Queens Nursing Admission Requirements -All You Need To Know

Queens Nursing Admission Requirements -All You Need To Know

Queens University is one of the universities in Canada that international students look out for. Queens Nursing is one of the popular degree programs offered in the university and international students from over 120 countries compete for admission into Queens university, most with respect to their nursing program.

Here I have decided to list the full requirement for getting admission into Queens Nursing program so if you are able to read this patiently to the end you will understand what you need to put in place and the requirements you need to provide to be admitted into Queens Nursing program either as a Canadian student or as an international student from selected countries of the world.

One very necessary requirement is the provision of the proof of proficiency in English. If you are coming from a country that do not use English as their medium of instruction in schools, you would have o take the TOEFL or the IELTS and come out with a satisfactory score to be considered for admission into the Queens University Canada.

Queens Nursing Admission Requirement For International Students

For International students fron African countries that write the WAEC exams, you are required to provide the scanned original copy of your WASSCE certificate scoring at least B3 in english language. This could stand in for your test of English proficiency proof but in a situation you are unable to get upto that, you may enroll for the Queens School of English 12-weeks program to clear your proof of english proficiency or write any of the following English Tests.

(1). International English Language Testing System (IELTS) РYou need to have an IELTS score of at least 6.5 on academic module and band must be below 6.0.

(2). Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL) РHere you should have at least an Overall band of 70 with no band below 60.

(3). Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) РHere you need to have the overall score of at least 88 to be considered for admission. In a situation you are not able to make upto that you may take a look at universities that accept TOEFL scores of 75 and below.

Apart from the proof of proficiency in English language requirement, below are other admission requirements into queens university Nursing Program.

  1. Personal Statement of Experience
  2. Temporary Resident Visa
  3. Study Permit (Costs CAN$150 -With Temporary resident visa)
  4. Proof of adequate funds to cover living expenses for you and any dependents coming to Canada with you. Generally accepted evidence includes personal bank statements and/or letters pledging financial support from family or other sponsors(Scholarships).
  5. A valid passport.

Queens University Scholarship For Nursing and Other Undergraduate Programs in Canada

There are several of International scholarships hovering around and if you intelligent and lucky enough you may hook onto one and study in Queens University with it. Nevertheless, Queens University offers it’s own internal scholarship but it is specifically made for only A students who are not just only academically sound but sound in all sphere.

These scholarships are only given to bonafide queens university students whether you are studying nursing or some other course in Queens University, Canada.

Conclusion On Queens Nursing Admission Requirement

Queens university with over 7% of it’s population made up of international students is a school for all. With no descrimination, queens university offers it’s programs in English language to accomaodate all students from all over the world so if there is a university you may want to look up in Canada, it maybe queens university.

The admission requirements in Queens are not too difficult and yet the university has several alternative routes to your need like the Queens school of english program that helps those who do not have their proof of english proficiency.

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