12 Free Online Computer Courses With Certificate

Here are free online computer courses with certificates that could help you start up a digital skill or improve your already existing skill. Upon completion of the course, you will earn an international certificate confirming that you took part in the course which would help you attract more clients if you are a freelancer or stand a better chance of getting a good-paying job for your skill.

If you want to be skilled at using computers or deep learning workstations to deliver services and jobs but do not know how to start probably because you don’t know where to get resource materials; here are online computer courses that would help you.

You can take computer classes online for free at your own time and convenience, all you need is a computer (laptop or desktop) or a tablet with a stable internet connection. You may want to add a glass of wine or a cup of coffee to that list.

Online learning has become a common thing over the past couple of years and anyone can decide to take an online course either to sharpen their skill, start a new career path, or gain a promotion in their office. Either way, it gives you more income, you become more of a professional, and you go up the academic/professional ladder.

We have a range of free guides on online studies. These guides cut across awesome online courses you can take for free and those that require payments too.

We’ve provided guides for students who want to obtain an esthetician certification for free online from international universities and we’ve listed in detail a number of cheapest online law schools for international and domestic students.

In Canada, there are several online courses you can take for free and there are a number of creative jobs that pay well without a degree for those who wish to get jobs without going to college.

These online study guides just like this our guide on free online computer courses with certificates are ways we help students get access to study materials and opportunities to expand their academic horizon while getting ready for the ‘money market’.

To add to the list, you should know that there is a range of online certification courses that you can enroll in even today.

This is the technology age and getting a computer-based skill is one of the best life choices you’ll get to make as these skills are sought after in almost every company out there, whether big or small and if you are a professional at what you do, giant tech companies will come after you and yea, with a good paycheck!

Computer science as a discipline is very broad but every part of it is essential and can be learned. Through this article, you can choose the ones you wish to study (you can study more than one). We came up with about 13 free online computer courses that you can take part in.

You won’t have to pay to take any of the courses, and you can obtain a certificate of completion to prove that you took the course.

UPDATE: Some of these courses now require that you pay to obtain their verified certificate but it is free if you want to take the course and not obtain the certificate. If what you are looking for is the computer skill and not just mere paper qualifications, you still have nothing to lose.

Free Online Computer Courses With Certificate

Below are hand-picked free online digital computer courses with certificates that you can enroll in from any part of the world;

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners
  • Modern Web Design
  • Deep Learning for Beginners
  • Basics of Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Data Structures in C
  • Introduction to Computer Vision
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Fully Funded IT Support (CompTIA)
  • AI for Everyone
  • Diploma in Computer Networking

1. Introduction to Computer Science

If you are just starting out in the world of computer science, whether it is what you want to study in the university or simply want to get fundamental knowledge of the field, then this free online computer course, Introduction to Computer Science, is best for you. The course is necessary for beginners in computer science or people with zero programming knowledge to gain fundamental knowledge of basic computer and computing concepts.

The course will also introduce you to software development, object-oriented programming, fundamentals of Java, and user-defined methods which are essential knowledge in web and app development. The course consists of 8 units and each of the units has an assessment that you must take. The assessments on each unit are designed to help you better understand that unit.

At the end of the course, you will take a final exam to receive your free certificate but you will need to earn a minimum grade of 70% or higher to receive the certificate and if you are unable to meet the score, you can take the exam as many times as possible.

Course Duration: 52 hours
Certificate: Free

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2. Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is the most recent generation of Google Analytics. It is designed so that beginners can also understand it and apply the knowledge in their businesses. Taking this course will teach you how Google Analytics collects and processes data, how to navigate the Google Analytics interface, learn key measurement features in Analytics that can show the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts and help you get more return.

After you have completed the courses, you will finally demonstrate your understanding of Google Analytics to earn the certification. This is done through an assessment that you must pass to enable you to earn the certification. The courses and certification are 100% free.

Course Duration – 8 hours
Certificate: Free

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3. Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

On our list of free online computer courses with certificates is Machine Learning, one of the hottest skills in the computer field and a very important one too although it is still growing, therefore, this is an opportunity for you to learn and become part of a growing field, work side by side with geniuses, and be at the forefront of innovation. Machine Learning is a branch of data science that involves making computers act without being programmed.

This course consists of two modules that will expose you to machine learning techniques and practical implementations so that you can get them to work for you or apply them to solve problems. You will also gain basic knowledge of AI along the line.

Course Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours
Certificate: Free

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4. Modern Web Design

If you are looking to get started in front-end development for a website, this course will walk you through the basics. You will learn how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build responsive websites for all devices from smartphones to desktops.

