Top 10 Undergraduate Medical Courses in Canada for International Students

If you are searching for undergraduate medical courses in Canada for International Students, here is the right place. We have carefully compiled a list of great undergraduate medical courses in Canada, and the universities you can study these courses as an international student. So, carefully read through them to find what suits you.

Canada is one beautiful country located in North America that most international students travel to get a college or university degree, and it is not just about the degree, but the quality of education that precedes it. According to the world population review, Canada is the most educated country in the world and this says a lot about why students wish to study there.

The country takes education as a priority, allowing students from other parts of the world to benefit from their excellent education standards. They have been doing this for ages now, and as of the end of the year 2022, there were over 600,000 international students in Canada studying diverse courses both in medical and other fields.

Canada is not just good in educational terms, it is also a good place for ex-pats to live and work. There is a diverse culture, good living, and excellent career opportunities. If you are the type of student that would like to work while they study abroad, then Canada is a good country to do so because there are lots of student job opportunities for you.

As a would-be international student, it could be helpful for you to have a look at some of the important things you need to know before you travel abroad for your study, and before we get into listing the undergraduate medical courses for international students that we have on our list, let’s first get to know what it will require you to study a medical course in Canada.

Requirements to Study Undergraduate Medical Courses in Canada for International Students

If you are planning to study MBBS in Canada, here is a list of requirements you must meet to become eligible.

  • A bachelor’s degree in biology or sciences
  • Pass the MCAT entrance exam
  • A TOEFL score of 80 or a minimum of 6.5 bands in the IELTS exam as proof of English proficiency
  • A Canadian student visa

Note: Indians are required to pass the NEET exam with a good score.

Undergraduate Medical Courses in Canada for International Students

As we promised, here are great undergraduate medical courses in Canada for international students and their respective universities. You should know that an MBBS degree takes a period of 3-4 years to complete, and it is not just the year, you have to include the effort, money, and other necessary things you will put in in order to complete it successfully.

1. Certificate in Medical Device Reprocessing Technician

The 814-hour Medical Device Reprocessing Technician Certificate provides students with the knowledge and practical skills required for a career as a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician (MDRT).

The program includes theory, demonstrations, practical skill training in the classroom, and a 400-hour supervised practicum at accredited facilities. Topics in this course include decontamination, cleaning, assembly, sterilization, storage, processing, and distribution of surgical instruments and medical devices within a quality assurance framework. Students will also learn and demonstrate the handling and packaging of over 100 basic surgical instruments.

School: Okanagan College, Canada.
Course duration: 8 months.

2. Advanced Diploma in Health Informatics Technology

This program will admit you into Semester 3 of the three-year advanced diploma offering so you can receive the credential in four semesters if you’re a qualified college or university graduate with a background in software. It focus will be on incorporating software engineering and healthcare systems as you’ll learn to design, develop, modify, and test software for healthcare applications.

By the time you graduate, you’ll be able to analyze and model data, develop healthcare databases, and apply modern software development methodologies. You’ll also be able to use health informatics methods and software tools for hospitals, healthcare agencies, and public health departments.

Entry Requirements

  • College diploma or university degree in computer science, information technology, software engineering or any related discipline.
  • IELTS: 6.5 with no band score less than 6.0
  • TOEFL: 580 Paper-based 88 + minimums of 22 for the Internet-based test

School: Ontario College
Duration: 2 years

3. Dental Assisting

This Dental Assisting program will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to assist dentists using four-handed dentistry techniques. You will as well learn about dental procedures, handling and mixing materials, sterilization and laboratory procedures, care of dental equipment, and preparation of instruments, operators, and patients.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for this program depend on student type. The requirements for “regular students” are not the same as that of “mature student admission”. So in order to view the full requirements for this program, you need to visit the schools’ page for it.

