Free Online University Courses with Certificates for Students

Here are outstanding free online university courses with certificates that you can apply for, complete online and obtain a downloadable certificate of completion that you can put up in your public profiles or print out and attach to your hard copy resume or CV.

In this article, you will get updated details on free online university courses with certificates of completion. You won’t have to pay a dime to take any of these courses and most importantly you will be given a certificate which proves that you successfully completed that course, though the certification may come at a fee for some of the courses.

The certificate can be included in the CV which could in turn help you get a better job position and also, you gain an extra skill that puts you ahead of the workforce competition or directs you on a new career path.

If your main aim of looking for online courses offered by universities is because you want to want to get admission to a certain international university you should know about IELTS and how it almost a compulsory requirement.

The University of Queensland has an IELTS preparatory free online course that you should take part in.

If you are just an e-learning freak, there are several online courses with printable certificates that you can take part in and there are also a number of free online computer skill courses that you can take to initiate a new digital career part.

Hundreds of available free online courses have been listed right here on our blog and you can take advantage of any of them at any time.

These free online university courses are open to everyone, irrespective of your educational background or age bracket. To access the online learning platforms for these courses, you will need a stable internet connection, a computer/laptop or even your smartphone.

The application process does not require any special knowledge or skill to complete and there are no complex forms to fill during the application. It is easy and anyone with a basic reading knowledge can find his or her way around.

The courses I gathered are free for both application and participation, thus, no form of payment is required and you can study more than one course and get certifications for each of the courses you complete. You have to know that some of the certificates come at a fee.

Completing one or more than one free online university certification course will help you in the following ways;

  1. Widen and broaden your area of expertise and knowledge
  2. Open you to a new career path
  3. Help you start your own business
  4. Make you more of a professional
  5. Makes your CV look more attractive to employees
  6. Set you up as a freelancer
  7. You can be able to pursue a promotion in your current line of work.

Free Online University Courses with Certificates for Students
( Free Online Course Certification )

Fundamentals of Virology Free Online University Course

In this free online course, Fundamentals of Virology, learners are introduced to virology learning about the operation and dissemination of viruses including how they attach to and replicate inside cells.

With knowledge in virology, you can work with other virologists, researchers and medical facilities.

General Data Protection Regulation Free Online University Course

This free online course comes with an optional certification at the end for successful participants. The course teaches students the regulations in GDPR, how to understand and correctly apply these regulations within organizations.

Aside from getting certification for this online course, the skill you will gain will protect you from serious financial losses if you work with a company that handles any kind of consumer data or you run such company on the future.

Music Theory: Melody and Harmony Free Online University Course

This is a free online university course that will visibly improve your music comprehension. You will be introduced to the concept of music and harmony, study important music genres, learn to recognize different chords and harmonics and study the works of famous music composers like Wagner and Mozart.

Statistics, Correlation and Regression in Mathematics Free Online University Course

Mathematics is essential to success in a world that is constantly moving forward with new technologies. This free online university course will help to enhance your mathematical knowledge, covering everything including geometry, statistics, algebra, calculus and trigonometry leaving you prepared for the most professional field.

Diet and Nutrition Free Online University Course

This course exposes students to the fundamentals of nutrition and its relationship with human health laying a solid foundation for a future career in the field of diet and nutrition

As a nutritionist, you are dedicated to helping individuals of all ages make better decisions for their health and wellbeing since most people do not understand the importance of dietary balance and adequate nutrient intake.

Business Management Free Online Course Certification

This course introduces students to business management and explores a wide range of topic to giving learners the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices behind key business management subjects.

Human Resources Management Free Online University Course

This will be an introductory aspect of the free online university course, Human Resources Management, exposing learners to the key concept of the field, training and providing them with the necessary skills that will enable them to identify and nurture talents, build, motivate and inspire efficient working teams, deal decisively with workplace complexities and become one of the most efficient assets needed by modern businesses

Project Management Free Online Course Certification

This free online university course explores the core basics of project management, learn the importance of projects to modern business. Teaching and providing students with the skills required to effectively manage a project, make students become better at problem-solving, hone their communication skills and be able to build effective teams for the project.

Risk Management Free Online University Course

This is a free online university course that explores the foundation of professional risk management also covering the most important core principles and theoretical teachings of the field. The course provides learners with essential industry insights and explores the role risk management plays both in public and private sectors.

Customer Services Free Online Course Certification

This free online university course exposes students to the secrets of identifying and exceeding expectations with every encounter. Teaches students the importance of strong and consistent communication, how to handle complaints, the art of dealing with difficult customers among others that will make you a customer service specialist.

Internet Marketing Free Online Course Certification

This free online university course provides students with the skills, techniques and knowledge on how to use the internet and digital devices to run marketing operations. The world has since gone digital and it is just wise to get a skill that follows that trend, with a certificate in this course you become a priceless asset to modern businesses.

Administrative Skills Free Online University Course

Acquiring a certificate in the free online university course, Administrative Skills can prove invaluable in almost any business environment. The course provides students with the needed skills and expertise to be an admin in any organization and be able to produce an efficient and effective result.

Leadership and Management Free Online University Course

If you have always noticed that you possess the leadership potentials then this is your chance to explore and develop that potential into a successful career. This free online university course, Leadership and Management, will open you to the skills that combine to create leadership figures, learn to define leadership from an organizational aspect and examine the differences between management and leadership.

Wedding Planning Free Online Course Certification

This free online university course covers the introductory aspect of the field, showing students the fundamentals and general responsibilities of a wedding planner, equip them with the necessary skills needed to succeed in such a field by shaping it into a successful career path.

All of these courses are free to apply, study and comes with a free certificate proving to any interested party that you dully completed the course and possess the required knowledge and skill of that area of study.

The conclusion on Free Online University Courses with Certificate

These courses are sure to provide students with the skills required by every modern organization and businesses and remember that you could always study more than one of these courses as it only helps you even more.

They are easy to apply for and open to everyone, even workers that want to be operated, it helps to brush up their existing skills or they can take up another area of study and get promoted in their workplace.

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