What You Need To Know About AmazingTalker, an Ed-tech Startup

AmazingTalker is an ed-tech startup company that provides online language tutoring services worldwide.

Launched in 2017, the company already contains about 1.1 million registered users and 8,000+ registered tutors to provide various language and subject lessons. This allows for increasing the overall quality of lessons which also allows for lowering the price per lesson.

One of the noticeable facts about AmazingTalker is that recently the company has received $15.5 million in Series A funding, and the round was led by CDIB Capital, with participation from JAFCO Asia and from 500 Global.

If you are trying to find a teacher or a tutor that perfectly fits your special requirement, AmazingTalker will be the right decision to start with. AmazingTalker provides a recommendation service combined with artificial intelligence technology. By simply answering a few questions on the platform, a user can immediately receive 3 possible teachers or more that fit their needs.

With AI recommendations, students do not have to worry about how to select teachers with enormous lists of information, and ultimately decrease the opportunity costs. Also, trial classes in AmazingTalker start at only $5 USD, and this helps students to experience teachers as many as possible at a low price.

All classes in AmazingTalker are held one by one with a student and a teacher. This helps students to concentrate on the class more and allows two-way communication, which will provide an interactive learning environment during the class. Unlike a huge lecture, a one-by-one lesson provides benefits to students to interact more freely with the teacher and it can help both student and teacher to design the way how class conducts together.

On top of that, AmazingTalker provides language lessons with diverse categories, including Business, Kids/Children specific, Test-related topics, Grammar, Speaking/Communication, Reading, etc. Each category is taught by an expert group of teachers who have experience in teaching such topics before. Because of the various category, users in AmazingTalker are not limited only to a specific group of people but include from little children to adults, from students to office workers.

Learning a language online with AmazingTalker will allow you for studying language whenever you want and wherever you are. You can just buy courses when you need them and you can decide how many courses to buy at one time.

You don’t need to feel stressed about every week’s lesson since the timetable is arranged by you 100%! Hope you will enjoy your classes in AmazingTalker!

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AmazingTalker Website: https://www.amazingtalker.co.kr
If you want to learn English at AmazingTalker: https://www.amazingtalker.co.kr/tutors/english