5 Amazing Benefits & Advantages of IELTS for Internationals Students

Are you still not sure whether you should take IELTS or not? Here I will be sharing some amazing benefits and advantages of IELTS especially for international students that may help you decide.

From the feedback and request I get from readers daily, I find out that most people who want to study in countries like Australia, Canada, and the rest of them that demands English tests are looking for ways to circumvent the IELTS but that isn’t certainly the best thing to do.

About the Many Benefits and Advantages of IELTS

The IELTS isn’t created to be a barrier to studying or working abroad rather it was created to be a bridge to helping international students and citizens from countries that do not use English as their official language for communication to acquire good English language skills before moving into an English speaking country like Canada.

Anyway, earlier I wrote an article on how to study or work in Canada without IELTS or any English test and I explained how that comes through what is called ‘Exemption’ and how you can qualify to be exempted.

You can be exempted from having to present the IELTS certificate if you are able to prove your proficiency in English through the means stated in that article.

Anyway, instead of giving yourself a headache trying to dodge the IELTS, you can rather take a look at these countries where you can visit, school, and work without IELTS.

For those who want to study in Canada but interested in being exempted from presenting an IELTS certificate, you can read my article on the top 10 universities where you can study in Canada and Australia without IELTS.

If you’ve written the test already but your problem is a low score, while I may tell you that you need a high score to stand a chance for admission in very competitive schools, there are also some good schools that can still accept you with an IELTS score as low as 6. I wrote a comprehensive article featuring these universities that accept IELTS scores as low as band 6.

Anyway, here my focus is on the importance of IELTS; there are several advantages attached to taking the IELTS test that if you get to know some of them, you may never want to dodge the test anymore.

Some of you are certainly aware that having the right IELTS score is one way of proving that you have the English language proficiency to enter a top university, but may not know that IELTS scores are also used by government and professional bodies for immigration and professional registration purposes.

You may find it difficult to deal with some of these bodies without and IELTS satisfactory certificate; so, getting the right IELTS score is important for many people for many different reasons.

For instance, again, government agencies in charge of immigration use IELTS in decision making. So you need an IELTS certificate to travel and stay in some of these countries and a good one at that.

Why many are dodging IELTS isn’t because they don’t find it valid but because they’ve tried several times and kept getting poor grades. If you fall into this category, the solution you need isn’t trying to runway from the exam but to put in a little more energy and get it done.

There are learning institutions online and offline that can help you learn common things needed to perform very well for the exam.

I have written several guides and articles concerning IELTS and how to help students prepare very well and go through the exam successfully. One of my articles on this talks an IELTS free online program offered by the University of Australia for international students. This program is always open for free but very useful.

Apart from that, there are some very useful agencies and organizations running IELTS preparatory programs online that can help you get satisfactory results.

Advantages of IELTS
( Benefits of IELTS )

  1. Important for international students to obtain admission abroad faster.
  2. Helps international citizens to secure jobs abroad
  3. Aids international students to secure scholarships abroad faster
  4. It’s recognized internationally
  5. It helps you improve your English proficiency
  6. For Immigration purposes

The IELTS though being organized by the British Council still has its own official website at IELTS.ORG where students can log in to get valid information.

To the very many benefits attached to IELTS, one of the disadvantages is that the cert is valid for barely just two years after which the student is expected to sit for the test again if need be.


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