School: Red River Polytechnique Canada.
Duration: 1 year

4. Science Laboratory Technology

This course is also among the top undergraduate medical courses in Canada for international students. In this program, you will learn the applied skills required to work efficiently in a wide variety of professional scientific field environments. The coursework here emphasizes the application of standard and specialized laboratory techniques across scientific disciplines, ensuring you receive practical, job-ready experience.

Entry Requirements

Requirements differ according to student type, so to see the full requirements list, you have to visit the school’s program page.

School: Red River Polytechnique, Canada.
Duration: 2 years

5. Bachelor of Health Sciences in disability and chronic diseases

This interdisciplinary program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to thrive at professional schools and in the rapidly changing worlds of healthcare and health research. During the study of this full-time course, you will be provided with biomedical and psychosocial knowledge of disabilities and chronic illness as well as strategies to input to enable healthy living.

It also includes interventions and treatments for these conditions within the broader multi-disciplinary, multi-sector, and multi-cultural perspectives.

School: Carleton University Ottawa, Canada.
Duration: 4 years.

6. Medical Radiation Technology

Medical Radiation Technology, which is the sixth course on our list of undergraduate medical courses in Canada for international students is an advanced diploma program that prepares you with the knowledge and technical skills required to produce diagnostic images and carry out diagnostic procedures in the role of a Medical Radiation Technologist.

Through this course theory, simulations, practice, and extensive clinical experiences, you acquire the ability to produce quality images of the internal structures of the human body, apply health, safety, and quality assurance principles while performing venipunctures, interacting with patients, and using ionizing radiation in labs and clinical settings.

School: Algonquin College Ottawa, Canada.
Course Duration: 3 years.

7. Primary Care Paramedicine Program

This course will help you understand human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology as it relates to medical and traumatic emergencies. You will also be able to perform a complete patient as

It is designed for paramedics interested in enhancing their scientific knowledge as well as their research and communication skills. This PCP program addresses the operational/procedural skills of a Primary Care Paramedic as well as the skills required to perform with confidence in a variety of situations, effectively interact with others, and maintain professional decorum whether in both minor and complex situations.

School: Holland Collage
Duration: 2 years

8. Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science

This four-year course centers on the fundamentals of human structure and function, as well as those of other animals. During the first two years, students will gain an in-depth knowledge of the basic science subjects(chemistry, biology, mathematics, biochemistry, and so on) as well as background knowledge in human anatomy and psychology.

The last two years preceding graduation focuses more on research experience that equips students with advanced career, analysis, and communication skills that will see them through in their diverse career skills.

School: University of Ottawa, Canada.
Duration: 4 years

9. Bachelor of Science in Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

This course is offered at the University of Guelph, Canada. It combines chemistry and biology in an interdisciplinary way that will help you to explore and deepen your insight into the molecular understanding of biological and pharmaceutical chemistry.

This thrilling interdisciplinary course brings several opportunities to combine the powers of chemistry with exciting developments in biology. In the first year of this course maths, phy, bio, and chemistry are the main focus subjects while from the second through the last year, students take courses that focus on organic synthesis and analytical tools of relevance to both chemistry and biology.

School: University of Guelph
Duration: 4 years

10. Bachelor of Science in Health Science

This course is among the most popular undergraduate medical courses in Canada for International students. It focuses on illness prevention and treatment. It teaches how to facilitate health, improve healthcare systems, and organize science and social aspects of health. You will as well learn about the factors of society that affect human health, and all these will help prepare you for medical school.

If you wish to customize your degree, there are other areas of expertise you can add to it, one such is health informatics.

School: University of Waterloo, Canada.
Duration: 4 years


There are tons of undergraduate medical courses in Canada for international students of which we have provided not less than 10 such courses for you. What you should do after picking any of these courses is to visit the school’s website in order to get full information about the school and how you can register for the course. Good luck to you.


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Undergraduate Medical Courses in Canada for International Students -FAQs

Some of the questions usually asked by international students have been answered here.

How Long Do Undergraduate Medical Courses in Canada Take?

Undergraduate medical courses take a period of 4 years to complete. Some schools do partner with others, and as such, may divide the study years with each other.