Top 10 tips: How to make the most of your study abroad education

Education abroad is a source of both academic knowledge and many adventures. No matter which country you have chosen to study in, this article will give you the information you need to enjoy your student years abroad. 

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Do your research

The first step of your study abroad adventure is research. Yes, it can be a little bit intimidating and sometimes hard, but it’s a must.

You should start by defining your interests and financial ability. After that, you can start your research on suitable education options. The more information you gather the better. Check university websites, where you can find information about curriculums, tuition fees, admission requirements, dormitories, and professors. 

Note that you don’t necessarily need to do this research by yourself. There are many companies that offer consultation services and will do the work for you. Let’s say you want to study medicine in English in Europe. It can be challenging to check all the possible opportunities and finding the best one on your own. The mission of these companies is to help students get accepted into their dream university and provide guidance and useful advice on education abroad.

Make preparations in advance

Travelling to a new country can be intimidating and a little bit frightening. You want to start this new chapter of your life with a step by step plan, that’s why it’s crucial for you to be prepared in advance. 

Take your time before leaving and make a good plan for your new life. Some of the things you should prepare for are local weather, airport pick-up, health insurance, and the place where you will live. 

Be smart with your budget

Surely, the new country you are going to will offer you many temptations, such as exploring a new national cuisine or visiting expensive clubs. But leveraging your finances properly is of great importance. You need to resist the urge to go to every popular restaurant or bar. If you want to guarantee a pleasant stay at your new home, you have to learn to create a budget. 

The best way to do this is to make two different budget lists. One for your living expenses including groceries, transportation, going out with friends, and the other one for travelling and adventures.

You want to explore the nature and the culture of the country, right? To create a travel budget, you can visit online tourism websites, compare different prices, and find the best suitable options depending on the amount of money that you set in advance. 

A nice tip that will definitely help you is to ask the locals. Learn from them about the country’s prices for services and transportation. Ask them about their favourite shops and cafes. This will benefit your budget, but also help you connect better with the people around you.

Define your priority 

Studying abroad is the perfect time for you to explore new experiences, find unexpected hobbies, and have fun in general. But don’t forget that your initial goal is to study! Go to your classes, take your exams. Schedule your study time and work hard. You have to deserve the degree you want so much.

Make friends

Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. You need to be optimistic and talk to your classmates and professors. Go for a cup of coffee and share your experience so far. Be nice and friendly, ask for help when needed. 

Befriend some of the local students and make your way to the local events and parties. They can teach you a lot about their culture and show you the beauty of their country. Make memories that will last forever. Say “yes” to as many new experiences as possible.

Culture shock is a real thing

Your main priority is your studies, but the living environment also plays a key role in your success. Sometimes the cultural differences can be shocking and this can have a negative impact on your goals. 

A culture shock is something that you could experience while moving to a new place. It is described as a feeling of uncertainty, confusion, or anxiety. It’s normal, don’t be scared, no one is fearless. If you happen to experience this feeling, make sure to stay calm and think rationally. Go for a nice walk, talk with your family, share your thoughts. Embrace the bad feeling by exploring the new place and people around you. 

Enjoy your weekends

Studying abroad is a one of a kind opportunity to see the world. We already discussed the importance of organizing your budget, making friends and planning your studies.

Another important aspect that can guarantee you happy memories is planning trips with your new friends. Take advantage of your free time and student status, explore and see as much as you can while you are abroad. Travelling is good for both your physical and mental health.  

Set specific goals

To be an excellent student requires a specific set of skills. One of them is to set realistic, but yet ambitious goals. You can develop an educational plan which includes your long-term goals.

Starting with that, you can write down a step by step plan to fulfil your dreams. This will keep you on track with your progress and will definitely help you be a better student while having fun. 

Make sure to take a lot of photos 

The best part of studying and living abroad is creating memories. So, make sure to take as many photos as you can. When you go home you will have a chance to show your family and friends where you have been, places that you have visited and friends that you made.

Inspire others to

Studying abroad can be frightening at first, but it’s definitely worth the shot. Share your experience and advice others. You can inspire future students to start their own adventure and take the most interesting and exciting path to fulfil their dreams. 

Studying abroad is a challenging experience, but make sure to get the most out of it. There are so many new friends and adventures waiting for you! Be smart, take the chance, make mistakes, learn, but most importantly have fun. If you take advantage of your time, these years will be unforgettable. 


  1. In my opinion, if you have a chance to study abroad, you should pay maximum attention to your studies: create a study plan, set goals, and focus on achieving these academic goals in the process of studying. I don’t mean that you have to be involved in your studies 24/7, but definitely make studying a priority. And the rest of the time, enjoy your new surroundings and explore a new culture.

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    I am 49 yrs old into Information Technology. I need to study 1 year Data Science (Full time) course. I also want to work and settle in the same Country. Can you pls help as to which country would be ideal.

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