5 Reasons For The Rising Popularity Of Online Learning

Education is one of the most fundamental pillars of society as we know it. Without the education system as it is, we might not have come this far. Students are now given higher doses of quality education to ensure they make their place in the world.

Moreover, state departments related to education ensure that the information they receive is up-to-date, relevant, and appropriate for their learning level. Apart from content, the way education is delivered has changed immensely after the pandemic.

Online and remote learning has become the new normal. However, arguably students that have benefitted the most are graduates who are now moving into their professional lives. 

This article is for students who aim to seek an online degree but aren’t convinced whether this is the right option for them. By the end of this article, we aim to enlighten you about the rising popularity of online learning and why the pros outweigh the cons. Therefore, read till the end of this article for a complete understanding of what to expect from an online degree. 

It’s easier for working professionals

Often, one of the unsaid reasons for not getting a promotion/ new job is that you don’t have the educational requirements for the role. The ‘bachelor’s OR masters’ requirements you see on job posts usually mean they would prefer someone with a master’s degree. Therefore, if you are working, that leads to an impasse.

Do you quit your job to pursue your education full-time, or do you somehow opt for grad school after hours? The University of South Carolina is one of many universities that has a strong online master’s program curriculum. If you are geared toward the corporate and business industry, a USC Aiken MBA online degree program could help you grow in your career. 

It simply doesn’t make sense to put your career on hold and restart your education to grow your career again; it’s a paradox. Having your degree run parallel to your career is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t waste time and lose out on scarce opportunities. 

It’s a major stress-reducer

Apart from the course content, deadline, and general stress of exams, external factors need to be considered when pursuing your education. Distance is one of the major reasons why students don’t opt for the degree of their choice. Imagine having to move across the country while you had responsibilities at home that you couldn’t move from.

Moreover, the cost factor of traveling, traffic, and the time lost all govern your decision to move.
With an online degree, you remove all these issues from the mix and get straight to the coursework. 

There is no denying that remote learning is considerably less stressful than traditional learning. It’s certainly better than driving in the dark (after work) to night school, just to come back late and tired, and then having to get up for work the next day.

Easier for people with disabilities

For students with both physical and cognitive disabilities, online learning might be a better option. It allows them to develop their credentials and add to their repertoire without dealing with the stress of an unfriendly university building. Traversing stairs, and ramps and simply getting to class can be challenging for disabled people.
For students who have learning disabilities, online learning is a great chance to learn at their own pace and perhaps have a shadow teacher help them along with a lesson. Breaking down the course into digestible doses is one of the best ways to absorb information holistically.

For students with learning and physical disabilities, online learning might be the way forward. It gives them a chance to take their education into their own hands and tackle it as they see fit. 

Easier options for international students

Some developing countries may not have the educational infrastructure that some students need to advance their careers. Some students may want to study subjects that might be out of the norm or unavailable in their country. College students now have the option to pursue their passions and choose a degree that truly suits their desires and prospects.

All they must do is register for the course and pay the fees on time. By the end of four years (or two, depending on your degree), you will have a foreign degree accredited by organizations worldwide. This also allows students to immigrate to places other than their hometowns (after degree completion) and seek better career options. 

It stands to reason that if universities aren’t offering certain subjects, there is a high chance that the area of specialization might not yet have been introduced in your country. 

Its holistically cheaper

The actual degrees are roughly the same cost as standard ones. However, you will save thousands of dollars in overheads. Board and lodging, meals, and miscellaneous expense total to something significant if you aren’t careful.

These expenses can burn a hole in your pocket if you don’t keep an eye on them.
By studying from the comfort of your home, you don’t have to worry about these additional expenses and everything that comes with it. 

College is expensive, and most people usually take a loan to pay for it. Moreover, if you are looking at an online degree, you might already have a job and are strapped for cash. If money is an issue, this might be the best option for you to consider. Moreover, it gives you more time to study, so you could potentially secure a scholarship. 


After the pandemic, the online learning system was just gaining traction and had a few issues. However, as time progressed, online learning became considerably more accessible and easier, allowing people to pursue the degree they always dreamt of.

Online learning has been a lifesaver for people juggling work, family, and studies! Perhaps giving up on your current job was among the biggest obstacles for people who wanted to continue their education. Well, not anymore! You don’t need to move to another country or give up your managerial position to pursue higher education; you only need to enroll in the right online degree program!