3D Slots Rising?

Technology increasing is a crazy thing if you can get your head around it (which is not always that easy!), but it’s an even better thing when it trickles down to online casino games. 

We’ve seen graphics getting better and better in quality, soundtracks becoming crystal clear in the audio, and online slot games just becoming a whole lot better for these reasons as well as the fact that they load a lot faster than they used to and they are a lot smoother to play with. 

But what are the latest developments in online slot games, technology-wise? And will we see those developments spread to all online slots, or just some of them? One of the most significant things to happen in new online slots recently is the rise of 3D slots, which come in a couple of different forms. 

3D Graphics 

Okay, so these have actually been around for a little while, and the vast majority of us have played a slot with 3D graphics. In fact, some of the best online slot games in the world have 3D graphics right now, so this is really not anything particularly new. 

However, in 2021, 3D graphics look better than ever. NetEnt and Microgaming in particular (two of the biggest pioneers of online slot games since way back when) have some absolutely gorgeous slots with 3D graphics, so if for some reason you have never played them, then slot games developed by these guys is a very good place to start. 

Virtual Reality 

Moving onto something a bit (or quite a lot) more technologically interesting, virtual reality could be a sign of the next wave of online slot games. At the moment, virtual reality slots are rare, and if you do manage to find them then you will need to have the equipment to be able to play them, starting with a virtual reality headset. 

Even if you do have said equipment, you may find that the graphics in virtual reality online slot games aren’t too great, nor do they utilise virtual reality too well as it is basically just a set of reels in space. 

However, it is still very early days, and if we look at some other (non-casino) video games that do use virtual reality very, very well, we can tell that it is likely that online slot games with virtual reality will get much better in times to come, and probably will become a lot more popular as a result of this. 

Last Thoughts on 3D Slots 

When we first saw online slots in 3D, we were not convinced, yet they proved us wrong big time and became the most popular way to create online slots in the years after they first surfaced. 

At the moment, we’re not convinced by virtual reality slots just yet but we are waiting to be proven wrong, and actually cannot wait for those days to come.

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