11 Top Free Online Short Courses with Certificate

This post provides a wealth of information on free online short courses with certificate. The courses are flexible, self-paced, and designed for anyone who wants to get an instant skill with certification.

The internet added to the progress of education in many ways. For example, there are various digital tools used in the laboratory today to run simulations and get the correct answers for an experiment which has eliminated the stress that a person has to go through to get the answers.

A prominent advantage of the internet in education is online education, although this has been around for a long time the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic made institutions and students take it seriously. And even after the pandemic has subsided the practice is still in play to date as everyone has seen its benefits.

In this blog post, I have discussed the free online short courses with certificates but before going on, let me take you through the meaning of short online courses, their benefits, the requirements to join one, and every other detail that is important in your journey of free online short courses with certificate

What Are Short Online Courses?

Short online courses are courses that are faster to complete. They can be completed in a short period, say in a few hours to a few days, and in this time offers learners practical and theoretical skills about a specific industry.

Short online courses with certificate are designed to develop and polish your existing skills. Trying to get a new skill by taking short online courses can be difficult because the time frame is usually short you might not learn much. But if you already have an existing skill, like a web developer for example, and want to quickly learn something regarding a project you are working on, maybe you forgot how to use a programming language, you can quickly go online, and look for a short online course to take and gain the skill you need in just a few hours.

There are even some short courses that will get you a good job even though you are starting at a beginner level. In the United States, there are certain short courses you can take and get a well-paying job too. These are just some of the opportunities that short online courses with certificate can provide.

Benefits of Free Online Short Courses

Here, I have discussed the benefits as well as opportunities you will gain from enrolling in one of the free online short courses with certificate discussed in the latter part of this post.

The benefits of free online short courses are:

  1. Well, firstly, they are “free” and “short”, therefore, you can gain a skill instantly without leaving a hole in your pocket.
  2. Since the classes are held online, this makes them flexible, which can fit into your busy schedule.
  3. The classes are convenient and stress-free. Rather than taking the bus to a designated learning site, you could join the free online short courses with certificate curled up on your sofa.
  4. The free online short courses with certificate are fun and exciting and open up many doors of opportunities for you.
  5. You can complete a short course to upgrade your skillset and start earning a higher salary.
  6. Wherever you are in the world, you can take any of the free online short courses with certificate.
  7. Free online short courses with certificate push you up the academic and professional ladder.

To benefit you more, especially our South African readers, you can take a look at the short courses that are in demand in your country. Taking an in-demand course will place you above competitors in the workforce.

How To Find Free Online Short Courses With Certificate

All free online short courses with certificate are offered online, therefore the only place to find them is online. Make use of your internet and a PC, smartphone, or tablet as you are now and search for free online short courses with certificate. They are usually offered by various online learning platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, FutureLearn, Alison, etc.

However, since you are already here, there is no need for you to go through the stress anymore. This blog has made it easier for you.

Requirements for Free Short Online Courses with Certificate

The requirements to join one of the free online short courses with certificate are the typical digital learning tools such as a PC, tablet, iPad, or smartphone that can access the internet. Some of the free online short courses with certificate providers may also require that you have some prior knowledge of that particular course you want to take.

Best Free Short Online Courses with Certificate

In this section, I have discussed the best free short online courses with certificate. Carefully go through them and, hopefully, you might find a course that sparks an interest in you or one that fits with the skill upgrade you’ve been looking for.

The free online short courses with certificate discussed here cover a wide range of skills, fields, and disciplines from science and medicine to engineering and literature.

Without any further ado, the free online short courses with certificate are:

1.     Business Management

The business field is an ever-evolving one and if you want to upskill yourself, you need to follow the trend by evolving by taking short online courses like this one. The course, Business Management, is one of the free online short courses with certificate offered by Oxford Home Study to those who are already in the business field and want to advance their skill to become more professional.

You can also enroll in this short online course if you are looking to explore a new career path or want “test the waters”’ before pursuing a business degree. The platform provides you with the necessary materials to complete the course and offers you a certificate upon completion. You can add the certificate to your resume to increase your chances of employment or promotion.

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2.     Psychological First Aid

Before when I was writing this article, I never knew there was something like psychology first aid until this moment, I bet some of you do not as well. Anywhere, there is psychological first aid and it is used by those in the medical field especially first responders like the EMT guys.

The course is one of the free online short courses with certificate offered by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera and you will learn how to provide psychological first aid to people in an emergency by deploying the RAPID model: Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention, and Disposition. The course is offered in various languages aside from English and includes Vietnamese, Korean, German, Ukrainian, Portuguese (European & Brazilian), Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and French.

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3.     Public Relations

Public Relations is one of the free online short courses with certificate offered by Brentwood Open Learning College (BOLC). The course takes 20 hours to complete and there are no entry requirements or prerequisites to enroll in the course.

In this course, you will explore the role of the PR professional, a series of PR methodologies, and gain industry insights that will help you in seeking employment as a PR or offer you a promotion if you are already one. Through three topics, you will gain all of this knowledge and kickstart a career in the field or rise to a professional level.

