Canadian Universities That Accept SAT

This is a comprehensive list of all Canadian universities that accept sat for admission both for domestic and international students so if you have a good SAT score and you are looking for universities in Canada that can accept that, you should look here.

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Canadian Universities That Accept SAT

Below is the list of Canadian universities that accept sat.

Raksharth Choudhary, a Canadian student said; “Most of the universities don’t require the scores but you can choose to send them if the College Board has those universities listed. I know The University of Waterloo requires American students to submit SAT scores but that’s highly some universities do require American students to send their SAT Scores.”

What Choudhary said falls in line with what another Canadian student Alec Mak said.

Alec has it that;

“I think a great many universities across the country will have a minimum SAT requirement (University of Toronto, McGill, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta (in certain cases)), though from what I know, they don’t particularly care, they’ll look at it, but most of the time, your SAT scores will be consistent with your marks in your courses, so they’ll just look at your marks in your courses like they do every else.

This can vary though, depending upon which program you’re applying to, every program has different requirements on top of university requirements, and the curriculum of the high school you apply from. If the curriculum isn’t in line with what the universities want, they’re gonna look at the SAT.”

This is to say that SAT scores may not be a very important criterion for admission but may be required.


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