Why Pre-Employment Tests are the Most Vital Virtual Recruitment Tools in a Post-COVID World

The recruitment process, in general, has remained pretty much the same in the last two decades. Through campus hiring and placement camps, companies have been able to identify and attract capable professionals to accomplish their organizational objectives.

However, the onset of the COVID19 pandemic has changed recruiting, possibly forever. Every business activity, including recruiting, is now entirely virtual.

The concept of ‘virtual recruitment’ isn’t new. Employers have been hiring potential candidates using virtual tools for almost five years. But, the scale of virtual recruitment in the past is nothing compared to what we see now.

Virtual recruitment was only one aspect of broader recruiting strategies that companies employed. Now, it’s the only strategy they have in the lockdown era.

So far, businesses have found it hard to take on virtual recruitment solutions. Some firms are waiting for the economy to gain some sense of normalcy before switching to virtual platforms. In May 2020, Garner reported that 63% of recruiting leaders had frozen half of their job openings.

Now, these companies are assessing the most efficient ways of recruiting in the lockdown era. Virtual recruitment tools like pre-employment tests are becoming increasingly popular.  

A Wave of Virtual Recruiting

Industry experts expect a wave of virtual recruiting efforts throughout 2021.

In an October 2020 survey, 78% of the APAC’s leading talent professionals stated that virtual recruiting would become the norm for most organizations across the world, even in the post-COVID19 era. Are companies ready to abandon in-person meetings or interviews for good? Do they have the technological capabilities to enable virtual hiring for the foreseeable future? Will adopting such technology enable recruiters to meet organizational demands?

Many recruiters and managers are struggling with these questions and concerns. But, there are countless incentives for switching to virtual hiring.  

Look at the positives – 

  • Virtual hiring processes are far more streamlined than traditional hiring strategies.
  • If a company has a strong virtual recruitment strategy, it can reach more potential candidates at much cheaper costs.
  • Small-scale businesses that don’t employ extensive recruiting staff for finding talent can benefit from the cost-effective nature of virtual hiring.
  • Tools like virtual open houses, online pre-employment assessments, etc., can further save recruiters’ time and resources.

Virtual Recruitment Drives – What the Industry Leaders are Doing

Large-scale companies are treating virtual recruitment technologies as an enabler to replace conventional recruitment approaches. They’re coming up with innovative recruitment strategies like –

  • Using Campus Intelligence Tools. Targeting students using campus intelligence is the process of ranking campuses and individual students on yearly assessment data. Each top campus’s student bodies are ranked and assessed on the basis of organizations’ competency conditions.
  • Contests. Pre-placement contests and interactions are creative approaches designed to grab the attention of young adults via innovative tools like hackathons, idea-thons, case study competitions, and other engagement contests. These online competitions attract candidates with good technical acumen, problem-solving skills, and communicational proficiency. They also create a buzz amongst young students.
  • Online Pre-Employment Assessments. These online assessments (can be job-specific or generalized) conducted using proctoring technologies significantly increases the rate of successful recruitments.

Why Online Pre-Employment Assessments are the Best Tools

Virtual recruitment drives can drain company resources. Plus, small-scale businesses don’t have the reach or resources to invest in campus intelligence tools or host eye-catching pre-placement contests.

Online pre-employment assessments are the only efficient virtual recruitment tools that can help businesses facing budget crunches conduct large-scale recruitment drives with relative ease.

A high-quality pre-employment assessment test can help businesses ax archaic and traditional recruitment processes and leverage modern technology. Here’s why these tests are so efficient –

  • Online pre-employment assessment tests are highly objective. Unlike unstructured interviews or video calls that only offer subjective data, they provide recruiters with objective conclusions about the applicants.
  • These tests are standardized and dispensed to all candidates in the same way. For instance, if a specific job-related skill is vital to qualify for a position, the way in which that skill will be tested will be the same for everyone. There are no biases, room for lies, or discrimination.
  • Tests save recruiters time. Overseeing twenty video interviews is time-consuming, exhausting, and frankly impossible for recruiters. With online pre-employment assessment tests, companies can assess and rank hundreds of applicants every day.
  • Quantifiable insights. Recruiters depend on tangible proofs to make recruitment decisions. There are no ‘gut feelings,’ only specific details about the applicants’ performances.
  • These tests can be customized. Online pre-employment assessment tests can be made extremely job-specific or generalized. If recruiters want to focus solely on how the candidate will perform at a specific job, they can create or have a third-party test creation company create a highly customized test. Or they can depend on standardized cognitive assessment tests, personality tests, industry-standard tests, etc. 

Compared to other virtual recruitment strategies, online pre-employment assessment tests are the most data-based, cost-efficient, and successful.

As long as the pre-employment tests are compliant with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s standards and are conducted using proctoring technology, recruiters can expect great success in this post-pandemic world!

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