30 Best Professional Online Certification Courses

Here are the best online certification courses that you can take part in and be glad you did. There are loads of online courses out there but we took out time to search and bring out these few to help you get to know online courses that are worth the time and resources spent on them.

The labour market requires steady, better employees who are capable of taking an organization higher.

With the new wave birthing private companies doing great things, you should know that the system of job application and employee is fast changing. Employers want to employ you for what you know and not just by the certificates you possess.

The importance of acquiring certificates too won’t be less emphasized. While what you know may make companies prefer you, your certificate will help pave the way for you first.

What you know isn’t written on your face during Job application but the certificates you submit alongside your CV will draw the attention of the company to decide to call you for an interview or not.

So with all you are learning, whenever there is an opportunity to acquire a certificate, make sure you don’t waste it.

You too can become a professional in your existing field or another that you think can help you make more money or take you higher in your workplace, personal business or life.

Here, we are going to learn about some very important online certification courses that can help you on the leap to the next level in life.

We’ve been advocating for online courses for a very long time on this platform and so far, we’ve helped over 10,000 international students take part in one or two beneficial online courses.

Recently, we released a list of best online universities in Australia for domestic and international students coupled with our list of free online certification courses in Canada and general free courses online with printable certificates.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of best 30 online certification courses. It offers full details on the best online courses that you can take and get a certificate for it while still going to work or keeping up with your regular activities.

Well, that is one of the major advantages of online study your regular activity never stops if you were working, you keep working while you study.

Even currently, you can get an online bachelor’s degree from international universities without leaving your home country.


Advantages of Online Certification Courses

Online study gets you that certified knowledge or skill you want while keeping up with your usual activities because the study program is most times self-paced, unlike the regular school whereby the study time is standard, set by the school management and you have to be physically present too.

  1. It is cheaper than attending regular school and paying tuition fees, you can study that same course online for a cheaper amount and get a certificate a well. Here is a list of accelerated online degree programs.
  2. It is faster, you study the same course as a regular school online and finish it quick.
  3. You get to study at your own time, convenience and it is less stressful.

These advantages should make you consider getting a professional course certificate online, it will help your career, get you skilled in other things,  push you up the professional ladder, set you up with new career paths, increase your salary and get you promoted in your place of work.

You want to be a professional at what you do or you want to be a professional in a new career but confused or maybe do not know the proper course to take?

Don’t worry about that, we got you covered on that as we have carried out extensive research on the matter and come up with the best 30 professional courses you can take online and after successful completion get a certificate to show for your success.

All you have to do is pick a course of interest and devote a few hours weekly to learn it online and of course at your own convenience which may include your sofa plus a cup of coffee.

30 Best Online Certification Courses

  • Professional Digital Marketing Online Certification Course
  • Project Management Professional Online Certification Course
  • Leadership and Management of Professional Online Certification Course
  • Professional AI and Data Science Online Certification Course
  • Risk Management Professional Online Certification Course
  • Microsoft Professional Online Certification Course
  • International Business Management Professional Online Certification Course
  • Computer Science Professional Online Certification Course
  • Professional Product design Online Certification Course
  • Professional Web Development Online Certification Course
  • Communication Professional Online Certification Course
  • Programming Professional Online Certification Course (JAVA)
  • Financial Accounting Professional Online Certification Course
  • Professional Psychology Online Certification Course
  • Google IT Support Professional Online Certification Course
  • Human Resources Management Professional Online Certification Course
  • Linguistics Professional Online Certification Course
  • Healthcare Management Professional Online Certification Course
  • IBM Data Science Professional Online Certification Course
  • Personal Branding Professional Online Certification Course
  • Business Analytics Professional Online Certification Course
  • Social Media Marketing Professional Online Certification Course
  • Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager of Professional Online Certification Course
  • Academic and Business Writing Professional Online Certification Course
  • Information Technology Professional Online Certification Course
  • Graphic Design Professional Online Certification Course
  • Public Speaking Professional Online Certification Course
  • Programming Professional Online Certification Course(Python)
  • IBM Applied AI Professional Online Certification Course
  • Google Analytics Professional Online Certification Course

NOTE: While the application for some of these courses may not be free, you should know there are a number of online colleges out there that you can actually apply to for free.


This online certification course will make you a professional at utilizing technological devices such as smartphones, computers etc to market your products or services both offline and online, whichever way but these devices will be used.


Successful completion of this online course will increase your educational level, knowledge and skills.

It is a well-sought profession in industries and you will know how to manage a project, resolve the upcoming issues, attain the goal of that project at a specific time and manage resources towards achieving the project goals.


This certificate is versatile, your knowledge of the course can be applied in any kind of business field as you will be in charge of managing any kind of team.

This course of study will make you become confident in planning strategies, able to motivate your team and effectively solve problems at a really high level. You will obtain a professional certificate online after the course.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data science are both modern-day skills and there is a huge demand for people with such skills, becoming a certified professional will get you a job of this nature and with a high amount of pay.

This online course will teach how to analyze and interpret data, write different kinds of data analysis, learn machines, mine data and you will get a bit of programming knowledge.


Your education in this course will make you a certified professional in avoiding risk for the company, managing risks already in motion and solve risks too.

As a risk manager you know you will always be prepared for loss exposures, financial uncertainties, etc and you will also be able to manage them efficiently.


