Top 10 Countries With Free Healthcare For Everyone Including Students

This list comprise of the top 10 countries with free healthcare for all it’s indegenes and also for international students.

This is to say, these countries offer medical services all for free to ensure the good health of everyone. They are well listed on wikipedia alongside other countries for profiding free healthcare to their.

For international students in these countries, most times their health fees are attachec to their school fees so that when they get sick they are threated for free too. These countries with free healthcare have been known to promote health conditions for their citizens as citizens do not hide their ailments due to lack of money since they know that te government will take care of their medical bills.

As an international student, you are very far away from home, when you get sick they solution is not to get home and see your family doctor as that would be a very long walk to take, the best is to know what plan your country of study or your school in particular has for the health of international students.

Top 10 Countries With Free Healthcare For Every Citizen

This list is not in an ascending or decending order of best countries with free healthcare they are just featured as offering free medical services to citizens.
The list of countries that offer free medical services does not exhaust with just these countries below as there are still other countires that offer same. A link to access the full list is given towards the end of this page.

(1). France
France has a system of universal health care which is largely financed by the government via a system of national health insurance. This is to say that the citizens are under health Insurance which is taken care of by the government of France itself.

Nonetheless, not all medical care is paid for by the state, only 70% of initial GP care is covered and between 35% and 100% of prescription medication taken care of too.

On the list of countries with free healthcare, France is consistently ranked as one of the best in the world and it still maintains its position as being one of the best countries with free medical services.

France accepts huge number of international students yearly and these students too enjoy free healthcare as their schools take care of them when they get ill. In some cases when the ailment is a huge case, the victim is expected to cover part of the bill.

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(2). Germany
Germany has the world’s oldest national social health insurance system as far back as 1883. This country as one of the countries with free healthcare services operates with a decentralized system with private-practice physicians providing ambulatory care, and independent/mostly non-profit hospitals providing the majority of inpatient care.

Unlike the US where you have a hospital stay of about 5 to 6 days, Germany offers a hospital stay of upto 9days.

Germany have and will keep having international students, year in year out. These students to may get sick so there is also a health service plan for them, they are charged for this on their school fees and the school takes care of them when they fall sick.

Germany also has good universities for medical studies, you can take a look at the top ten best universities for medical studies in Germany.  These universities are open for international students too.

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Germany offers free education too even for both international students you can checkout how to study in Germany for free.

(3). Latvia
Latvia is one of the countries with free healthcare services and programs and also one of the countries that are easier to get admission for International stduents.

Latvia citizens also have health insurances that helps them keep fit during sickness time. The government does not fully take care of the bills of patience in some cases as there are some little bucks the patient will let out.

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(4). Russia 
Article 41 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation confirms a citizen’s right to state healthcare and medical assistance free of charge.

There is a compulsory medical insurance for all Russian citizens in Russia which is being sustained by an obligated medical insurance payment by companues and government subsidies.

some others inlcude;

(5). Sweden

(6). Ukraine

(7). United Kingdom

(8). Australia

(9). Belgium

(10). Canada

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  1. This article is not accurate. There is no country in the European Union which offers free healthcare. Healthcare is paid for by health insurance schemes. Residents must pay health insurance premiums, and in some cases healthcare taxes as well. Visiting foreigners have to pay for healthcare themselves (visitors to Schengen countries are required to have a minimum amount of travel insurance for medical emergencies).

    It is worth noting though, that these countries have universal healthcare for residents in the sense that residents have a right to be accepted for basic health insurance. Insurance companies cannot turn applicants away because of health conditions.

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