9 Best Online Learning Platforms With Free Application

Here are the top best online learning platforms on the internet that you can learn and obtain certificates from. Some of these online learning platforms are free, some are paid, some have both free and paid programs.

Thanks to the internet and IoT devices you can learn a course, important skills and techniques online with just a computer or laptop, an internet connection and oh yes, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine and a sofa can be added to that list.

This article will show the best online learning platforms to get started on learning a course, get a degree, learn a useful skill or technique online.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a lockdown have been initiated to prevent spread and further infection of the virus shopping malls, schools and other public places have been locked down but you still have your computer/laptop and an internet connection and you can achieve a whole lot with just these.

Attending classes in these times is not an option due to the lockdown thus you must have a whole of free time on your hands and this is a good time as any to learn something productive. But how do you learn since you can’t go to class? Easy, you have a computer or laptop and an internet connection then you’re good to go.

Online learning is an upgrade of the normal education we know as it has better advantages over the common form of study.

Advantages of Online Learning

  1. It is convenient because you get to learn at your own pace, when you like, wherever you are.
  2. It is faster to complete. If you are studying online to get a degree it is quickly acquired but depends on how serious you are.
  3. It is for both working-class and non-working class. You may be working and decide to upgrade your knowledge or skills to get a promotion or start a new career path, online learning is the best course of action for you to take.
  4. You get to enjoy the provision of the internet age.

Before you begin any form of study either online or the common way, an institution or a place of study where the learning is generated from is highly necessary. You need to attend a particular school to study what you want but first, you need to know these schools and begin your pick from there, this is also applied in online learning.

In online learning, there are special learning platforms where you, of course, learn what you want and there are lots of these online learning platforms but after deep and extensive research I bring to you the best 9 online learning platforms for you to make your pick and begin learning.

Online Learning Platforms
( Best Online Learning Platforms )

  • Udemy
  • Tutorroom
  • RCampus
  • Coursera
  • Khan Academy
  • Alison
  • edX
  • Codeacademy
  • Stanford Online

UDEMY Online Learning Platform

Udemy is the biggest online learning platform with millions of users using its services to learn a course or skill of their choice. Udemy offers a wide range of courses for students to select from offered by the best tutors from all corners of the earth.

It is worthy of note that Udemy is a free online learning platform though there are currently many paid courses on the platform with certificates of completion.

Udemy has thousands of learning resources, courses and programs and has seen thousands of students from all over the world benefit from its courses.

If you are seeking to secure scholarships abroad, there are a number of courses available on this platform that helps international students secure huge scholarships to study abroad. You can click here to take part in any of these courses.

TUTORROOM Online Learning Platform

Tutorroom is also a leading online learning platform with free applications for students all over the world.

This platform is known for its quality virtual classroom which possesses unique features such as video and audio messaging, allows uploading of PDF files and a learning management system that will help you schedule your classes and create student accounts.

Tutorroom supports educational organizations to build visual classes online, offer online courses and have students pay for their programs online too.

Online Learning Platform

The software used in developing the RCAMPUS online learning platform is quite unique. Students and tutors are able to hold face-to-face conversations, allows teachers to easily upload learning materials for the students and it also has a feature known as the “ePortfolio Management System” which can be used to demonstrates student’s skills and career development.

The platform claims to be 1st Learning Management System with Built-In Rubrics. There are where students studying in groups or in classes can all meet themselves to interact.

As one of the best online learning platforms, RCampus is very responsive with a good user interface and can sustain institutions of about 1000 students to offer their courses online through the platform with all students registered and participating.

COURSERA Online Learning Platform

This is a very popular online learning platform that partners with universities and organizations all over the world to bring a wide range of courses, skills into one searchable database.

Coursera is one of the leading providers of massive open online courses (MOOCs) thus they provide the best tutors to teach students in-demand skills and courses for free.

While you can join the Coursera platform for free as a student, most of their courses are paid. Those that are free may also require a certain fee if you would want to obtain a certificate upon completion.

Coursera is counted as one of the best online learning platforms in the world. The platform has collaborated with about 200+ leading universities and companies in the world to offer top-notch online programs.

Companies like Google, Illinois and schools like Duke University, Penn, Imperial College, Stanford and a number of great universities in the world offer online programs and courses through this platform. When it comes to top collaborations, class and standard partnerships, Coursera is the best online learning platform in the world.

Most of the courses on our list of free online courses in Canada are offered on this platform.

KHAN ACADEMY Online Learning Platform

Khan Academy partners with lots of post-secondary schools and provides a deep unique knowledge for learners on different subjects.

The platform has a friendly user interface which means it is easy to use even as a first-timer you can be able to find your way around and everything is well organized so that you don’t get confused.

Joining this online learning platform is free but you may have to pay for some of the courses offered by the educational institutes on the platform

ALISON Online Learning Platform

Alison is among the best online learning platforms on the internet as it offers school curriculum courses and you can require a certification of completion.

If as a student you want to study a course online in Technology, Business or Health Alison could be worth checking out.

There are several one-time online courses on the platform that you can take part in and you can also obtain a diploma certificate in different study fields on the platform.

A lot of students are shifting interest to obtaining their degree certificates online. You can check out our guide on how to obtain a bachelor degree online very fast.

edX Online Learning Platform

Do you want a free online education experience? The edX platform could be the right platform to use. It offers complete online courses consisting of teachers, discussion boards, quizzes, etc.

If you are focused on learning a course in Maths, Sciences and Engineering then edX could be the best place for you as it gathers these exclusive courses from different schools. Certificates are also obtainable at the end of every course on the platform.

CODEACADEMY Online Learning Platform

This online learning platform is mainly for teaching students how to code. You will learn how to write codes for developing websites, web apps, mobile apps, etc using HTML, JavaScript, Python, CSS, PHP, Ruby and jQuery.

Codeacademy has a feature where you can be able to monitor your progress and organize lessons into complete modules.

STANFORD Online Learning Platform

STANFORD-Online is an online extension of Stanford University and offers all the courses the university offers. If you are looking for where to learn from a good tutor, this platform offers wide variety of courses for learners offered by the best tutors from Stanford.

Though Stanford University offers online courses on the Coursera platform, Stanford online is the online learning platform that puts together all the courses offered by the university online for international and even domestic students.

NOTE: All of the platforms listed here are free to apply. All you have to do is open the site and sign up with the necessary requirements.


These online learning platforms are considered as the best among the very popular online learning platforms. Generally, there a thousand and one other online learning platforms out there, some established by top universities like Oxford and top companies like Google and even social learning platforms like LinkedInn.

This list is not meant to discredit these other top learning platforms but just to shed light on these few from among the most popular platforms. There are a lot of other good online learning platforms out there that are less popular with fewer users.



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