Professionals in this line of study are really required in the workforce, so completion of this course should get you a job with a high pay quickly.

As a Microsoft professional you will offer quality guidance to the team and the better you are at it the higher your value in the workforce increases.


As a certified professional of this field, you will effectively handle import/export activities of a company, business or financial setting.

You will be able to understand how the global market works and conduct business on a global/international level.


This is a good time as any to study this course, computer experts and professionals are always needed there is an unending requirement for computer science professionals as their skills are highly exceptional in this age.

Successful completion of this online certification course will make you a computer wizard but it depends on how deep you want to learn it as the course is very broad but nevertheless, your skill will be required.


This concept of the study is broad but highly important in the workforce, so if you study it and get a certificate as a professional you are important too.

As a professional product designer, you will be able to birth essential ideas that will lead to the creation of new products, which must effectively solve consumer problems, and actually create and sell it to consumers.

To achieve this, there are involved strategies, planning, management, etc that you will need to learn.


People who take an IoT related course are always sought after because this is the age of the internet, every company, businesses, organizations out there want to be on the internet, want to have a website of their own.

As a certified web developer you get to create, manage and design websites for these businesses and companies.


You’ll learn how to engage in conversations and produce effective results such as handling negotiations with clients and business partners, talking to consumers to know what they want et all.

This skill is required in almost every organization, business as effective communication will bring more clients, investors, business partners that will show an increase in the company’s profit.


Java Programming is a computer-based language used to create programs for set-top boxes web applications and mobile devices.

Getting a certificate in this course will broaden your computer programming knowledge and you will be sought after by huge firms and get wonderful pay too.


As a professional financial accountant, you’ll be in charge of handling all the financial transactions of a company, business or organization using standard guidelines.

With the successful completion of this course, you’ll know how to summarize and present financial statements like a balance sheet or income statement.


Completion of this course can start a new career path for you, you can offer counsel to people who need help or you could equally work in a company and provide counseling to staffs in the company as it would give them the positivity and encouragement they need to work better.

This is a very important course of study and you should take it seriously.


You can study online to become an IT support professional for google, it is a program launched by Google to help create economic opportunities for everyone who is interested.

With a certificate in this course, you will be needed by top tech companies to be their IT specialist.


You can study HRM online and learn the strategic approach to effectively managing the company’s employees and resources to help the company, business or organization gain a competitive advantage in the market.

This is a sought-after skill by many organization and it has good pay.


Before you begin this online certification course, it is important to first choose the languages that will be used to yield a positive result and the best option is to go for languages that are widely spoken or languages that your clients and consumers speak often.

As a linguist professional, communication flow will be easier between you and your client or consumer and a positive result will be gotten.


This is a very special course of study because it concerns health.

Successful completion of the course will get you skilled at managing the healthcare department of an organization or other healthcare-related facilities, you will manage the resources used and layout guidelines that will make the healthcare sector successful.


This program is for anyone who is interested in getting skillful in Data Science, you will learn the techniques covering a wide range of this course topic, learn total hands-on projects in the IBM cloud utilizing real data science tools and data sets.


This profession is yet to get common but very important, it will give you the skill and techniques to market people and their careers as brands. It builds the reputation and impression of an individual, business or group.


This program is for anyone who wants to start a career path in the business, successful completion of this program will equip you with the skills and techniques for analyzing businesses of any nature.

You can work with a company, business or organization to draw a business plan, layout strategies and investigate the market for a new or existing business.


This is a course program you can take to make you a professional social media marketer, it involves the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to market your products or services.

The course will equip you with the skills, techniques and experience on how to develop proper marketing content using social media that will attract clients.


This online certification course is for managers or business owners, this course will make you ready for any legal issues that your business is likely to encounter and because you are a professional in this area of study you will be able to protect yourself and business from major legal troubles.


This course will teach you how to write in any discipline may be literature, technology or sciences.

You will be capable of creating unique essays and develop professional writing styles that will be needed to present some sort of statement to a client, consumer or other organizations.


This is the use of computers or other telecommunication related systems to send, store and retrieve information.

You will also possess in-depth knowledge on how to develop and maintain computer systems, software, networks for data processing and distribution. People who study this course are highly sought for in the workforce.


This online course will provide you with all the skills needed in designing billboards, brochures, logos, magazines, newspapers, packaging, and websites. With these skills, you may decide to start out a new career path or work for a company and design promotional content which should yield positive results.


This course will make you a professional public speaker thus making you confident enough to produce effective contents that will draw the audience to your side.

You will learn to deliver and design simple arguments, presentations, information and persuasive arguments that will produce positive results.


Python Programming is a high-level one, learning it will get you skilled at developing desktop applications, create websites and web applications too. Successful completion of this course will make you efficient at taking care of major programming tasks.


This course will make you proficient in applied AI, deep learning and machine learning.


This is a course that will teach you how to use search engine optimization (SEO) for marketing purposes, teach you to monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing, develop strategies and create on-site contents that will help to improve your website.

These online certification courses are the first best 30 online courses that made it to our list. Taking one or more of these courses will equip you with the skills and techniques needed to stay ahead of the competitive workforce.

You can apply for and take these online certification courses even if you have no prior knowledge of online courses.



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