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The most common foreign language in Turkey is English, which in public schools is taught from 4th grade (age 10) onwards, through to the end of high school. In high school a second foreign language is introduced. However, the number of lessons given in public schools is minimal compared to private colleges, which begin teaching English in kindergarten, have two or three times as many English lessons in their timetables, and in many cases employ native speakers of English as teachers. In 2011 the Ministry of Education, under pressure from the Prime Minister to improve the learning of English in Turkey, announced that the approach to language would be thoroughly revised, part of which would include a plan to hire 40,000 foreigners as language assistants in public schools.

As a result of the poor standards achieved by the public system many students take an intensive English language study when entering university. These are offered by both state and private universities throughout Turkey.

More and more people are aware of the fact that at least some knowledge of English is necessary to get ahead in life.  It brings high status to the individual socially as well as extending job opportunities. That’s why many join one of the numerous language schools in the country.

Here you may find a list of high quality English language schools in Turkey:

Oxford House College Istanbul: Oxford House College provides English Language courses, university preparation courses and vocational training courses in Istanbul. İstiklal Cad. Fuat Uzunay Sok. No:2 Istanbul. Tel: 0 212 444 1 287

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