Top 10 Universities in Canada Without IELTS

Do you know anything about universities in Canada without IELTS or any English test recommendation? Yes or no, you will learn about that today.

You know that universities in Canada, not even Canada alone, all English countries require either IELTS or other English tests from international students as a prerequisite to admission. This is to say, no matter how much you may know, if you are not able to provide this, you will never be admitted.

Anyway, that requirement is majorly for only international students who are not from one of these English countries. Students from English countries are not required to provide this before English in some universities.

Apart from this IELTS challenge faced by international students who want to study in Canada, there are still other challenges with stuffs like housing, tuition fees and all the rest but there is always a way out.

For international students who are interested in running an undergraduate program in Canada, you can take a look at the list I compiled on the top 10 best undergraduate scholarships in Canada.

Also, for those going for postgraduate studies, you can also take a look at the list I compiled for the top ten best Postgraduate scholarships in Canada for international students. You can look out for any of these scholarship opportunities, apply and move ahead.

For those who want to sponsor themselves but are just looking for universities in Canada without IELTS, you can take a look at my list of the top 10 cheapest universities for international students that you can find in Canada, then, from among them, you can sort out the ones that have IELTS exemptions.

I have done a lot of research works as regards studying in Canada and most of my findings have been published. Most of the research works I do are inspired by the questions some of you ask on both our social media handles and here.

I have noticed from those questions that international students have more interests in Canada and Australia to compare with other study-abroad locations. This prompted my constant research on both studying and working in Canada. Some time ago I wrote a guide on how to study and work in Canada that can also take a look at.

Before we land properly on our topic for today, I want to make sure you have access to my previous researches on studying in Canada.

Some time ago an international student contacted me over the enormous amount he has spent on admission application in Canada asking if I could direct him on some schools in Canada that do not charge application fees.

I tried to check on several universities in Canada as regards that and I was able to come up with a list of five universities in Canada that you can apply for without spending a dime. Amazing! You may never know if you were not told.

Some Universities in Canada charge application fees as high as $150 to $200 and this deals a strong blow on international students financially since these fees are not refundable. Once they are paid, they can not be refunded whether you get admission or Not.

Well, here is my finding on Universities in Canada that do not charge any application fee. You can thank me later; but for now, let’s face the matter that brought us here.

Before we lose focus of why we are here, this is about universities in Canada without IELTS.

Universities in Canada require you to take the IELTS test as part of admission requirements if you are not a native English speaker but there are exemptions.

If you have received formal degree education of three or more consecutive years in English either in your country or anywhere, you can be exempted from presenting an IELTS result before admission.

Also if you have completed either O’level or A’level in English or better put, taught in English you can be exempted too.

Below is a list of universities In Canada that offer exemption from IELTS.

Universities in Canada Without IELTS

  • University of Regina
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Brock University
  • Concordia University
  • Carleton University
  • University of Regina
  • Memorial University

These universities are open to offer you exemption from IELTS, unlike many others you can look them up when applying for admission without an IELTS result.

Scholarships are also open to study in any of the listed universities above so you can as well lookout and hook unto some scholarships to study in universities in Canada Without IELTS to help you cut costs.


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