9 Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in Canada

Here are top mechanical engineering universities in Canada you should probably apply for as a domestic or international student.

Mechanical engineering is said to be the broadest aspect of engineering; suffice it to say in most cases that it is the mother of engineering. It involves the science of applying principles and problem-solving techniques of engineering from the initial design to the manufacture or invention of the final output of the idea.

Mechanical engineering involves so many other disciplines which include but is not limited to: acoustics, Biotechnology, Energy, Robotics, Computer-aided design, Structural Analysis amongst so many others. Mechanical engineering is best studied in some countries of the world where the effect of the practicality of the course sinks deep into the soul of the students and Canada is one of these countries.

Canada is a good place to study mechanical engineering, perhaps because there are so many top mechanical engineering universities in Canada that have consistently taught this course over the years. Below, there is a list of top nine schools where you can study to become a certified mechanical engineer.

9 Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in Canada

  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Alberta
  • McMaster University
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Ontario Institute of technology

University of British Columbia Department of Mechanical Engineering

The University of British Columbia department of mechanical engineering is one of the top mechanical engineering schools in Canada and a school any teen around the world will find interesting.

Admission into mechanical engineering at UBC in the first year is quite competitive and requires all the smartness and intelligence that can be required to pursue an engineering degree in college. It is usually based on a broad process that considers hobbies, motivation, non-academic background and passion.

Although alternatively, students can seek admission into mechanical engineering at UBC in the second year after having undergone a first-year general engineering program which is quite common to all engineering departments at UBC.

The average undergraduate tuition fee for domestic students at the University of British Columbia is between $5,000 to $8,000 while that of international students is between $30,000 to $50,000.

The tuition fees for maters at UBC can be paid in 3 installments per year and this installment payment of school fees is between $2,000 to $12,000 for domestic students and $3,000 to $15,000 for international students.

Anyway, the UBC tuition fees are reviewed annually by their Board of Governors so it is recommended that you visit their official school webpages to confirm their current school fees. You can confirm the  UBC PhD programs tuition fees, the UBC masters programs tuition fees and the UBC undergraduate programs tuition fees.

University of Toronto Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto is world-renowned for its applied practical curriculum. Theory is put into adequate practice in the laboratory with students eagerly working on different projects. Admission is open to international students as well as students within the country.

Graduates from the university pursue their careers in different areas like design communication systems, computers, assistive medical devices, automotive design, et all. The list of top mechanical engineering universities in Canada wouldn’t be complete without the University of Toronto taking a place.

The undergraduate engineering tuition fees for international students at the University of Toronto is about $58,680/year and about $14,180/year for domestic students. You can always find out the current tuition fees from the university’s official tuition fee webpage.

McGill University School of Mechanical Engineering

McGill University is one of the top mechanical engineering universities in Canada: the department of mechanical engineering at McGill University has a reputable history of excellence in research and teaching.

Students are exposed to a school long process of concept, design, implementation and operation of mechanical systems.

Graduates of mechanical engineering from McGill university qualify to work in fields of aerospace, energy, manufacturing, machinery, and transportation at the end of their study.

The tuition fees at the university rise beyond $50,000 in some cases for international students and far lesser for domestic students. You can always check out the fees by yourself on their fees page.

University of Montreal 

University of Montreal which recently ranks 85th in world university rankings 2020 is a leading research university.

Pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at the university should be a dream come true for some young people who desire to gain a solid foundation and career in mechanical engineering.

With about 13 faculties and so many affiliated schools, the university offers a strong knowledge of principles governing expertise in vast aspects of Mechanical Engineering.

University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering

Generally, the University of Alberta Faculty of engineering is largely recognized as one of the top engineering schools in Canada.

One sure way of not making a mistake in the choice of choosing a University for mechanical engineering is to choose the University of Alberta.

The school offers a broad-based program that enables her graduates to fit into diverse job specifications. Being one of the best mechanical engineering universities in Canada, students of mechanical engineering here gain a thorough knowledge of mechanical engineering by taking courses in so many areas as: dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and so many others.

McMaster University Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The department of Mechanical Engineering at McMaster University under the Faculty Engineering is one of the best places to study mechanical engineering in Canada. The school admits both domestic and international students and all students have scholarship programs that they can qualify for.

If you are applying to study mechanical engineering at McMaster University, you are expected to have basic knowledge of mathematics, basic sciences and basic engineering.

At the end of the program, students would have graduated to be educated in the principles of design and manufacture, with the inclusion of economic dimension in Engineering practices from one of the top mechanical engineering universities in Canada.

University of Calgary Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The school located at one of the nation’s most enterprising cities, the University of Calgary is a living, growing and promising institution with the faculty of engineering recognized in the country and beyond.

So far, it has gained a good reputation for itself for leading as one of the mechanical engineering schools in Canada. They teach students to research, design, test, develop and construct a wide range of mechanical devices.

University of Waterloo Department of Mechanical Engineering

If you’re planning to earn a degree in mechanical engineering, you can as well do yourself the good of enlisting one of the top mechanical engineering universities in Canada as an option or even your topmost choice. The school is recognized as one of the largest schools in the whole of Canada.

As one of Canadas largest engineering schools, her graduates take the honor of getting job opportunities and paid internships more than most schools.

University of Ontario Institute of technology

Think mechanical engineering in Canada, then think this one of the top mechanical engineering universities in Canada.

From basic engineering to all the adequate knowledge needed for qualification as a mechanical engineer, Ontario tech University has got all it takes.


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