10 Writing Skills That Prepare Students For Drafting Good College Essays

Getting into your university or college of choice means more than just having a good scholarship grant or the ability to pay for the tuition fees. To be accepted by one of the top educational institutions, you need to meet and even exceed their strict requirements.

A leading international student consultant reveals that these requirements include having high grades, genuine positive letters of recommendations, and submitting an excellent essay.

Writing an Essay That Perfectly Accompanies Your Application

Since the college essay is one of the important requirements school admission officers look into, you need to devote a lot of time and energy to creating a well-written one. Having the right writing skills can help you come up with a great paper – one that will help you score higher points and give you better chances of getting accepted by your preferred college or university.

To help you get started on drafting the ideal college essay, you will need to develop or brush up on some key writing skills. These are:

1. Selecting the right essay topic

For writers to come up with a great piece, they need to be inspired by a good topic first. Most of the time, writers find inspiration from their experiences.

When starting on your college essay, you can also choose from your vault of personal experiences to find your strongest possible essay subject matter. You can find a variety of interesting topics you can write about from your experiences in school, personal or extracurricular activities, travels, life at home, or challenges you met.

Looking into your personal experiences for a topic is something that will also really be helpful if you will be writing several essays for various educational institutions.

2. Originality

Although most experiences are universal and your topic may seem familiar to the reader, find ways to make it your own. One writing skill you need to develop and practice when working on your essay is originality.

You need to learn how to bring a unique voice, a different and more personal perspective to your chosen topic when writing your paper.

3. Researching skills

The best writers’ ability to write about certain topics do not depend on what they already know. It’s about what they are willing to learn and knowing how to use that information in a legitimate way.

As such, even if you get all the facts straight since you are drawing inspiration from your experiences for your essay, you still need to do some additional research. You don’t have to necessarily look for facts that will support your essay.

You can do some extra research on the full name of the college or university, check facts, or brush up on current information – details that you will most likely find on the internet. You won’t have any excuse not to do research since it is easy to do this online.

4. Discernment

When writing your essay, you also need to know what to put in and what not to. This means you have to determine which personal info you should share on your paper and which ones you should not.

Practicing your discerning skills is something that you should also focus on when doing your research. You have to choose trustworthy and credible sources. You also have to make sure you state information that has been validated and legitimately true.

According to graduate school admissions consulting services providers, this is something that is quite important, especially if you are applying for a postgrad degree.

5. Editing skills

Using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation are important when writing your essay. Even if you turn in a well-thought-of paper, if it is full of incorrectly spelled words and sentences with wrong grammar, the school admission officer can easily be turned off by these mistakes.

Whether you’re still drafting your paper or are about to turn it in, aside from hitting spell-check, proofread your essay. You can also ask your parents, friends or even a teacher to go over your paper to ensure you will submit an error-free essay.

6. Communication skills

Writing belongs to the art of communication. As such, you should be able to clearly express your ideas, thoughts and emotions through your essay.

You need to connect with the admissions officer in a voice they can understand and relate to while being genuine at the same time.

7. Simplicity

Lastly, school admission officers are not looking for essays with highfalutin words. They are not looking for perfect individuals to add to their list of students. They are always searching for students who can make a difference now and in the future – something that you can demonstrate by using simple words and sentences.

If you want school admissions officers to know more about you through an essay, write in a way that they will quickly and easily understand everything you want to say.

Your college essay is your big chance to show school admission officers what sets you apart from the other students. It is also an opportunity for you show them how you can be an asset to their institution. As such, make sure you possess and practice good writing skills when working on your essay.

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