10 Free Online Courses In Canada With Certificates

There are several free online courses in Canada with certificates cutting across, health huimanities, entertainment, management, architecture, environment, food processing and more.

These courses are open for interested persons and they are mostly talken online on the coursera platform.

Online courses can be viewed as career boosters as they add to what a person already knows or serve as source of new knowledge.

From records, canada is one of the countries with highest international student admission demands. Many international students enter Canada yearly for academic purposes and yet the number that gets rejected is more than x3 of the number accepted.

This is to say that many international students who seek to study in Canada are faced with rejection for one reason or the other.

Taking part in an online course offered by a Canadian university and obtaining the certificate that comes with the course after completion could be a good consolation to students who are yet to make it to Canada.

There are several online courses around the world. Some with certificates, some without. Some free, some paid. Some made for some specific countries, some for every international student.

Here, my focus is on free online courses in canada with certificates and I will be sharing about ten of these with you.

These courses are offered by some of those universities that you have wished to be part of in Canada and the most interesting thing about taking part in these courses is that you can study online from the comfort of your home and be awarded a Certificate at the end.

 10 Free Online Courses In Canada With Certificates

  • Software Developement free online courses
  • Fashion and Design free onine courses
  • Free Online courses on good writing skills
  • Free IELTS preparation online courses
  • Free Online Courses on Accounting
  • Free Online Courses on Business Communication
  • Software Engineering free online courses
  • Free Online course on Learning to Teach Online
  • Free Online Course On English For Developement

This list is not exhaustible, there are several free online courses in Canada and other countries of the world.

On my list here, I tried my best to narrow down my items to Canada and so most of the courses lifted above are offered for free by The University of British Columbia in Canada.

Some of these courses as at the time of their release come along with a full certificate after completion all for free but as time goes on, payment is required for certification, though not all of them, there are still several free online courses in Canada with certificates that do not require that you make payment beofore certification rather that you complete the course to the very last.

The Software Developement and Engineering online courses are offered by The University of Bitish Columbia on coursera and certifications are given under the university at the end of the program.

You can find out more about the free online course on IELTS preparation here.

You know, to study in Canada, you are requested to present a good IELTS result so this course was considered as one of the items to be on my list of free online courses in canada with certificates to help international students who wants to study in Canada but has not been making good scores with IELTS which results to their persistent rejection.

Conclusion On Free Online Courses in Canada with Certificates

As a student, taking part in any of these courses is advisable. Even if you find out that the course you are taking requires payment before certification you can go ahead and obtain the certificate if you have the finance but if you don’t, grab the knowledge first.

Knowledge is more important than a mere paper certificate. You can still put the knowledge you gathered from such course into good use without having a certificate.

For those deeply in love with Canada, I have compiled a list of universities in Canada that charges no application fee.

These universities are open for both domestic and international students and as they do not charge any application fee, you can apply for admission online in these universities all for free! Just get your documents ready in a PDF format and that would be all.

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