12 Best Online Music Classes for Kids

Is your kid interested in learning music? This blog post on the best online music classes for kids is a great start to achieving that without breaking the bank.

It’s incredible how much education has changed from when I was a kid. I remember then, we didn’t have any computers or phones and we did everything with papers, pencils, and biros, especially assignments.

But now, there’s been a drastic change in the education sector and students now have access to computers and android devices. Indeed life’s been made much easier with the introduction of these gadgets.

In this digital world, Education is very important for kids. Kids today love learning from technology and despite how inexperienced they may seem, they are quite tech-savvy. Modern technology has made it possible for people to achieve their dreams without breaking a bank or passing through numerous protocols and steps to achieve it.

With the fast-evolving of digital technology, Online learning has become the norm these days. We are no longer confined to traditional lessons where you pay either monthly or weekly and sit face to face with a teacher to get the skill you need.

If your kid is interested in learning music or playing any musical instrument, online music lessons are a great way to start. Online music lessons as well as other hosts of online classes are available on the internet today.

Music is an artistic way of improving your child’s mood, productivity, and creativity. It allows them to express themselves and their emotions through music.

Learning music is like learning a new language and according to studies, kids that are exposed to learning a new language earlier tend to learn faster.

During the lockdown, many music teachers resorted to offering online music lessons as a way of earning income and at the same time teaching kids or adults that are interested in learning music as a skill or hobby. Music is not isolated when it comes to online learning. There are various sit-at-home courses you can learn in the comfort of your home too.

Why Should Kids Learn Music

Music is a great way of providing kids with a well-rounded education. There are so many great reasons why kids should learn music. They include:

Enhanced language abilities

I mentioned earlier that learning music is like learning a new language. Music goes a long way in helping kids build their vocabulary, learn words and speak then correctly from the words they hear through music and sound.

Improved memory

Music involves a high level of memorization. To be perfect, students must read music by sight, recall lyrics and play the proper notes. This process is a huge benefit to the memory center of the brain.

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Exactly! That’s the power of memorization through music.

Powerful study habits

Learning music requires a lot of concentration and focus. Students will need to master their specific music skills and this takes a lot of commitment and hard work.

They get used to this and relate it to other areas of their academics.

Teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork is not inherent. It is learned over time and music is a great platform for learning Teamwork. Singing in the choir or Band is a typical example of teamwork.

Everyone works in harmony to produce food sound or music.

Benefits of Online Music Classes for Kids

Whether your kid is going to be the next Beyonce or probably sing her solo’s in the shower, he or she is bound to some music education.

The following are the benefits of online music for kids.

  • Increased IQ
  • Language Development
  • Music is fun
  • Music relieves stress and teaches kids to focus
  • It helps children understand mathematics
  • It improves social skill
  • It boosts self-confidence.
  • It helps kids express themselves
  • It helps kids become active listeners
  • Online lessons bring music to the home
  • It improves note reading
  • Children learn to interact through music
  • Online music lessons promote independence
  • Lessons Rae recorded and can be rewatched
  • You can study with your favorite instructor anywhere in the world
  • You connect with students all over the world through online music lessons
  • It saves money
  • Kids learn at their own pace with online music lessons
  • Kids learn in a comfortable environment with online music lessons
  • Your kids get to choose what they want to learn

Requirements for Kids to Take Music Classes Online

The following are requirements for kids to take music lessons online.

  • An online learning platform
  • A parent or guardian
  • A Smartphone, tablet, or computer/laptop
  • A tripod (optional)
  • Fast Internet connection
  • A video conference program/app (Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Facetime)
  • Camera or webcam
  • Headphones
  • Music stand and music copy
  • Music notation software

These requirements are essential to make sure that the kids get the best online learning experience ever!

Best Online Music Classes for Kids

  • Making Music Fun
  • Levine Music
  • Drumeo
  • com
  • Music With Lindsey
  • Fiddlerman
  • The Violin Lab
  • Hoffman Academy
  • Bernadette Teaches Music
  • Teach Rock
  • Classics for kids
  • Kids Guitar Zone

1.       Making Music Fun

This is one of the websites that offer the best online classes for kids. Whether your kid wants to learn how to play the piano, guitar, violin, or any other musical instrument, Making Music fun has it all covered.

Kids or beginners who are conversant with musical instruments can sign up for this class. The lessons are divided into three levels and each kid learns them step by step. It also has a printable lesson sheet so that your kids do not need to sit on a computer each time they want to learn.

They also host an online competition to boost the confidence of participants. It is one of the best online music classes for kids.

