15 Best Free Online Courses For Housewife

If you are a housewife and is looking for valuable things to keep you busy, you can opt to enroll in any of the best free online courses for housewife without spending a dime.

We are all familiar with who a housewife is, but for the purpose of emphasis, a housewife is a woman whose main job or occupation is to stay home and take care of her family, manage household affairs, and do household chores while her husband or partner is out working.

A housewife practically stays home all through the day and doesn’t do anything to provide income for the family. She only focuses on taking proper care of her husband and children. Being a housewife is quite boring and hectic, depending on the time of the day.

 It’s usually hectic in the early morning when the husband is preparing for work and the kids are preparing for school. But once they all leave and she’s done with her daily chores, the house becomes boring. When boredom sets in, some start looking for things to keep them busy.

This article is coming your way to let you know that there is a way to kill boredom by enrolling in free online courses for housewife. There are lots of free online courses for education and other things. Even in the UK, you can get free online courses too. These courses are completely free of charge and are offered by different popular online platforms such as Alison, Coursera, edX, Udemy, and lots of other educational platforms. As a housewife, you can also enroll in free online courses on child psychology to know the psychological state of your child or children as the case may be. Just as this blog post will soon talk about, there are free online courses for housewife to enroll in without bothering about finance. You can also recommend some free online courses for your teenagers which will be very useful for them.

Free online courses for housewife

Free online courses for housewife

I will be listing and discussing about the free online courses for housewife in this section. They are as follows;

  • Makeup and Hairstyling Courses
  • Yoga Instruction
  • Content Writing Courses
  • Cooking Courses
  • Photography and Videography Courses
  • Child Psychology Courses
  • Jewellery Designing Courses
  • Dance Courses
  • Art and Craft Courses
  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Interior Designing Courses
  • Fashion Designing Courses
  • Video Editing Courses
  • Graphic Design Courses
  • Foreign Language Courses

1.       Makeup and Hairstyling Courses

This is the first one on our list of free online courses for housewife. Taking up makeup and hairstyling courses is one of the easiest courses a housewife can keep herself busy with while at home. Learning these courses will equip her with the skills of becoming a beautician or makeup artist.

 She can also use the skill of hairstyling on her children, instead of paying a hairstylist to do the job, thereby killing two birds with a stone by learning a skill and saving money at the same time. She can even take online beauty courses to brush up on her skills.

2.       Yoga Instruction

Yoga Instruction is one of the free online courses for housewifes to enroll in. Yoga is a skill that can be learned and practiced at home. Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath, and mind. It uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. You can learn from a yoga instructor online, and when you have completed the required training, you can become a yoga instructor yourself.

3.       Content Writing Courses

Content writing is a good niche for a housewife to focus on, as it involves creating different content online through writing.  It is a form of online writing that involves planning, writing, and editing web content, primarily for digital marketing purposes. In other words, it involves creating articles that appear on websites typically for selling or promoting a particular product. You can choose any niche of your choice and start your journey as a content writer. It can be fitness and diet, cooking and nutrition, crafting, knitting, family, relationships and parenting, and other creative hobbies.

4.       Cooking Courses

This is a go-to course for housewifes to venture into, as most of them will love to enhance their cooking skills to suit the taste of their spouses and children. Cooking is a very good skill to acquire as a housewife. Through cooking courses, you learn to add more exciting recipes to your family’s food menu, which gets them excited for meal time, to test any new dish prepared by you. In order to advance this skill, you can enroll in other online cooking courses that are free of charge, certified, and as well become a professional chef for your family.

5.       Photography and Videography Courses

You can take up photography and videography courses as a housewife. During your free time, you can learn all about photography and videography through online courses and then practice using either your smartphone or a camera. You can take pictures and make videos of nature, and your daily activities such as cooking and cleaning. You can even use this skill to create different content while at home, and post on your different social media handles.

