10 Short Term Courses in USA to Get a Job

Here, we have discussed the short term courses in USA to get a job. This would be especially useful for those who want to join the workforce but don’t want to get a college or university degree.

Getting a college degree is a daunting task for some people, I mean going for lectures, tests, and exams all year round for four years is no easy task. Yes, a college degree will take you anywhere in the world and get you any kind of job but there are also other education options to explore that can get you your dream job upon graduation.

So, if you don’t want to do the whole college thing but still want to get a really cool job that pays well then you may want to consider short term courses. This article explains what short term courses are and the ones available in the US that can get you a job.


What are Short Term Courses in USA?

Short term courses, just as the name implies, are short programs that can take you a few weeks to 12 months to complete. The short term courses are structured or scheduled to fit into your busy life and not disrupt your existing responsibilities. Short term courses combine both practical and theoretical skills and by enrolling in one, you will gain important skills quickly and effectively that can be instantly applied in the workforce.

High school and university graduates can enroll for short term courses in USA to get a job. Even students and working professionals can enroll for short term courses in USA to get a job. And there are various benefits why you may want to take short term courses. Let’s take a look at these benefits below.

Benefits of Short Term Courses in USA

The benefits of short term courses are:

  1. Students are equipped with theoretical and practical skills and lead them to many opportunities.
  2. Short courses develop and polish your skills and/or equip you with a fresh set of skills.
  3. Provides employers with the basic skill set they need to become professionals in their respective field
  4. Keeps your skills fresh and updated for any upcoming or current opportunities
  5. It could help you identify your talent or passion and begin a journey in developing yourself
  6. They are cheap to pay for and provide added skills to workers at any level
  7. Gives you a competitive edge and personally develop yourself
  8. They are flexible and won’t disrupt your work/study-life balance

Why are Short Term Courses Good for some Jobs?

As an employee, short term courses enhances your knowledge, polish your skills, upgrade you personally and professionally, and gives you a competitive edge when it comes to job promotion. Furthermore, short term courses look for skills that are not present in traditional curriculum, help you learn these skills and get you ready for any opportunities that may present itself.

Who can Apply for Short Term Courses in USA?

Those who live and work or school in the US who wants to upgrade their knowledge and skills professionally can apply for short term courses. If you want to explore a new career path or gain a competitive edge in your company to be considered for promotion, then you should consider applying for short term courses in the USA.

With the advent of online education not only those based in the US can apply for short term courses in the US. Many of these short terms courses in USA are offered online for everyone to gain an equal opportunity at improving themselves professionally. So, you can be in any part of the world and engage in the short courses.

Requirements for Short Term Courses in the USA

The short term courses in the USA usually have little to no requirements, just your zeal to learn and passion to grow and learn new skills are enough to get you into a short term program. The little requirement is that you must have completed high school or its equivalent.

But if you are applying for an advanced course, it is required to take the TOEFL or any other recognized English language proficiency test scores before getting admitted. The English language proficiency requirement is usually for students from other countries whose native language is not English.

An advanced-level program may also require you to have prior experience in your chosen field.

How to Find Short Term Courses in USA?

The short term courses in the USA have been listed and discussed here, you need not look any further. Whether you are in the US or other country but want to apply for short term courses in the US, these ones discussed here will meet your demand. While some are offered online, others are offered in-person and hybrid format.

Best Short Term Courses in USA to Get a Job

  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Medical Coder
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Management
  • HVAC Technician
  • Web Designer
  • Human Resource Executive
  • Brick Mason
  • Business Analytics

1.      Air Traffic Controller

On our first list of short term courses in USA to get a job is air traffic controller, and it is able to be first on the list because of well it pays. According to Forbes, the national annual wage of an air traffic controller in the US is $120,830. It sure pays well but it is a rigorous job that demands plenty of hours as you could work at nights, weekends, and even holidays, and to get employed you need to undergo training and testing by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The duty of an air traffic controller is to direct aircraft on the ground and through a given section of controlled airspace and also provide advisory services. To join this profession, you will need to attend a vocational institution where you will be equipped with the necessary skills to carry out the duties of an air traffic controller. You can enroll in the short course after high school and when you complete it, you will be given a certificate.

Strong organizational skills, critical thinking skills, and effective communication skills are essential in working as an air traffic controller. If you already work as one and don’t have these skills, enroll for this short course and upgrade yourself professionally.

2.      Medical Coder

The healthcare field has vast opportunities and a wide range of professions that anyone can pursue a career in. If you have an interest in this field but don’t want to go through the rigorous med school education of being a surgeon or one of those high-end medical professions that require many years to complete, you can become a medical coder.

You can become a medical coder by enrolling in a short course where you will learn the necessary skills and techniques required to effectively carry out your duties. Medical coders are very important in the medical field, they work in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. The duties of a medical coder are to analyze and interpret clinical statements, take of the facility’s finance, and assign standard codes using a classification system.

