8 Cheapest Universities in Netherlands

There are many low tuition universities in Europe and here we have discussed the cheapest universities in Netherlands to living your dream of studying abroad.

The Netherlands is a country in Europe known for its beautiful landscapes, windmills, and cycling routes. Just like any other location on earth, it has historical buildings and landmarks that attract tourists from all over the world. Its official language is Dutch and it is one of the richest countries in Europe.

It is common for universities in Europe to be cheap, even to international students, and Netherlands is not exempted. This is one of the reasons why many students are drawn to study at European universities and also to gain a world-class education as many of these schools are among the world’s best.

So technically, by studying at one of the cheapest universities in Netherlands you are earning a prestigious degree with a lower budget. Other reasons that drive foreigners to come to pursue a degree in Netherlands are its innovative teaching methods, globally recognized degrees, and a wide variety of degree programs taught in English.

Some universities in Netherlands are top-ranking in terms of programs such as international law, engineering, mathematics, medicine, business, and many more. These are rankings that sit with other universities like MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, Yale, NYU, Stanford, and many more.

How to Find Cheap Universities in Netherlands

There are plenty of resources on the internet that can help you with finding the cheapest universities in Netherlands and this blog post is one of them. You can also refer to your class teachers and lecturers about your desire to study in the Netherlands and how you can get a cheap one.

Average Tuition Fees in Netherlands for International Students

The tuition fee in Netherlands for international students varies by university, program, and level of study. However, we have been able to give an average of the tuition fee based on the different degree programs.

The average tuition fee in Netherland for international students in undergraduate programs ranges between €8,000 and £20,000 per year depending on the program.

The average tuition fee in Netherland for international students in master’s programs ranges between €10,000 and £19,000 per year depending on the program.

The average tuition fee in Netherland for international students in the Ph.D. program is usually £0 because you will be working with the professors and be paid a monthly stipend instead.

Requirements to Apply for Universities in Netherland

The following are the requirements that universities in Netherland may request:

  1. Students who are applying to an English-taught program and are not native English speakers must take one of the recognized English language proficiency tests and pass the aggregate score.
  2. Applicants should possess a student visa or study permit
  3. All academic transcripts from previous schools attended is usually required
  4. Documents such as ID, letters of recommendation, CV, personal statement, etc. should be in your possession.
  5. The school could give an internal test or interview for further assessment, applicants should prepare their minds towards that.
  6. An outstanding academic result and active involvement in their respective communities will further boost your acceptance.

Note that these are typical requirements and there could be more or less. To this effect, while discussing the cheapest universities in Netherlands below, we have provided the respective links to each of the universities for you to learn about specific program requirements.

Cheapest Universities in Netherlands

Here, we have listed the cheapest universities in Netherlands and exhaustively discussed each of them further below. The website links of each of the schools have also been provided to enable you easily visit the school of your interest to learn more about other things like the application process, application deadline, financial aid opportunities, and more.

1.      The University of Amsterdam (UvA)

The University of Amsterdam is one of the oldest universities in Netherlands established in 1632 and still delivers innovative world-class programs. It is a public research university located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, offering a wide range of research-intensive degree programs across various disciplines.

Bachelor, master’s, and doctorate programs are offered through her seven faculties of humanities, social & behavioral sciences, economics & business, science, law, medicine, and dentistry. More than 220 programs are taught in the English language. UvA is one of the cheapest universities in Netherlands with tuition fees starting from £2,100 per year for EU/EEA students and £8,100 per year for non-EU/EEA students.

Since it is a public university, it is funded by the government and therefore admits students from diverse cultural backgrounds who make the cut. The admission requirements aren’t very tough neither is the acceptance rate low because it is, by far, the largest university in the Netherlands by enrollment. To contact the admissions office and probably get a scholarship that can support your education at UvA, follow the link provided below.

Visit school website

2.      Utrecht University

Utrecht University is located in the Utrecht Province, Netherlands, and is one of the cheapest universities in Netherlands. Due to its prestigious and research-focused academic offering students from Europe and other parts of the continent flock here annually to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate. Aside from these, Utrecht also offers other educational programs such as professional education, education for refugees, Utrecht summer school, honors & exchange programs, online education, and other training education.

The university is divided into 7 main faculties of humanities, social sciences, law & economics, medicine, geosciences, veterinary medicine, and natural sciences. Over 100 programs are taught in English which is an advantage for international students who are interested in studying here and it is also not expensive.

The tuition fee for undergraduates and graduates starts from £2,200 per year for EU students and £10,000 per year for international students. Ph.D. students are employed by the school, therefore, do not pay fees but get monthly or weekly stipends from the school.

Visit school website.

3.      The University of Groningen

Attracting students with its low tuition, the University of Groningen is another of the cheapest universities in Netherlands. It is located in the vibrant city of Groningen which is usually bursting with students from various backgrounds. The university is partnered with multiple international organizations and universities around the world, therefore a huge supporter of international education.