The course consists of 6 lessons and you must have prior knowledge of a text editor like VS Code and be familiar with the web to take the course. The course is for aspiring front-end devs, designers, and creatives. The course does not offer a certificate.

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5. Deep Learning for Beginners

Deep Learning for Beginners is one of the free online computer science courses on Simplilearn. The course is a 7-hour self-paced video lesson that awards a certification upon completion.

The course will introduce you to the fundamentals of deep learning and its applications, TensorFlow and its installation, different Deep Learning frameworks, and many more. To take this course, you must have prior knowledge of software engineering, data science, statistics, or data analysis.

Course Duration: 7 hours
Certificate: Free

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6. Basics of Data Structures and Algorithms

Experts in data structures and algorithms are in high demand in nearly every sector from tech and healthcare industries to finance and legal industries. It is a versatile skill that is useful everywhere and here is an opportunity for you to learn the course and earn a professional certificate that you can show to clients.

The course, Basics of Data Structures and Algorithms, will teach you how to search and sort algorithms, problem-solving techniques, dynamic programming, and code reusability. The course consists of 6 lessons and it is 100% free. From here, you can advance to intermediate and professional courses in data structures and algorithms to learn more.

Course Duration: 4 hours
Certificate: Free

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7. Data Structures in C

Data Structures in C is one of the free online computer science courses offered by Great Learning. If you are a C programmer having difficulties understanding data structures in C or you want to gain more skills and decided to learn data structures in C, this course will guide you through lessons and lectures provided by experts to get a better understanding of data structures in C.

You will learn, with real-world examples, arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, graphs, and binary search trees. The course is for beginners and there is a free certification when you complete the course. The course length is 2 hours but you can complete it at your own pace.

Course Duration: 2 hours
Certificate: Free

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8. Introduction to Computer Vision

Introduction to Computer Vision is a beginner course that explores image concepts, representation, and manipulation using the Python Imaging Library. The course offers lifetime access, which means you get to learn anywhere and at any time. And, although it takes 1.5 hours to take the course, you can complete it on your own time.

You will receive a certification upon completing the video lectures. The class is 100% free.

Course Duration: 1.5 hours
Certificate: Free

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9. Introduction to Cloud Computing

Introduction to Cloud Computing is a free online course on Udemy, one of the biggest and most popular online learning platforms with thousands of free and paid digital courses. Cloud computing professionals are in high demand by giant tech companies but there are so few of them with the skill. This is an opportunity for you to kickstart a career in cloud computing by enrolling in this free online course and gradually advancing into the field.

This course will teach you the fundamental elements of cloud computing. It is free but you have to pay for the certificate.

Course Duration: self-paced
Certificate: Paid

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10. Fully Funded IT Support (CompTIA)

The course, Fully Funded IT Support, is a free online digital course with online live classes and reading material with free certifications of completion from CompTIA and Netcom. The course is designed to equip you with the desirable skills that employers are looking for.

You will learn how to make sure hardware, networks, and software are installed correctly and also be able to spot any errors or technical problems and then resolve them effectively.

Course Duration: 12 weeks
Certificate: Free

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11. AI for Everyone

AI products are in trend now and the technology is only going to get better and there will be a huge demand for it as the year goes by. If you are looking to get into the field or just want to gain an understanding of AI and how it works, here is a free course you can take to get started.

AI for Everyone is a free online course on Coursera taught in English and 8 other languages. It is a beginner-level course designed to offer you skills and knowledge in terminologies used in AI, AI strategy, workflow of Machine Learning projects, and workflow of data science projects.

Course Duration: 10 hours
Certificate: Free

12. Diploma in Computer Networking

Diploma in Computer Networking is a free online computer course that explores the architecture and protocols used in network security. It also discussed the basics of networking and local area networks.

Those who enroll for this course will learn how to describe how ethernet works, describe wide-area networking technologies, lay out the four layers of the TCP Model, and lots more. It is a value-packed course for those who want to keep data safe.

To earn the certificate, you must successfully complete the diploma course and achieve 80% or higher in each course assessment.

Course Duration: 6-10 hours
Certificate: Free

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Learning one or more of the above-listed computer courses online will help boost your knowledge of computer-based (digital) skills. You will no longer be a newbie or beginner after you have successfully completed your preferred computer skill course.

As a certificate holder in these computer courses, you get to become more professional, not just by mere certificates but by real knowledge too.

If you are a solo entrepreneur with your business built around any of these digital skills, you will certainly make more money as you deliver better jobs.



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