10 Best Productivity Websites for Students

Almost everyone knows that staying productive, every time is the major key to success. In fact, research shows that by being productive on anything including studies you have the opportunity to do more with less time, which also provides important time for hobbies and leisure.

However, only a few can be productive 24/7/365, I even find it difficult to do that. But, there are lots of productivity websites for students and professionals, that can enable us to live our best every day.

Some of these websites can help students to write a perfect college paper, read free books online, and even save money on college textbooks. Let’s get started.

productivity websites for students
productivity websites for students

Best Productivity Websites for Students

1. Zotero

When students get an academic paper, one of the things they fear the most is using the right format for citations, regardless of how much work they have put into creating their citation, a simple format mistake can negatively affect the entire score. That’s where Zotero comes in, they provide a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, annotate, cite, and share research.

With their web extension, they can help you to organize your research work, create references and bibliographies, and format your work to match any style guide using their 10,000 citation styles.

2. Evernote

School activities don’t always give us the time to properly organize our work especially if you are pursuing your Master’s or Ph.D., so that’s why you need to use Evernote always. It is one of the best productivity websites for students to organize their coursework, class notes, and assignments.

You can even capture handwritten works on a whiteboard and scan them to a readable document, and you can still record lectures and seminar speeches and save them together with the e-lecture note.

3. Coursera

Coursera has always been my go-to website for any certificate courses both when I was in School and now, and I believe you probably have heard of this website, but do you know how productive it can be to your studies and career? Let’s start with the fact that they offer more than 5,000 online certificate courses from reputable Universities and Companies like Harvard, Yale, Duke University, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

Moreover, some of their important courses are free to access, and those that require little monthly payment provide a free 7-day trial.

4. Khan Academy

We can’t mention Coursera, without making mention of Khan Academy.

Even though I never got to use it during my high school days because it was recently established in 2006. Reviews from other students have shown that it is one of the best websites that offer free courses to high school students.

So, whether your kid is in Pre-K or 8th grade, there is a free course for them, whether it is under Science, Computing, Math, Arts and Humanities, Economics, or even any important life skill. In fact, Khan Academy is so productive that 90% of US teachers that have used their website have found them effective.

5. StudentRate

The cost of education is getting higher, and so are the tools for education, StudentRate understands these expenses and has decided to create a space that will be one of the most productivity websites for students. Their website allows you to get very cheap deals and discounts on items like textbooks, clothes, makeup boxes, tech gadgets, trips, hotels, etc.

They also give you the opportunity to get scholarships and collect student loans.

5. NinjaEssays

Academic writing comes back to back on every student’s journey in school, and if you are as lazy as me, or you are finding it difficult to complete your essay work, then NinjaEssays should be your go-to website. Let me tell you the truth, lots of students depend on essay writing services because the demand for academic writing can make you fail your course when not done properly.

And, NinjaEssays provide Expert writers to deliver quality essays within a short period.

6. Archive.org

This is one of the best productivity websites for students that gives them the privilege to access more than 735 billion web pages for free. Just like a paper library – perhaps better than it – you have access to current and very old research, histories, videos, documentaries, audio, etc.

Also, you will find more than; 

  • 41 million books and texts
  • 14.7 million audio recordings (including 240,000 live concerts)
  • 8.4 million videos (including 2.4 million Television News programs)
  • 4.4 million images
  • 890,000 software programs

You can also borrow and download books.

7. Tactiq

Some classes don’t come with captions, especially when your lecturers or teachers are hosting an online meeting through zoom or Google Meet, which can make it difficult for you to take sufficient notes and maintain concentration.

Tactiq does a very great job in helping you to transcribe these online classes, and saving them for the freedom of returning back to them to read as documents. And, the interesting thing is that it is free to use, I and so many other organizations like Shopify, Flexport, Red Hat, NETFLIX, Spotify, etc are using it.

8. LifeAt

Introvert students like me, come forward, I have a secret for you!

Ok fine, this is not only for introverts, if you like peaceful scenery, with ambient piano, or any other soft music while studying, then this should be one of the productivity websites on your list. Not only does it boost productivity with elegant background and music, but it also provides a daily streak that helps you to build the productive habit you need.

9. Grammarly

I wouldn’t have done justice to this list of productivity websites for students if I didn’t mention Grammarly, because this website has not only been productive for students but also for lots of professionals that earn income through writing. Grammarly will help you to submit articles that are free from Grammar errors, that are plagiarism-free, and boost your writing.

In fact, 89% of students said that Grammarly has helped them improve their grades (amazing, right?)

Also, they provide an app that is available for both Android and iPhone users, and you can do a lot with their free version.

10. TED-Ed

We will wrap it up by mentioning TED-Ed, which has been the biggest short video conferencing website that teaches on every topic ranging from topics as crazy as “Why are cats so weird?” to interesting topics like “Why it’s so hard to cure HIV/AIDS,” “The science of stage fright and how to overcome it.”


You can see that these effective websites for students can still be useful even outside school, and they can boost your productivity at a quick pace. Most of them are free to use or have a free version.

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