Top 12 Free Online Video Editing Course

Are you interested in learning online Video Edition? Then this article on free online video editing course is the right one for you.

There are a lot of online software skills to learn to add to the list of skills we have and also to improve on the skills at hand. Video Editing is one of the sought-after skills to be learned and it will be discussed in detail in this article on free online video editing Courses.

What is Video Editing?

Video Editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots, which is used to structure and present all video information including films and tv shows. Editing videos can be difficult and tedious, so several technologies have been produced to aid people in this task.

Pen-based video editing software was developed to give people a more intuitive and fast way to edit video.

Video editing is the process in which video shots are rearranged or cut or manipulated to create impressive new work. It is generally considered to be a post-production process. It involves the following:

  • Rearranging and adding or deleting portions of video clips
  • Application of various filters and enhancements to an existing video clip
  • Color correction and sound mixing
  • Make transitions between clips

Types of Editing

Linear video editing

This uses videotapes and is edited in a very linear way. Several video clips from different tapes are recorded to one single tape in the order that they will appear.

Nonlinear editing systems

This allows videos to be edited on computers with specialized software. The process is not destructive to the raw video footage.

Offline Editing

This is the process by which raw footage is copied from a source, without affecting the original film stock or videotape. Once the editing is complete, the original media is then re-assembled in the online editing stage.

Online editing

This is the process of reassembling the edit to a full-resolution video after an offline edit has been performed. It is done in the final stage of video production.

Cloud-based editing

This is the process of utilizing the internet to work with content remotely, collaboratively, or of a time-critical nature such as editing live sports events in real-time using video proxies (lower-resolution copies) of original material.

 Vision mixing

This is used when working within live television and video production environments. A vision mixer is used to cut live feed coming from several cameras in real-time.

Live Editing

Live video editing usually happens during live video coverage. It’s a more complicated process done by professional videographers and editors. It implies using multiple video sources and cameras routed together in a single console that is displayed live on television.

Assemble Editing

Assemble video editing is a rare type of editing which consists of putting together a series of video clips without any transitions between them. The video clips are “glued” together in a linear fashion, without adding smoothing effects or visual improvements. It is also known as punch-and-crunch editing.

Insert Editing

Insert video editing is a more sophisticated video editing process that implies adding new video clips into existing video footage. This technique gives the editor more control when creating a new project, in comparison with assembling editing.

For example, let’s say that you want to add a video clip over video footage of someone speaking. If you do this with assembling editing, the result looks unpolished, and the new video footage will also replace the audio track.

If you do it with insert editing, it creates clear beginning and endpoints, and you can preserve the original audio footage. The ending result is a more polished product that has a more powerful visual impact.

Video Editing has many uses. Some of the most common reasons why video editing is required are:

  • Removing or deleting unwanted video footage
  • Selecting the best shot
  • Mixing and creating a smooth flow
  • Adding effects and filters

How Much do Video Editors Make?

Video editors tend to make almost an average of $59,500 as an annual salary as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average hourly rate of a video editor can be $40 (in the US). A professional editor can make $80,000, whereas a fresher can earn up to $40,000 per year.

Free Online Video Editing Courses

The following are some of the free online video editing courses that are available on the internet for interested candidates to enroll in and start learning.

1.      Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere

This Online video editing course is a complete guide to the Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software. It is offered by Udemy and during this course, you will learn all the editing tools available in Premiere Pro. You will also learn how to edit videos with the mindset of a professional editor.

At the end of this online video editing course, you will get a complete understanding of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing and get good career opportunities in video production.

This free online video editing course covers the following topics:

  • Learn to edit an entire video from beginning to end
  • How you can export and save your videos for HD playback
  • Fix your videos with white balance and exposure
  • Edit green screen footage and add backgrounds
  • How to edit your videos and make them more dynamic
  • Design clean and professional titles for your videos

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2.      Learning Final Cut Pro X – Video Editing Mastery

Learning Final Cut Pro X is a video training course designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no prior experience with Final Cut Pro is required.

This video editing online class helps you to learn how to keep your clips organized. It also teaches you video editing essentials such as adding clips to the timeline and lifting and overwriting clips.

This free online video editing course covers the following topics:

  • How to add media
  • Keeping Your Clips Organized
  • Important editing essentials
  • Completing The WEC Sport
  • Editing Tips and Tricks
  • Clip Transformations and Color

This course is offered by Udemy and it is one of the free online video editing courses.

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3.      Smartphone Videos for beginners – iPhone Video Editing

This Video Editing course offered by Udemy teaches you how you can progress from making simple camera settings to advanced multi-track video editing.

The course editor, Pro filmmaker, and journalism professor Robb Montgomery uses real-world examples to teach video editing. He also shows you how you can create compelling video stories with just your iPhone.

This Video editing course is suited for communications professionals, media instructors, and communications students. This free online video editing  course covers the following topics:

  • How to edit videos on your smartphone with free Apps
  • Fundamentals of telling a smartphone video story.
  • How to create corporate videos with a smartphone.
  • How to make short films and smartphone videos.

