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Do you plan to study abroad in Scotland, then you will find this great piece interesting to the core.

Scotland is the home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the UK and also to several excellent universities, a fantastic place to pursue a degree abroad. Students will not just receive top-quality education, but also live in one of the most welcoming places on the planet with fascinating and unique culture and traditions.


Talking about how to study abroad in Scotland will eventually bring us tom discuss many topics about studentship and education in Scotland. Scotland is a study place with a difference and this difference it portrays is something you will be glad to learn about.

Below is the difference Scotland make in its education system that I hold as a reason why international students like to study abroad in Scotland.

See Top Ten Reasons To Study Abroad In Scotland

Opportunity to choose a suitable learning style for any study field

Scottish universities and higher education institutions offer around 4,500 courses in more than 150 subject areas at undergraduate and postgraduate level. This is a very broad study choice opportunity, you will always find the best course to take up.

They know the education game

Scotland have been in the education game since the 15th century and have vast experience on how best to offer education to get the most out of it.

The whole country is your campus

In Scotland, your education is not only within the four walls of the school but in every practical site within the country that you can live the reality of the course you are studying.

Research done in Scottish universities rocks

Scotland’s universities are internationally known for “world-leading” research and some of the modern developments within Scottish universities have led to such things as the MRI scanner and keyhole surgery. You must be wowed already right?

Scottish people are super friendly

I not going to say much on this, you will confirm it by yourself when you get over there.

If you’re a student from the EU or EEA, education is still free

Did that ring a bell? Of course it you heard the word FREE. You may now get your bag ready for a trip to study abroad in Scotland.

Students are well represented

National Union of Students, NUS has a strong Scottish contingent dedicated to representing students across Scotland, giving them a sense of belonging and safety.

Enjoy some of the most affordable living costs in the UK

According to The Independent and other statistics, the cheapest universities to attend in the UK are Scottish. Need I say more on that?

You can SEE the history first hand

Scotland’s history is everywhere, with castles all over the country, many of which you can visit anytime. And if you get the timing right, you might get in free during a Historic Scotland event, or catch a re-enactment group showing you what life at the castle was like hundreds of years ago. Studying abroad in Scotland is a priceless offer to behold.

Foreign students recommend studying in Scotland

According to a survey by the Scottish government, 94% of international students in Scotland said it was a good place to be, and 86% of Scottish students would recommend it to others. Would you not want to text this goodness of Scotland too?

Tuition fees range Cost of living range
£4,000 – £21,000 £9,000 – $12,000



  1. Hi, Im asian and a practicing civil engr in the Philippines. I have been facinated with Scotland for quite sometime, is there a way to get a scholarship program to any of the schools there? I hope its not so expensive. I am willing to try any available programs.

    Thank you very much.

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