5 Universities in Canada Without Application Fee For International and Domestic Students

Have you spent a fortune on application fees or are you just starting out and don’t want to spend all your savings on just application fees? Here, I have made a list of universities in canada without application fee for both international and domestic students and I am sure you will find it very useful.

Recently one of my readers reported that he spent a total of $240 applying for admission in two universities in Canada (Each charged $120 for application) and both of the universities rejected his admission and his application fee was never sent back!

Application fees are non-refundable so once you’ve applied and made payment, it’s gone and gone for good. If you are considered for admission, fine, if you are not concidered for admission, not bad either, but the application fees can never be refunded.

Many international students have lost hope of studying abroad due to the amount they have spent on application without being considered by any of the universities or at least getting a refund of the money they spent.

I have recieved request from many readers asking if I could research and make updates on universities that do not charge application fees and on that regard I have earlier written on Universities that charge no fee for application in Europe and today, I want to write on universities in canada without application fee and I know it will interest you to know these amazing universities.

If you have applied for admission in Canada before, you would have found that almost all the schools in Canada charge international students a fee for admission application. This fee is not a guarantee that you will be admitted or even considered. These universities claim that the money is used for logistics and in that regards this money is non-refundable.

For undergraduate studies you can be charged as high as upto $150 per application and upto $250 for postgraduate studies. Imagine if you have about 10 schools in Canada to apply for postgraduate or undergraduate program and each is charging you this whooping sum. You will end up spending half of your tuition fee on just admission application, and if the worst happens, these universities may all reject you and your money will be washed down the drain .

I do advice that international students who want to study abroad should first look out for universities with no application fees. Apply for admission in these universities first and find out what their reply is. If they accept you then you will know you also have chances of being accepted in any of the universities that charge for application.

Assuming the universities you have in mind most charge application fee you can then go ahead to apply for admission there knowing that you have a somewhat higher chance of admission. If the universities that charge no fee for application reject you then you know there are also chances of you being rejected in the ones that charge application fees too.

What you will do in this case is to find out why you were rejected, make corrections and changes and apply again.

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If you want to take a look at another study location then you can also check the guide I compiled on how to study in Carlifornia. I got you covered all corners and I am always open to help you with any guidance you need as regards studying abroad.

These universities in canada without application fee are also open for scholarships both for graduate and undergraduate programs. Earlier I wrote on the top 10 best undergraduate scholarships in Canada for international students and on popular request I also researched and wrote on the top 10 best postgraduate scholarships for international students.

You can access the list of these scholarships through those links above.

Coming back to schools in canada without application fee, lets take a look at a run down of the universities on my list.

Universities in Canada Without Application Fee For International Students

  1. Royal Roads University
  2. Quest University International
  3. Redeemer University
  4. Booth University College

Royal Roads University is one of the universities in canada without application fee. If you are applying for the univerisity online you won’t be charged an application fee and your admission application will still be given quality attention to acertain if you are eligible for admission.

Royal Roads University is a public university located at Colwood, British Columbia. They offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate courses for locals and International students alike. This university has around five thousand students annually.

Quest University International also charges no application fee for international students applying online before the application deadline. They may charge a fee to accept applications coming after the application deadline.

Quest University is a privately funded institution located in Squamish, British Columbia. The school is small, only housing about 700 students yearly. They focus most of their specialties on the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Redeemer University also offers free application for international students but just like Quest University, they also charge for applications coming in afer the application deadline. This is to say that if you want to apply for the university without paying any application fee then you have to apply on time.

Redeemer is located in Ontario, Canada. It is a kind of ‘religious’ university in canada and they combine academics with religious activities.

Booth University College is one of the schools in canada without application fee but they request a fee of 500 CAD from applicants who have been considered for admission. This is for the student to secure his or her admission slot and it is only required from applicants who have already scaled through and have been considered for admission.

If you are here searching for universities or colleges in canada without application fee then these universities should be your search starting point.

If you have any question as regards the information on this page or you have any related question you can use the comment box below to relate your question and you will be sure I will attend to it right away.

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