The University of Groningen is proudly displayed among the best universities in Europe and the world. Attending Groningen is an opportunity to gain access to world-class education and earn a top-class degree that is recognized by organizations all over the world.

The tuition fee starts at £2,100 for undergraduate and master’s students from Netherlands and the EU/EEA region. The tuition fee for international students in undergraduate and master’s programs starts from £9,000 and £13,500 respectively.

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4.      The University of Twente

Established in 1961 as a public research university in the city of Enschede, Netherlands, the University of Twente is one of the cheapest universities in Netherlands. Although recently established, the university has gone on to become a globally recognized institution of higher learning delivering world-class, innovative education in a wide range of academic programs.

These programs lead to bachelor, master’s, and doctorate degrees as well as other certificate and professional programs. Aside from its quality academic offering which drives students here, the cost of the school is cheap and the degrees conferred are internationally recognized.

The tuition fee for undergraduate and master’s students from the EU/EEA regions starts from £2,100 per year. The tuition fee for students from other countries starts from £9,000 per year for the undergraduate program and £12,500 per year for the master’s program. The University of Twente offers scholarships and other financial aid options that students can apply for.

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5.      Radboud University

On our fifth list of cheapest universities in Netherlands is Radboud University, a public research university in Nijmegen, Netherlands. It was established in 1923 and has since been delivering innovative programs in all academic fields.  The university houses 7 faculties which are the science, arts, law, social sciences, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen School of Management, and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies.

A wide range of programs is offered in bachelor, master’s, Ph.D., and pre-masters, and minors programs. Many of these programs are offered in English in a bid to attract international students. The programs are research-intensive and designed to equip students with skills to fulfill their career paths.

The tuition fee for undergraduate programs is £2,143 per year for EU students and £8,342 per year for an international or non-EU student. EU students in the master’s program are charged a tuition fee of £2,143 per year and international or non-EU students pay annual tuition of £9,124.

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6.      Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

TU Delft is one of the cheapest universities in Netherlands and the oldest and largest Dutch public technical university in Netherlands. It is also one of the best universities in Netherlands, one of the top engineering and technology universities in the world, and among the best graduate schools in the world.

Aside from the cheap tuition, its academic excellence also attracts students from every part of the world. The institution houses eight faculties that are predominantly focused on engineering and technical education. Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are offered in the English language to meet the educational demands of international students.

The tuition fee for undergraduate and master’s students from EU/EEA regions is £2,100 per year. The tuition fee for international students in the undergraduate and master’s programs are £14,500 per year and £18,750 per year respectively.

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7.      Eindhoven Institute of Technology

Eindhoven Institute of Technology, popularly known as TU Eindhoven or TU/e, is one of the cheapest universities in Netherlands. It is a public technical higher institution of learning located in the vibrant city of Eindhoven, Netherlands. A wide range of tech-focused degree programs is offered at TU/e that leads to BSc, MSc, Ph.D., and PDEng degrees.

In global overall rankings, the university is in the 100th position and farther but ranks higher in global science and engineering program offerings. The university is partnered with other institutions outside of Europe to strengthen international education. If you are looking for an institution focused on technological teachings, TU/e should be among your options.

The tuition fee starts from £10,000 for international students.

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8.      Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Fontys University of Applied Sciences is one of the cheapest universities in Netherlands with three campuses in the cities of Eindhoven, Tilburg, and Venlo. More than 200 bachelor and master’s programs are offered in a wide range of academic fields such as engineering, information tech, physiotherapy, and dance academy most of which are offered in English and German languages.

There are also short programs such as exchange programs and summer school. The school is regarded as one of the exciting places to study for anyone with an interest in technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Its doors are open to students from all parts of the world.

Aside from its quality academic offering, the low tuition fee also attracts students from all four corners of the earth. The tuition fee for EU students starts from £2,100 and £7,920 for international students.

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This brings an end to the 8 cheapest universities in Netherlands. You know, we have published other articles on universities in Europe and they all have one thing in common – they are among the world’s best and are incredibly cheap.

If you want to get a quality education abroad at a less expensive rate, you may want to consider universities in Europe. They offer internationally recognized degrees and you can easily get a scholarship if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Many of the universities in Europe are free for her citizens and EU/EEA students too.


Is it expensive to study in Netherlands?

Netherlands can be a cheap place to study if you do it right. You will need to apply to public or government-owned universities and also a source for scholarships that can cover all or half of your tuition fees. The cost of living isn’t also expensive.

Are there free universities in Netherlands?

There aren’t free universities in Netherlands, you can only study for free if you get a fully-funded scholarship to cover your entire tuition for the duration of your studies. However, the government has subsidized the tuition fee rate which makes it an affordable place to study.


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