Top Universities accepting IELTS Score 6 in Europe

Here is a detailed list of some of the best universities accepting IELTS score 6 in Europe for international students alongside some basic information about the schools.

IELTS is the most accepted English proficiency test across different countries. The bands are scored from 0-9 and minimum score requirements vary from country-to-country down to school-to-school.

A typical example is for universities in Canada that accept 6.0 bands especially if the student is looking for an SDS program.

There are not quite so many universities accepting IELTS 6 in Europe because most universities expect applicants to have at least a 6.5 IELTS minimum band. But however, we were able to find some of them that do.

In Europe, universities using the English language as their basic medium of instruction and teaching require proof of English proficiency from applicants and IELTS is usually the English test score recommended.

This is basically because there will be students from countries that do not have English as their first language which contrasts sharply with the European lifestyle. These students who are not proficient in English may have to take a one-year language course before starting their program.

Students take their courses and assignments in English so, they are expected to at least have basic knowledge of the English language.

With an overall score of 6 in IELTS, you can get admission into a good university in Europe but you might need to try to get up to 7 to stand a greater chance of admission.

A 6.0 band score shows the applicant off as being competent enough to at least cope in a classroom situation so even though it is not high, some universities accept students with such scores and we put out this article to let you know the schools that do.

However, there are schools in European countries such as Norway, Holland and Germany which offer the privilege of applying without IELTS.


Top Universities accepting IELTS Score 6 in Europe

Below are the top universities accepting IELTS score 6 in Europe from international students for admissions.

  • University of Oslo
  • Telecom Paris
  • Wageningen University and Research
  • Ghent University
  • University of Vienna
  • Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)
  • University of Dundee
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • University of Bergen
  • University of Helsinki

University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is one of the best universities accepting IELTS score 6 in Europe and the school receives a good number of international students yearly and is also one of the most popular schools in Oslo, Europe for foreign students.

The school has a long history of over 200 years and has played a pivotal role in various changes in Norway from its inception.

It is a classical university with a wide range of academic disciplines with top research communities across Norway.

At Oslo, students have access to excellent university library facilities and practical lectures that exposes them to a clear understanding of their courses.

The school has 19 libraries, ICT services, sports facilities, students club, medical services. It is very easy for students to combine city living with easy access to outdoor life.

Telecom Paris

Telecom Paris is one of the top universities accepting IELTS score 6 in Europe. The school opens its admission window for both domestic and international students yearly and accepts IELTS scores as low as band 6 from international students.

The institution is one of France’s top public graduate engineering schools and is recently termed the leading French school in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Europe.

Students are trained to manage themselves as well as tough situations in a complex world. So many persons see the school as a research center that expertly combines disciplinary expertise with innovative ideas.

The school is located in Central Paris, just in the heart of a rich blend of urban and cultural environment.

Wageningen University and Research

This is one of the popular universities accepting IELTS score 6 in Europe from international students for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

This is one of the top Universities in the Netherlands with over 6500 employees and 12000 students from more than a hundred countries around the world.

Wageningen University and research is a typical territory for healthy living and intensive research. the school has branches all over the Netherlands and abroad and joins the forces of specialized research institutes to grow better.

It is a credit to applicants that Wageningen University and Research stepped down its English Proficiency test standards to accept students with a minimum 6.0 IELTS score. Anyway, scoring higher than this gives you a better opportunity of admission

The quality of the school’s scientific advancement is Affirmed in their ranking in Global ranking and citation indexes.

Ghent University

Ghent University is one of the high-rated universities accepting IELTS score 6 in Europe, a top leading university in Belgium founded in 1817 with a high reputation in Belgium and across the whole of Europe.

It is believed that in comparison with other European universities, the school is comparatively young as opposed to its rank in developmental speed in Europe.

Almost all bachelor programs are instructed in Dutch but translated to English for students who do not understand Dutch to follow adequately. So if you’re an international student, you’re required to have a basic knowledge of Dutch which is why the Dutch requirements apply.

One major feature of Ghent university is that it strives for excellence, this is why it is recognized widely as an international top contributor in innovative research.

Every year, the school holds a graduation fair for graduating students. It is at this fair that most students get job offers from different companies and industries which even makes it easier for them to find a first job or further study.

University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is located in Vienna, Austria. It is one of the known universities accepting IELTS score 6 in Europe and it is considered the oldest university in the German-speaking world.

The school was founded as far back as 1365 and with its long and exotic history, it has grown into one of the best universities across Europe. The school have an excellent staff record; professors, researchers, academic lecturers of diverse disciplines available in the university community.

Every year, the University graduates excellent set of students fit for the job market and economic advancement.

Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)

Vienna University (TU Wien) is one of the universities accepting IELTS score 6 in Europe from international students for admission. It was founded in 1815 as the Imperial Royal Polytechnic Institute of Vienna. It is renowned in Austria and beyond.

The university has evolved into an academic institution where discussions on global advancements are debated on and looked into. Research at TU Wien is focused on a wide spectrum of needs and the yearning for better advancement.

University of Dundee

University of Dundee is one of the top universities in Europe that accept a 6.0 band score in IELTS for international students from countries outside Europe.

Way back in 2017, the school was ranked as one of the best universities in the world specifically for excellent teaching and research according to Times Higher Education and QS ranking.

Students at the University of Dundee have the rare privilege of attending masterclasses taught by leading business experts with so much knowledge and experience.

Dundee Business school holds an interesting annual event called the Venture Competition where students and Alumni compete in a contest where business ideas are pitched and judged and having the best idea win up to 25,000GBP.

University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark accepts students with a minimum IELTS score of band 6 because the school understands that the student will be able to cope under normal practical classroom situations.

So ambitious students with a reasonable knowledge of English are taught business economics and management such that their knowledge of economics is broadened and the strategic culture of effective planning imbibed in their minds.

The University of Southern Denmark believes in continuous education and the effective practical knowledge of skill acquisition.

University of Bergen

University of Bergen is one of the top universities accepting IELTS score 6 in Europe from international students for admission.

The school is interested in students with not just a high band of IELTS but smart and articulate students interested in intelligent ideas and choices.

Their students are exposed to a rich domain of cultural diversity as students at the university come from all walks of life and are determined to push through struggles and bumps to actualize their goals.

To cut long story short, it is in fact surprising how the University of Bergen with its high standard of education and learning doesn’t have harsh admission standards like several other universities would do.

University of Helsinki

University of Helsinki is one of the universities in Europe with an IELTS band score requirement starting from as low as band 6 for all international students applying to the institution.

It is believed that the study programs at the University of Helsinki are targeted at students and great minds from across the world, perhaps regions where the English language is not easily accessible.

So, their purpose is to help international students fulfill their dreams and take quantum leaps in bringing their goals to fruition.


Here, we’ve listed all the top universities accepting IELTS score 6 in Europe and we hope this serves.