Top 5 Best Countries To Study Abroad And Reasons Why They Are Top

This is a list of the top five best countries to study abroad following certified exclusive reviews from trusted sources. There is every need for an international student to sort for the best countries to study in the world to get the most out of his or her study-abroad experience.

From the proper review, this is the list of the top best countries to study abroad and every international student is expected to read through this list to understand the reasons why these countries are classified as the best countries for students who want to study abroad.

Top 5 Best Countries To Study Abroad

This list will start from the least on the list being Thailand to the first.

No.5 THAILAND. The fifth on the list of top best countries to study abroad is Thailand. Thailand recently has become the choice for many international students, on 2014 alone, it recorded the admission of not less than 12,000 international students according to UNESCO.

Thailand is surveyed to have a very good economic growth potential and from statistics, students and explorers get the opportunity to tap into what the country has to offer. The country is also recorded to be one of the best countries for adventure and this is a plus to its broad exposure.

No.4 CHINA. Only a few people know that china is one of the best countries to study abroad, many know it as a more industrialized country but despite their industrial activities, China still keeps its educational atmosphere vibrant.

It would also be of neccessity to let you know that students from China also sort to study abroad in other countries to broaden their knowledge and learn other languages but this number of China students travelling out to other countries is still being replaced even twice by international students applying to study in China.

According to UNESCO, more than 123,000 students travelled to China to study by 2015 and this is a huge number compared to how many of China students that traveled out of the country. China is one of the countries that receives the highest number of international students yearly.

No.3 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. If you are not told, you may not know that UAE is one of the best countries to study abroad. The United Arab Emirates welcomed over 73,000 international students according to UNESCO in 2015 and this is beyond every doubt a huge number.

The country is home to the popular United Arab Emirates University which is one of the university that accepts good number of international students. It is probably the best university in the Arab region.

No.2 TURKEY. Probably you must have heard before now that Turkey is one of the best countries to study abroad and you must also have heard how good Turkey education system is. Turkey is one of the countries that international students will never take their eyes off, it is like a dream country for every international student.

According to UNESCO, turkey admitted over 72,000 international students in 2015. It has a good number of reputable universities which ranges over 23 in counting. One of its highly ranked Universities include Middle Technical University.

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No.1 South Korea. On this list, South Korea is the best countries to study abroad and this not just awarded to it on biased grounds but on the ground that it accepts more international student that any other countries of the world at the moment.

According to UNESCO records, South Korea has the highest number of influx of international students and this in a great way has pulled it to the first on this list.

Clearly obvious, this list is based on the number of admitted international student from each country per year and not neccessarily on the quality of education offered. In as much as these countries offer good quality of education, there is another list which talks about the best countries to study abroad in terms of educational quality and achievements.

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