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4.     Fashion Designing

The course, Fashion Designing, is one of the free online short courses with certificate offered by Oxford Home Study Center. This online short course is designed for people already working in the fashion design industry and also for those interested in exploring something new and has picked interest in fashion design. Whichever category you fall into, this is an opportunity for you to learn the skills you’ve always wanted to.

At the end of the course, you will get a free certificate which you can present to employees as proof of your cutting-edge skill. With the certification, you can enhance your resume, get a job, and build a successful career.

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5.     Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

This is one of the free online short courses with certificate offered on Coursera by the prestigious Stanford University. The course teaches students the right food for the right body type, you are basically what you eat, and eating right equals healthy living. If you are concerned about your health or your family or want to pursue a degree in health, you may consider enrolling in this course.

The course is beginner level, therefore, you don’t need to have any prerequisite knowledge and in less than 7 hours you can complete the course. To accommodate as many learners as possible, the course is offered in various languages such as Dutch, Korean, Ukrainian, Arabic, French, Vietnamese, Czech, Portuguese, Persian, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Russian. At the end of this short online course, you will gain skills in health informatics, nutrition, food safety, and food science.

Since this course is offered by Stanford University, you may also want to check other free online courses with certificates offered by the university.

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6.     Understanding Research Methods

The University of London in conjunction with Coursera is offering the course, Understanding Research Methods, especially to college and university students who have issues with doing research. In this course, students explore research and research methods and will further gain insight into the fundamentals of researching to promote the student learning experience.

With an understanding of research approaches and skills, students can deploy their studies and professional lives. It is one of the short online courses with certificates and is completed in approximately 6 hours. Subtitles in various languages are also available to accommodate as many people as possible.

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7.     Music Theory: Melody and Harmony

This is one of the free online short courses with certificate offered by Alison and takes 1.5 to 3 hours to complete. It is for individuals who are already taking music lessons and want to learn outside the box, this short online course serves as a good resource. You will learn how to identify various musical scales and build chords with ease when you take this short online course.

Upon completion, you will earn certification as proof of your enhanced skills in music. If you are just starting in the whole music thing, you should take an online music lesson for beginners before coming on to this course.

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8.     Develop your Emotional Intelligence

Emotions play a vital role in every aspect of our lives and influence our decision-making daily. If you want to learn how your emotions interfere with your day-to-day activities and how you can make use of them to make better decisions in your personal and professional life, then take up this short online course and learn how.

Those in managerial or leadership positions or aspiring to become one in their workplace should take a higher interest in this course. University and college students and parents too may find the course useful.

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9.     Construction Management

Oxford Home Study Center is offering a free short online course with certificate in construction management. OHSC has designed this short online course in such a way that it fits those who are already working in the construction industry and also for individuals who want to explore a new career path and has picked interest in construction management.

Enrolling in the course will equip you with adequate skills and knowledge that will polish your existing skillset and take you up the professional ladder. And for those who want to explore the career, it can be rewarding both financially and as lifelong job security. However, you will need a degree in construction management to get a well-paying job in the industry.

It may also interest you to know that we have a post on the best online construction management programs and you will get a certification when you complete any of the courses.

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10.  Fundamentals of Human-Computer Information Retrieval

This is one of the free online short courses with certificate offered on Alison. The course is designed for individuals working with data such as data scientists, data analytics specialists, and computer scientists. The course explores the fundamental characteristics of the vast amount of data and information which appears on the web daily.

It takes students through the different forms of data and how search engines combine human-computer interaction studies with complex information retrieval methods to facilitate convenient navigation of online spaces. You need to have prior knowledge of computer science to enroll for this short online course and if you don’t you can gain some by taking a few online courses on computer science.

Also, if you want to learn more about data or pursue a career in data science, the resources here will help you get started, become a professional, and get a well-paying job.

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11.  Communication Skills

Communication plays a vital role in our daily life both in professional and personal aspects of life. With advanced communication skills, you will see yourself rolling with the top guns in a professional setting and making progress in your private life. To gain this effective communication skill, this course will help develop your level of confidence, self-awareness, and positive relationships.

Those in managerial or leadership positions will find this short online course more useful.

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This wraps up the best free online short courses with certificate and I hope you can find a course or two that are useful for you and you’re taking your career to the next level. Note that all of these courses are self-paced and have no open or closing date. You can take them right now, yes, like.

Free Online Short Courses with Certificate – FAQs

Are free online short courses with certificate worth it?

Free online short courses with certificate offer you industry skills in a short period that you can use to attend to currently existing issues and apply them afterward. They are a part of you forever, therefore, it is worth it. This is something that will take you and your career to the next level.

Who can take the free online short courses?

Anyone who has an interest in polishing their existing skill set or wants to explore an entirely new career path can take free online short courses.

Does Australia have free online short courses?

There are free online short courses in Australia but since they are online you don’t need to travel to Australia or be in Australia to have access to the courses. You can enroll from the comfort of your home and earn a recognized certification upon completion.