Best Tools For Students In Online Education

Online education is not only helpful but also one of the most challenging environments since both students and educators have to adjust all the time and keep up with the pace of technology. While the majority of textbooks are mostly the same and go on for years, online education is always evolving. The lion’s share in online education is the tools that help students learn.


It is one of those must-have tools that students and teachers should explore if they want to cooperate and study just like in a social network. While it might not be among the top free online tools for students that are focused on entertainment, Edmodo has over 30 million online learners all over the world.

The reason for that is the way how it approaches the learning process where both group and individual students can be addressed. Just think about creating groups where slower individuals can learn on their own with their custom learning materials. Regarding control, educators can measure every student’s success right away and make certain changes.


If you want to engage in online education with one of the best tools today, think about this educational platform. It makes it possible to access any information and interact exactly as you do on Facebook or TikTok by sharing videos and learning with each other.

It is highly inspirational and lets you learn differently without boring textbooks and pressure. Those students who need even more inspiration, check free essay examples for college to get new ideas and read through the templates to start with a new assignment. When you are sitting stuck in Zoom, it is the fastest way to get things done! 


As you might know, nothing beats gamification or playing a game as you study online. Kahoot is precisely that as it includes quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires that you can answer. It’s a great way to aid your lessons and do your homework in an interactive way.

You can use it as a mobile solution or project what you have created in the virtual or a physical classroom. You can implement famous games as you learn in a unique educational environment. 

Google Classroom

It is one of the simplest virtual classroom tools where you can install or import the majority of your popular learning apps. Starting with the Google Calendar, Gmail, and 365 Office Suite, it also supports apps like Evernote to learn in the same environment. Still, it can easily get confusing when you have too much while you are in the middle of a term paper with all the alerts coming up.

If you need some help, it is recommended to read best term paper writing service reviews and see what kind of online assistance you may receive. Even if you need an expert to proofread your paper, it will help you to fix all those minor mistakes and avoid plagiarism. It will also make you organized and accurate. 


It is a friendly GUI app that makes it possible to come up with amazing presentations that run well on any mobile or desktop device. It is not a substitute for textbooks or digital course data, yet it will let students and college professors go beyond simple presentations. What makes it great is the way how it provides hints as you create a video lesson with all the pointers, clouds with text, and more. 

Students With Special Needs 

Once the Covid-19 restrictions were implemented, many college students with special needs felt lost as they had no access to face-to-face tutoring. The educators have been forced to seek online solutions that would help in remote learning.

Tools like The Sounding Out Machine helped decode words for dyslexic learners. Likewise, AI-based special learning tools have helped to continue even with the most complex curriculum tasks. 


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