Due to high interest in this job, many community colleges and vocational institutes are offering the program. Depending on where you are applying, it takes about 12-24 months to complete the medical coder program and earn a certificate, diploma, or an associate degree. To enroll for this short course, you must have completed high school, enrolled, complete the required time which includes training, and sit for the licensure exam to obtain your license.

It is one of the popular and best short term courses in the USA to get a job and pays well too. The average medical coder in the US earns up to $43,000 per year.

3.      Real Estate Broker

The real estate business is a booming industry and many of the richest people in the world today made it from real estate. With the right experience and skillset, you have the opportunity to earn six figures annually, and to get the necessary skill set, you can enroll in a short course and earn your certification as a real estate broker.

However, it is advisable to have prior experience in the field or a related field before enrolling in a short course for a real estate brokers. Getting a college degree will be beneficial and open even more opportunities for you. This short course will help in polishing your skill and equipping you with the latest techniques and terminologies of the field.

As a real estate broker, your job is to sell building properties to individuals, guide clients through the process, and fill out the paperwork for the transaction. Good communication skills are an added advantage to progress in this field and enrolling in a short course will help you better.

It is one of the best short term courses in USA to get a job. The national average salary of a real estate broker in the United States is $71,287 per year.

4.      Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the utilization and application of the internet and digital-based technologies to promote products and services. We see digital marketing at work every day and it has become an excellent tool for existing and new companies to make a name for themselves today.

Digital marketing is a highly in-demand skill that is necessary for the growth of a company and every company needs individuals with this skill set. You don’t have to spend hours in a class learning digital marketing or spending many years either. You can enroll for one of the short courses online on digital marketing, gain the skills and techniques, and get your certification for quick employment.

This is a really popular space and it is one of the short term courses in USA to get a job. Depending on the level of your experience you can complete the course in 6 months. Digital marketers in the US earn an average salary of $61,180 per year.

5.      Project Management

Projects are a part of an organization and to ensure there is a positive change, these projects have to be completed effectively and efficiently which requires the right kind of person to manage them. Taking a short course in project management equips you with the necessary skills to effectively manage a project. You know the right kind of people to put on your team, be capable of reducing and managing risks, and become a good leader.

Completing a short course in project management brushes up your existing skills especially in management, prepares you for a higher position, and makes you become more professional. And if you are already working, you won’t even have to quit or anything to complete this course. There are many sources to learn and get a certificate or diploma online.

6.      HVAC Technician

HVAC – Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning – technician is one who fixes, installs, and manages electrical equipment. Short courses in USA to get a job aren’t just about digital courses alone but also for courses and training that requires you to use your hand and many other parts of your body such as the HVAC technician.

For as long as HVAC systems will continue to exist, these technicians will be needed and due to the increase in real estate, they are even needed now more than ever and will continue to be for a really long time. If you are already an HVAC technician, taking this course will polish your skills, get you a qualification that will make you seem more professional and highly skilled, and offer you more opportunities.

The short course on HVAC technicians will also work well for newbies. However, this profession is rigorous and requires you to be fit as you can be lifting heavy items, climb, and crawling through narrow spaces.

7.      Web Designer

This is one of the short term courses in USA to get a job and one of the most popular and fastest-growing professions in the digital space. There just can’t be enough web designers, more businesses are coming out and they need publicity and one of the ways is digital marketing where web design is a necessary tool as websites are also other forms of digital marketing.

Website designers construct and develop websites for clients, businesses, products, services, etc. so that they can be out there and compete in the market. It is a technical role and requires you to know different coding languages. Whether you are already a website designer or just starting out in the field, enrolling in the short course will help you tremendously.

8.      Human Resource Executive

This is a short course aimed at human resource professionals at medium and senior levels to equip them with the latest HR skills and knowledge that will catapult them to the next level in their careers. The course enlightens you on attracting and hiring the most talented employees, promotes your thinking and problem-solving skills, and instills you with the qualities of a good leader.

9.      Brick Mason

This is one of the short term courses in USA to get a job, and in 6 months you must have completed the course. Although you need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent to enroll for this course in the US and when you complete the course, you get a certification to showcase your skills.

During the course of your study, you will be an apprentice where you’ll learn masonry practices, safety procedures, construction basics, and others to promote your skill in the profession.

10. Business Analytics

This is a short course offered by many online learning platforms and can be completed in as little as 3 months. Business analytics is a sought-after skill by top companies to promote their business and drive sales. It requires a lot of research, investigation, and of course, analysis.

You will learn top skills such as predictive modeling, machine learning, business problem solving, statistics, and many more. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate which will land you job opportunities like business analyst, data analyst, and other positions in the analytics domain.

This brings an end to the 10 best short term courses in USA to get a job and I hope they have been helpful. The FAQs below should also be of more help.


Can I get a job with a short course certificate?

A certificate gotten from a short course can get you a job.

Which course has more job opportunities in USA?

Marketing management courses have more job opportunities in the US.