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4.      The complete video production Bootcamp

The Complete Video Production Bootcamp is a course offered by Udemy that focuses on specific camera angles or styles for video production. This course covers how to get video ideas, execute them in production and postproduction, and distribute them to a wide audience online.

This video course begins with talking about how to come up with great video ideas. You will also learn what makes a video great and how to develop video topics for your target audience

This free online video editing  course covers the following topics:

  • How to create professional videos with the existing equipment
  • Downloadable guides to help you with every section.
  • Learn to select the right video to make with the best story.
  • How to record better audio with a variety of microphones
  • Know the process of editing a video.

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5.      PowerDirector 15 – Video Editing for PC Users

Taking online courses is not an easy thing as it takes work and action. In this course offered by Udemy, you will learn Video Editing for PC, which will help you learn concrete practice lessons.

At the end of this video editing course, you will have a fully edited video montage that you can share with other people. This video editing class is designed for everyone new to video editing with Power Director. This free online video editing course covers the following topics;

  • Edit videos the way you imagine.
  • How you can improve your videos with blend modes and the action camera center.
  • How to add title and animated graphics to your video.
  • Export your high-quality video for any device.

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6.       Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 16/17

This is a free video editing software used by both beginners and expert video editors. This course teaches how you can use DaVinci’s resolution video editing tool.

You will also learn how to create your first video and add music, graphics, text, and a couple of transitions to your video without wasting your time with unnecessary concepts. This video editing course will teach you all the stuff you should know about video editing, visual effects, motion graphics, color correction, and audio editing.

This free online video editing course covers the following topics:

  • How to use DaVinci for Video Editing
  • How to add motion Graphics to your Videos.
  • How to do Color Grading using multiple tools in DaVinci Resolve.
  • Learn about adding effects to your Videos.

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7.      VIDEO EDITING. Techniques loved by pro broadcast filmmakers.

This Video Editing course teaches you techniques that are used to tell great stories from your videos. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, full-length documentary, 30-second commercial, etc. It is ideal for those who want to improve their creativity at the editing stage of making videos.

This Free online video editing  course covers the following topics:

  • How to turn your amateur videos into professional productions
  • How to work with film and program directors
  • Learn how to capture an audience using creative editing techniques taught by an award-winning international editor

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8.      Video editing fundamentals

This Video Editing Course helps you to make enhancements to instructional video materials.

This video editing class also discusses effective designing lessons, creating assets for those lessons, tackling instructional video production, etc.

This free online video editing course covers the following topics:

  • Video editing fundamentals
  • Designing for microlearning
  • Magic of Masking
  • Creating 360 VR story spheres
  • Teaching on camera
  • How to move the camera
  • Learn how to create slides with looping movies
  • Creating authentic tasks
  • Getting unstuck by using your existing tools

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9.      The History of Film and Video Editing

The history of film and video course covers essential editing techniques and an interesting exploration of the tools and technology that have made editing possible.

This free video editing course covers real-world examples to explore each point in history from the first unedited. It also teaches you the birth of film language and the evolution of mainstream and revolutionary film editing techniques.

This free online video editing  course covers the following key  topics:

  • Early photography and file
  • First days of film editing.
  • The age of sound emerges.
  • Evolution of editing techniques

This course is offered by LinkedIn.

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10. Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

Video editing with Premiere Pro for Beginners is a course where you can learn how to start video editing. In this online video editing class, you will learn various video editing techniques.

This free online video editing  course covers the following key topics:

  • Organizing and starting a Premiere Pro project
  • How to apply and adjust video/audio effects
  • Create custom graphics and texts!
  • How to make custom templates using third party templates
  • Create custom animations and understand their mechanics.
  • Exporting a video with the proper settings

This course is offered by Skillshare.

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11. Mastering Final Cut Pro

This free online video editing course unravels the post-production world for video editors. You will learn the elements for creating professional videos, titles and motion graphics, media management, color correction etc.

This free online video editing course covers the following key  topics:

  • How you can create and edit video using Final Cut Pro
  • Import and export project files
  • How to create a project and edit videos
  • Learn to apply effects and transitions and change the timing of clips

This course is offered by Coursera.

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Free Online Video Editing Courses – FAQs

How can I learn video editing online for free?

Below are simple ways to learn video editing online for free:

  • Select a video editing software
  • Watch tutorials online to learn how to use the video editing software
  • Collect video footage so you can practice
  • Experiment with different transitions
  • Add music to your video
  • Add opening and ending credits to the movie
  • Create a short film with a storyline
  • Read books on video editing
  • Get a bachelor’s degree in film or a related field

What is the best free online video editor?

The best free online video editor software is listed below;

  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Hitfilm  Express
  • Apple iMovie
  • OpenShot
  • KineMaster
  • VSDC
  • Shotcut
  • VideoPad
  • Windows Video Editor
  • Lightworks Free