6.       Child Psychology Course

This is a very important course to enroll in as a housewife. Just as your work as a housewife entails taking proper care of your children, that also entails their mental health and state of mind. Through this course, you will get to learn about your child’s neurological development, child behavior, parenting styles, relationships and socialization, cognitive development, counseling, and a host of other things relating to your child’s growth and development.

7.       Jewellery Designing Courses

Pieces of jewelry are loved by most women as it is a part of their accessories and comes in different shapes and sizes. Most pieces of jewelry are made from gemstones which can be gold, silver, diamond, emerald, and lots of other rare gemstones. You can learn jewelry design as a housewife and make design pieces of jewelry for yourself that would add beauty to your outfit.

8.       Dance Courses

Being a good dancer is an added bonus to women, as men love women that are good dancers. It is also a means of exercise to strengthen the muscles and joints. You can use your free time as a housewife to take dance courses and learn good dance moves. You can even become a dance instructor after completion of the course.

9.       Art and Craft Courses

This is another free online course to learn as a housewife. Art can be expressed in the form of painting, sculpture, drawings, writing, photography, film, dance, and other forms of art. Any form of activity such as weaving, carving, or pottery that involves making things skilfully with your hands is called a craft.

Art and craft is a very interesting skill to learn and it is also very creative. To become a professional in this field, you need to have hands-on experience through consistent learning. Learning this skill will help you save the cost of buying crafts used to beautify the home outside.

If you have kids that are interested in art and painting, you can enroll them in free online art classes for beginners that will allow them to learn at their own comfort and pace as well as painting courses and drawing classes. They can learn any form of art online be it painting or drawing as a beginner.

10.   Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the Internet and other forms of digital communication.

It includes modules such as; Website Planning & Designing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Management, Content Writing, Blogging, Email Marketing, and more. You can enroll in digital marketing courses as a housewife as it’s a skill you can learn in the comfort of your home, and when you utilize the skills, you can start earning from home.

11.   Interior Designing Courses

Interior design entails designing and decorating a home, place of work, or event to make it look beautiful and aesthetically attractive to the eyes. You can become an interior designer if you learn and apply the skills in your home as a housewife to make it look beautiful and cozy.  You can even take up free online classes for interior design and learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

12.   Fashion Designing Courses

Learning fashion design is one of the easiest skills they can lay their hands on and learn. Women love looking fashionable naturally, and learning how to create and recreate the beauty women need in terms of fashion is not a bad idea at all for someone that is a housewife. You can learn this skill and sew good clothes for both you, your spouse, and your children yourself instead of spending money outside by giving it to a fashion designer. Learning this skill will bring a positive change to your family’s wardrobe.

13.   Video Editing Courses

Video editing is a skill that can be learned with either a smartphone or a computer, and as a woman and a housewife, once you have a smartphone or a laptop with a good internet connection, you can easily enroll in a video editing course and learn. Videos are created every day, so the skill is a relevant one in this jet age. You can even learn video editing online for free in the comfort of your home, that is how easy you can get this skill.

14.   Graphic Design Courses

Graphic Design is the use of graphics, typography, graphs, and images to communicate an idea. Graphic designers work on both print projects and digital projects.

It includes designing advertisements on various platforms. Photoshop, Adobe, Illustrator, Coral Draw, and many other platforms are mainly used to create graphic designs. These applications are user-friendly and easy to understand.

You can take up graphic design courses as a housewife as it is easy to learn and you can even learn using just your smartphone with a good internet connection.

15.   Foreign Language Courses

Foreign languages are spoken in different countries all over the world, and learning a foreign language as an individual gives you an edge over others. Now, as a lady, if you can harness the opportunities around you and learn two or more foreign languages, you would be able to communicate more and better with the speakers of the language.

There are lots of foreign languages you can learn as a housewife, you can even learn a language by only watching TV. You can also take up online Italian language courses or you can enroll in Russian language courses depending on the language you are interested in.


All these courses I have talked about are offered without charges across different online platforms. So, you can enroll in any one of them as a housewife and stop idling away the time you spend at home.