7 Best Translation And Dictionary Apps For Students

Building a connection for students regarding language is an essential tool to help them understand and navigate translation. 

Whether it is used for students whose English is a second language or diving deeper into cultural and ethnic readings, conversations, and learning, the seven best translation and dictionary apps for students currently are:

  • Google Translation
  • English Thesaurus
  • Dictionary.com 
  • iTranslate Voice
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary 
  • Reverso Translate and Learn
  • Oxford Dictionary of English

This article will explain the best apps for students in developing translation and language skills. Each of these apps was picked for its excellent ability to translate multiple languages and usefulness. 

Google Translation

Developed by Google, this application is capable of translating text, websites, and documents of more than one hundred and nine languages. Users can download this app on their android, smartphone, iPad, desktop, or tablet. This app can also translate images using your phone camera in thirty-eight languages and bilingual conversation in thirty-two languages. 

English Thesaurus

This application is known as having the most extensive collection of synonyms and antonyms of any dictionary app. The program includes pronunciation of each word as well as a whole phrase and single terms for clarification. English Thesaurus can be used offline, and Wi-Fi or data connection is only needed for spell-checker purposes. 


Containing over 2,000,000 words and definitions, including synonyms and antonyms, Dictionary.com is an English dictionary app suitable for all age groups. There are over thirty language translations available, as well as pronunciation and word origin abilities to choose from. There are advanced app features available for purchase, and there is no Wi-Fi or data connection necessary for use. 

iTranslate Voice

This is a voice translation application that has access to forty languages for translating conversations, predefined phrases, and transcript options. Students can immediately translate a conversation, create a personalized phrasebook, and export/share a prerecorded voice conversation over any smartphone, android, or desktop. 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

One of the most popular and well-known dictionaries, the makers of Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, have created an app that features an integrated thesaurus, a plethora of definitions, example sentences, and an incredible array of language tools. Users can do a voice search, find the audio pronunciation of words, and hear example phrases of complete sentences. Android and IOS are compatible and free with in-app purchases. 

Reverso Translate And Learn

With the ability to translate over fourteen languages, this application allows users to type in a phrase and receive a translation with an example of how to use the words in a sentence. With document translation services online, features include audio pronunciations, creating a vocabulary list, expressions frequently used in that language, and sharing content on several platforms.

Reverso aims to allow non-native speakers to understand and communicate natural expressions and dialects from a language to make conversation flow and misunderstandings less frequent. 

Oxford Dictionary Of English

This well-known dictionary app houses over 350,000 basic meanings of words, translations, and additional language tools with the most updated vocabulary, phrases, and implications. It also provides pronunciation features for over 75,000 common and unique words. Using a custom term paper writing service application such as Oxford can boost language understanding for any student. 


Translation and dictionary apps for students are always a great additional resource when learning and developing languages. Not just for young minds eager to communicate, but also for adults, travelers, and foreign language enthusiasts looking to educate themselves without being in a classroom. 

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