Christ-centered and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associates, baccalaureate, and master’s degrees.

Letourneau University offers over 140 programs of which 13 are online bachelor’s programs and 6 are online master’s programs. Whether you are working full-time or part-time, you can still achieve your education with Letourneau online programs as they are flexible, and fit in with your daily life.

The average full-time tuition for out-of-state undergraduates at LETU is $31,740. Their online master’s program cost about $690 per credit hour for out-of-state students, while the bachelor’s costs $578 dollars for out-of-state students as well.

Link to Letourneau online programs

2. University of North Texas

The University of North Texas (UNT) is a public institution is one of the largest online colleges in Texas that provides online learning among public universities in the country, helping you achieve your educational goals and career without minding your location.

The university is accredited by the  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award baccalaureate, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

The University of North Texas offers 1,628 online courses, and 86 online program choices – including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degrees and undergraduate and graduate certificates at Denton and Frisco campuses.

Tuition at the University of North Texas is about $11,000 for local students and $20,900 for out-of-state students. To find exact details about the cost of their online programs, visit the school’s online school unit, select your residence and course, and then click on “get estimation”.

Link to UNT online programs.

3. Dallas Baptist University

Dallas Baptist University is a Christ-centered private institution that develops Christian leaders through a transformative educational experience. Their online programs are structured in a way that permits students to study while they go on with their normal daily activities, giving them the opportunity to learn without giving up their jobs.

There is over 75 fully online program, and 360 different online offered at DBU, and classes are taught by the same faculty who teach their face-to-face classes, so you get the same experience and education that you can get on their campuses.

Link to DBU online programs.

4. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University is recognized as one of the top online disability-friendly institutions in the US and is also ranked no.1 on the list of the best online colleges in Texas for 2018 by and best online colleges. These rankings are based mostly on academic quality, affordability, and online competency.

Texas Tech University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award baccalaureate, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

Their online and distance courses are taught by the same award-winning tutors and widely-published faculty with various research interests that teach their face-to-face courses.

Link to online programs.

5. University of Houston

The University of Houston has been a top leader in the provision of online education since 1953 and is currently offering more than 1,250 online courses each year to more than 45,000 students from everywhere around the world.
Their Online & Special Programs are learning gateways for students who want the flexibility to pursue their academic interests online from the comfort of their own homes and at their convenience.
The University of Houston offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs, online minors, and hybrid program alternatives. These programs are structured in a flexible schedule that meets your need, allowing you to study while engaged with other things.
The cost of online programs at the University of Houston carries per program. So, to find out about costs, you will have to visit the school’s online program page and choose a course or program to get details.

6. Houston Baptist University

HBU combines faith and reason in its academics so you are prepared not only for your career but for a meaningful life in service to God. The school has been outpouring quality education for over 60 years now and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award bachelor, graduate business, graduate education, and MBA degrees.

They offer fully online graduate and undergraduate programs through Pampell Online Division and these programs accommodate adults with demanding family and work schedules.

Their class sizes are small with highly interactive ensuring a personalized academic experience and enhanced opportunities for every student to succeed.

For the academic year 2022/2023, the tuition fee for online undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree students is $250 per semester. For more details about their online programs, visit the link below.

Link to HBU University online programs

7. Texas A&M University-Commerce

Texas A&M University is dedicated to the discovery, development, communication, and application of knowledge in a wide range of academic and professional fields.

Its mission of providing the highest quality undergraduate and graduate programs is inseparable from its mission of developing new understandings through research and creativity.

At Texas A&M, online programs have a flexible structure that allows you to engage in other things while you attend your classes.

Their distance education courses are web-based (online) courses and are classified into two groups: Web-Based On-Campus and Web-based Off-Campus. Each one is dependent upon your physical location as a student.

The tuition for distance education courses at Texas A&M University ranges from a minimum of $40 per semester credit hour to a maximum of $550 per semester credit hour.
To find more details about programs and costs, visit the link below.

8. Texas Woman’s University

Texas Women’s University (TWU) is one of the accredited leading online public universities in Texas that is basically serving women in education.

TWU provides a variety of online and hybrid degrees, including 12 undergraduate and 29 graduate options. They offer six online certificate programs, including a graduate certificate in school librarianship or advanced geriatric physical therapy.
Texas woman’s university tuition is $7,360 per year.

9. Midwestern State University

Midwestern State University (MSU) provides over a hundred practical and effective noncredit online courses on a varied range of topics. noncredit professional and personal development courses are perfect for expanding credentials or earning a certificate

The school’s Center for Continuing Education offers online CE, SAE, and Pre License courses that are high in quality and designed to meet your individual needs at an affordable cost.

MST offers more than 70 undergraduate programs and four online bachelor’s programs.

Tuition for Midwestern university is around $5000 dollars, for more information concerning tuition and online programs, visit the link below.

Link to MSU online programs.


As you can see, online colleges in Texas have made it easier for students to learn right from the comfort of their abode, and this in turn has helped many students to get degrees without having to give up on their jobs or scheduled activities.

You can start learning online today, all you need to do is to find your dream school, or choose from the top ones We listed above, pick your choice of course/program, meet their requirements, and begin your learning journey.

Online Colleges in Texas – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How Does Online Colleges in Texas Operate?” answer-0=”Online colleges in Texas structures there classes in a way that is self-paced, allowing students to learn at their own pace, though they must meet they deadlines for submissions of their assignments. This method is flexible, helping to students to attain degrees just from the comfort of their homes without having to give up their jobs or scheduled activities. Their classes can be in a recorded video or audio, live, notes, recordings, pdf or formats.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Are there Free Online Colleges in Texas?” answer-1=”There are no free online colleges in Texas, but some online colleges in Texas provide some free online courses, or degrees through some sorts of financial aids and scholarships.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What is the Cheapest Online College in Texas?” answer-2=”The University of Houston – Downstown is the cheapest online college in Texas with a tuition of $6, 500. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]