1 Year Diploma Courses in USA for International Students

Here, we have discussed the 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students who want to jumpstart their careers and become a professional in their field of interest.

The United States is globally renowned for its education system and houses some of the best universities in the world. This makes it a popular destination hub among international students coupled with the many opportunities that come with graduating from a university in the US.

International students, just like the American citizens and permanent residents, can pursue any course and degree they are interested in and coupled with the many opportunities that come with graduating from a university in the US.

International students, just like the American citizens and permanent residents, can pursue any course and degree they are interested in, as long as you meet the admission application requirements you shall be accepted. And aside from degree programs, international students who are also interested in diploma programs or courses can also apply for them.

Since most diploma programs are offered online you might not even need to fly into the US to study for the program rather you will study from the comfort of your home with a laptop and an internet connection. And at the end of your program, you will receive your accredited certificate or diploma which you can add to previous qualifications and present to employers.


What Is A Diploma Course In USA?

Diploma courses in the US are courses that do not take a long period of time to complete unlike typical degrees, diploma courses take 12 to 18 months to complete. These diploma courses are designed to equip you with the specific skillset and knowledge that are required for you to be professionally fit for a job position that interests you.

And at the end of your program, you will be awarded a diploma qualification in that specialized field you learned. This can either be a fresh skill or one that you already have some experience with and wanted to polish to become updated and more professional.

Diploma courses are more practical and have lesser theory unlike university degrees and you will be learning outside of the school walls directly from industry professionals. So, if you want to be an electrician but don’t want to spend 3 or 4 years getting a degree in electrical engineering, you can simply enroll in an electrician diploma course and just dive into gaining the actual skills you need to kick start your career in the industry.

A diploma course is fast-paced, that is, it is quickly completed and they are structured to fit your schedule and not disrupt your existing responsibilities. You can enroll in a diploma course after high school or after completing a university degree such as a bachelor’s or master’s.

In the US, diploma courses aren’t offered in universities and four-year colleges rather at community and technical or vocational institutions. Furthermore, due to how fast they are to complete and the teaching system of more practical, it makes it an ideal option for people who want to jumpstart their career.

What Is Diploma Called In USA?

A diploma in the US is a type of qualification awarded to students by an educational institution to show proof that the awardee has successfully completed a specific course of study.

Can International Students Do Diploma In USA?

Yes, an international student can totally do a diploma in the US. You simply need to meet the eligibility requirements, admission application requirements and apply for a particular field in an accredited institution and you will be accepted. However, if that particular program can be completed online then there is no need to go to the US unless you do want to experience a bit of adventure.

Benefits of Diploma Courses in USA

Here are the benefits of diploma courses in the USA and the reasons why students opt for them.

  • Diploma courses prepare students for jobs in a short period of time
  • They are faster to complete and are also cheaper
  • Students are equipped with more practical skills which increase their chances of getting hired and earning more.
  • Opens even more and better opportunities especially when you get a diploma in a different profession from the one you got at a university.
  • Since it is fast to complete and cheap you can earn more diplomas in different kinds of careers.
  • A diploma course is the best choice for upgrading an existing skill or knowledge and it makes you even more professional.
  • If you are eyeing the big office with a view, that is a promotion, diploma courses should be your go-to.

Diploma courses allow you to gain fresh, up-to-date industry skills in no time which you can immediately start applying in your business or wherever you work.

How To Find1 Year Diploma Courses in USA for International Students

To find the 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students the World Wide Web should be your go-to. Also, we at Study Abroad Nations have fully discussed these 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students in this blog post to help you achieve your dream and so many of them were discussed to give you a wide array of options to choose from.

And now, without any further ado let’s get into the main subject matter.

1 Year Diploma Courses in USA for International Students

The 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students listed and discussed here are offered by accredited institutions, so you don’t need to get worried about getting an unrecognized diploma.

  • Accounting Diploma
  • Electrical Control Technology Diploma
  • Opticianry Diploma
  • Farm Business Management Diploma
  • Golf Course Management Diploma
  • Welding Diploma
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Administrative Assistant Diploma
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Big Data Technologies
  • General Machinist Diploma
  • Water Quality Technician
  • Green Building Technology Diploma
  • Web Application Design and Development Program Diploma
  • Carpentry Diploma

1.      Accounting Diploma

The American National University is offering a fully online accounting diploma program to international, as well as domestic students. This diploma is aimed at preparing students to become proficient in fundamental business practices with an emphasis on general accounting and business principles.

Enrolling in the accounting diploma at ANU will equip you with the necessary skill set you need to become efficient at handling financial bookkeeping, handling payroll, and maintaining account transactions. With this diploma, you can gain employment in various fields such as healthcare, management, I.T, and more.

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2.      Electrical Control Technology Diploma

This is one of the 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students. The diploma is a sequence of courses aimed at preparing students in electrical motor systems. It is offered by Oconee Fall Line Technical College with locations in Dublin and the United States.

Students who enroll in this diploma receive specialized training in electrical controls, PLCs, and instrumentation. Applicants are required to have completed high school or its equivalent, be 16 years or older, submit an official high school transcript or GED, and complete an application.

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3.      Opticianry Diploma

Opticianry Diploma is one of the 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students. It is offered by Ogeechee Technical College located in Georgia. This diploma is offered full-time on-campus and is designed to teach students how to fabricate lenses, adjust and fit eyewear, frame selection and dispensing, and prepare them for employment in the opticianry profession.

