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Study Abroad In Belgium

If you are thinking about to study in Belgium you have made no bad choice as studying in Belgium is a dream of many international students.

The country is a founding member of the European Union, which hosts its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. While in the capital, Brussels, one can visit important political institutions like NATO, the European Commission, the European Council.

While Belgium is known for its numerous exported goods, it is also recognized for its open-minded and foreigner-friendly attitude. Belgium is historically divided into the Flemish, the Dutch speaking community in the north and the Walloons, the French speaking population in the south.

Study Abroad Programs In Belgium

There are different study abroad programs in Belgium and the courses offered are treated by experienced hands.

Why Study Abroad In Belgium

There is indeed different reasons why study abroad in Belgium and I hope some of them as listed below will be found worthwhile of your consideration.

Cheap, Rich Foods
In Belgium, you can get the amazing Dutch chocolate sprinkles I love, and stroopwafels, and super fresh fruit, amazing bread, and the list goes on and on. The street food is even more delicious. I was able to get a waffle with chocolate and whipped cream AND a thing of frites (French fries) for only 3 euros! And they were both amazingly delicious!!

Broad Educational Opportunities
There are so many opportunities to get knowledge in Belgium, history and stories are everywhere you look, from the places to the people. Classes are fantastic and professors are amazing. You can do pretty lot of things out of the classroom and this boost your experience level.

Interaction With Students From Around The World
You can definitely tell that Brussels is an international community. You never know what language the person next to you on the bus is going to speak. You will have people in your classes from Germany, Italy, Turkey, Iran, and many other places! Almost everything is written in French, Dutch, English or German. This gives you the opportunity to get exposed and learn other languages.

Where To Study Abroad In Belgium

You have not landed if you are yet to discover where to study abroad in Belgium to make the most out of your stay in the country as an international student.

If you are still on the search, you can look out for these places; Brussels, Binche, Ghent, Bruges.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad In Belgium

To study for instance at Ghent University or University of Leuven (or any top university in Belgium) costs about 890 euros per year. You need to add the cost of living which is about 1000 euro per month as a mean for students.