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2.       Levine Music

This lesson is available for individuals of all ages ranging from toddlers to adults who want to learn musical instruments.

As one of the best online music classes for kids, You get to choose the class schedule and lesson duration according to your preference. Each age group has a separate class and this makes it possible for them to blend in and learn.

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3.       Drumeo

If your kid loves to play drums, then this lesson is a great start. Drumeo has a lot of free content available on their YouTube channel for students to access.

You also get premium access by subscribing to their channel. The videos available there are suitable for both beginners and kids who know their way around a drum set. As one of the best online music classes for kids, it has tons of video lessons that’ll turn your kids into pros.

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4.       PianoLessons4Children.com

This is a piano lesson for beginners and elementary-level students. The lessons are divided into three categories; piano lessons, children’s songs, and composer lessons.

Each of the categories is in a form of video content which is also made available on YouTube. As one of the best online music classes for kids, it has online quizzes that the students participate in at the end of each lesson.

This quiz is used by the parents to evaluate their kids. They also have printable lesson sheets that you can download to your system and use for offline practice.

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5.       Music With Lindsey

This online class is taught by Miss Lindsey. She focuses on teaching young kids music in the most engaging way ever!

Her lessons are of two categories; ‘My First Music’ and ‘The Music Adventure’. The first category is for kids aged 0-4 years and who are taught basic kindergarten music while the second category is for kids aged 8 years and above.

Her classes are one of the best online music classes for kids and they are available on YouTube and her official website too.

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6.       Fiddlerman

If your child is passionate about playing the violin, then fiddler man is a great start! It has a wide range of content for individuals of all ages whether beginners or experts.

The lessons are available in form of sheets and can be downloaded as PDFs for offline learning. They are also available on YouTube and they have a blog section where students can learn more about music.

It is one of the best online music classes for kids.

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7.       The Violin Lab

This is an online class for learning the Violin. This class is specifically for young children to learn and play the violin. It has three categories which are the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes.

The lectures are in video formats although a subscription is not free. They have subscription packages like basic, premium, and premium plus.

As one of the best online music classes for kids, this class has made available downloadable PDF lesson sheets and hand-outs to prevent buying separate books when enrolled in the class.

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8.       Hoffman Academy

This is an academy where kids are taught free online piano lessons. They have high-quality teaching techniques and structured classes.

They have access to free online piano classes as well as paid classes as well. Since it is an online class, the kids will need the assistance of their parents during the learning process. It is one of the best online music classes for kids.

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9.       Bernadette Teaches Music

This music class is focused on Ukulele lessons. The music teacher Bernadette has all the basics of playing all the individual pieces with a ukelele covered.

She has a great teaching style too with lots of beginner classes to learn from scratch as well as lots of fun and popular song tutorials for kids. It is one of the best online music classes for kids.

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10.   Teach Rock

This is one of the best online music classes for kids. It is all about rock music and its history.

The awesome thing about this class is that they are endorsed by some educational boards and organizations, and are school standards aligned.

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11.   Classics for kids

Classics for kids are the best online music lessons for kids who are passionate about classical music.

Audio lessons are made available each week in addition to a quiz and activity sheet to go with. This class is a great start to learning the fundamentals of classical music.

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12.   Kids Guitar Zone

Kids Guitar Zone is another best online music class for kids that has everything covered on the basics of how to hold and tune a guitar.

The lessons start with the popular beginner sound ‘‘Smoke on the Water’ (possibly everybody’s first song on the guitar!), and to play ‘Gangnam Style’, and more!

There are 10  kid-friendly video lessons available on the website and they are covered sensibly and logically.

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With all these online resources available at the touch of your mouse or keyboard, there is no reason not to enroll your kids in online music lessons.

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Best online music classes for kids – FAQs

Are there free online music classes for kids?

Yes, there are numerous free online music classes for kids. Some of them are free for the first few months or days of studying while others are completely free.

How do I teach my child basic music?

Teaching kids music can be challenging at times especially when they find it difficult to grasp the rudiments.

The following are the tips to teach your child basic music.

  • Children are known for having a short attention span therefore keep it short and simple
  • Use themes during classes to get your kids excited to learn
  • Use music that is enjoyed by your kids
  • Incorporate group activities
  • Introduce friendly competition
  • Don’t be rigid! Always stay positive while teaching your child basic music.

What age is best to teach kids music?

The best age to teach kids music is from 3 to 8 years of age. At this age, they can understand the basics of music and handle most musical instruments.


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