Students who complete the opticianry diploma must take a licensure exam to further qualify them and give them a certificate to legally practice. The tuition fee for the diploma is $6,270 and you must be at least 16 years of age to apply.

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4.      Farm Business Management Diploma

The Farm Business Management Diploma is one of the 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students offered by South Central College. It is a 60-credit course that is designed for people involved in the operation and management of a farm business. You need to have some farm experience or already work on one before applying for this diploma.

With your foundational experience, enrolling in this diploma program will develop your ability to organize and manage resources and promote your decision-making skills. You will learn how to set goals, identify resources, records management, business analysis, and interpretation.

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5.      Golf Course Management Diploma

One of the 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students is the Golf Course Management Diploma offered by Augusta Technical College. The program is a sequence of courses designed to prepare students for varied careers in the golf industry. Enrolling in the program develops your academic, technical, and professional knowledge and skills to make you job-ready, for promotion, or retention at your workplace.

With a diploma in golf course management, you can kick start a career in the golf industry in turf management, pro shop management and sales, equipment representative, and equipment servicing.

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6.      Welding Diploma

This welding diploma is offered by North Iowa Area Community College, full-time and on-campus. It is completed in 2 semesters but within that time, students will learn various welding techniques and get prepared for employment in various industries such as agriculture, mining, utilities, automotive, construction, and utilities.

With your welding diploma, you can work in job positions such as production welder, maintenance welder, robot operator, fabricator, building welder, and technician.

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7.      Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

You need to have a background in digital marketing before enrolling in this diploma program. The program takes 34 weeks to complete, on-campus and full-time. It is offered by the UC Riverside Extension (UCR). This course takes you deeper into the world of digital marketing, teaching you all about social media, blogging, SEO, email, and video to create an effective work plan.

If you are currently a digital marketer and want to upgrade your skillset and knowledge this is the course for you to learn fresh, modern skills in one of the most sought-after professions in the world.

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8.      Administrative Assistant Diploma

This is one of the 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students where you learn appropriate skills for administrative support roles. You will learn how to use computers to process documents, file management tasks, create and edit documents, spreadsheets, electronic presentations, internet navigation research, and databases.

You will gain effective communication, critical thinking, and efficient problem-solving skills to carry out your skills with professionalism. The administrative assistant diploma is offered by the Dakota County Technical College.

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9.      Postgraduate Diploma in Big Data Technologies

This is an advanced diploma in big data offered by UCR. You need to have a background in big data, statistics, and analytics before enrolling in this advanced program. If you feel like there are new things you need to learn to become better and more professional in this field, this should be your go-to course. You will be equipped with modern techniques, skills, and terminologies of the field.

It is one of the 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students and requires approximately 34 weeks to complete, the tuition fee is $18,200, and the learning format is on-campus.

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10. General Machinist Diploma

The General Machinist Diploma is one of the 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students. It requires only 2 semesters to complete and takes students deep into the study and hands-on skills in machine procession of different metals. You will become a master in the operation of manual mills, lathes, grinders, drills, and saws.

Job positions such as fabricator, machine operator, machine maintenance, operating and setting up manual equipment, and the metal manufacturer will be open to you, and with your advanced skills, you could get to be in charge of a team, supervising and all.

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11. Water Quality Technician

This is one of the 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students. If you are all about promoting quality of life then you may want to consider a career as a water quality technician. You do not require any foundational or prerequisite knowledge to enroll in this diploma course.

Due to the increasing concern over water quantity and quality, there is a high demand for water quality technicians therefore more opportunities also. This course trains you to become a professional and gain a variety of industrial skills and also become familiar with sustainable energy, natural resources management, and water treatment facilities.

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12. Green Building Technology Diploma

This diploma course is offered by Albany Technical College, on-campus and full-time which takes approximately 54 hours of study to complete. The program prepares students for the growing field of sustainable energy and resources, weatherization, and energy efficiency assessment for new and existing houses and buildings.

Green building technology is a growing field and would, sooner or later, be the future of homes. Getting into this field now will save you a spot in the industry and skilled individuals are sought after.

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13. Web Application Design and Development Program Diploma

Web app design and development is one of the trendy skills in the digital space and individuals with this skill is highly sought after by top tech companies. The interesting thing about a skill like this is that you can literally apply it anywhere. You may choose to work full-time for a company or go freelance and work from the comfort of your home.

It is an exciting and well-paid space, if you have a thing for programming then you shouldn’t miss out on getting a diploma in web application design and development offered by Hunter Business School in New York. You don’t even need prior coding experience to enroll.

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14. Carpentry Diploma

On our final list of 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students is the Carpentry Diploma offered by Saint Paul College, a community and technical college. The carpentry diploma equips students with modern hands-on carpentry skills, knowledge, and techniques to produce various woodworks.

The necessary theoretical skills as well as every other tool that students need to succeed in the field are adequately provided. Getting a diploma in carpentry can get you more opportunities, kick start your own business, or get promoted in your current workplace.

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This brings an end to the 1 year diploma courses in USA for international students and we didn’t just discuss the courses but also provide links to specific schools that offer the programs to facilitate your admission. I hope this has been helpful and would take you into the next phase of your life.