Top 15 Free High School Diploma Online Accredited

The free high school diploma online discussed in this blog post is designed both for adults and teenagers who want to complete their high school diploma online.

People drop out of high school due to reasons which may include financial issues, given the rise in tuition fees of education, especially in the US, students drop out to start working and cater for their needs. It could also be because they aren’t interested in school at that moment, health issues, or because they find it difficult to follow a traditional school schedule.

There are more reasons why people drop out of high school and there is no longer any need to discuss these issues, instead, I am presenting a solution. No matter what could have happened that didn’t make you get a high school diploma earlier, this blog post presents a solution.

Here, I have listed and discussed the free high school diploma online that is accredited by the right educational bodies for people of all ages to enroll. I further went to discuss free high school diplomas online at no cost for adults, free high school diplomas at no cost for adults in Texas, and the FAQs of free high school diplomas online.

Unlike what you’re probably used to, these high school diploma classes are offered online, given the growth of online education, it is the natural choice of young people today as they grew up in a technology-driven world. Therefore, it is much better to pursue a free high school diploma online, it is less stressful, you get to study on your own time (self-paced) and convenience, and it also gives you access to lots of information.

If you don’t find the traditional way of schooling interesting and due to this reason dropped out of high school, the free high school diploma online is a solution for you. The tools needed to partake in online education include a PC or tablet, a stable Wi-Fi connection, and your determination. Another interesting thing about online education is its flexibility, that is, you get to study for your high school diploma without placing any restrictions on your responsibilities.

So, if you were working and want to enroll for the free high school diploma online, you won’t need to quit working, you still get to work while completing your high school diploma program online.


FAQs About Free High School Diploma Online

Are online high school diplomas legitimate?

A high school diploma gotten online from an accredited institution is just as legitimate and authentic as one gotten from a traditional school and it is accepted by colleges and universities.

How can I get my high school diploma online for free?

How and where you can get your free high school diploma online has been discussed in this article, keep reading to know-how.

Can you get your high school diploma after age 21?

At the age of 21 and above you will have to attend an adult high school to get your diploma or you can prepare and take the GED exam.

What is the oldest age you can attend high school?

The oldest age to attend high school differs around the world but it is usually around 20 to 26 years of age, depending on the country or state.

10 Free High School Diploma Online

The 15 free high school diplomas online will take you on a free ride to assist you in acquiring a diploma with little or no money to spend. These virtual platforms are designed to offer you quality education without so much financial strain.

  • Penn Foster High School
  • Franklin Virtual High School (FVHS)
  • Pinnacle Charter Schools
  • Arkansas Virtual Academy (ARVA)
  • Connections Academy
  • Texas Success Academy
  • Mizzou Academy Online High School
  • Middleton Academy
  • Liberty High School
  • Orion High School

1.      Penn Foster High School

Established in 1890 and located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States, Penn Foster is a private, for-profit online college that offers free high school diplomas online. It is both regionally and nationally accredited for its online learning programs by DEAC, its dedicated and supportive faculty is designed to provide you with a strong education and positive online student experience.

Penn Foster’s online high school diploma curriculum consists of 16.5 core credits and you choose 5 elective credits, ranging from academic electives, like American Literature and Algebra, to vocational training programs such as electrical, plumbing, carpentry, vet assistant, health care, and early college.

The online high school program has a total credit load of 21.5 credits and costs $1,315 which you can pay in monthly installments for as little as $49 per month. There are discount offers as well, a $96 discount for autopay and a $366 discount for full payment upon enrollment. 16 credit transfers are also accepted with a $45 discount on tuition per accepted transfer credit.

Penn Foster high school partners with Career Schools, Universities, and Job Corps all over the country, and you get accepted by one of its partners, tuition costs for the high school diploma program may be covered.

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2.      Franklin Virtual High School (FVHS)

FVHS was established in 2010 as a private online high school located in Tallahassee, Florida, and provides free high school diploma online designed for both teenagers and adults. The virtual high school is accredited by AdvancED and registered with the Florida Board of Education.

The high school curriculum is the same as a traditional one but comes with added features of flexibility and all of the advantages of online learning which includes learning in your own home, self-paced, and students can customize and personalize the curriculum to fit their academic goals.

At Franklin Virtual School, students are provided with quality, flexible, cost-effective education options to help them achieve their personal, educational, and career goals. The monthly tuition fee is $330.

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3.      Pinnacle Charter Schools

Pinnacle Charter Schools offers tuition-free education for students to find the right fit for their academic needs and here, you can enroll for a free high school diploma online. Enrollment is open to all students from grades 6 to 12, every day throughout the school year. The school is accredited by AdvancED.

Enrolling in Pinnacle’s high school diploma online, you will be provided with the highest quality educational experience, outstanding curriculum, and highly qualified teachers to students and families looking for a more flexible experience than in the traditional school.

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4.      Arkansas Virtual Academy (ARVA)

The Arkansas Virtual Academy is a full-time online public school for K-12 students dedicated to inspiring and empowering students through an educational experience tailored for each student’s needs. At ARVA you can decide to jumpstart your education by taking the dual credit options and earn college credits.

The virtual academy also has a Stride Career Prep option that gives students the opportunity to explore career options and gain an edge for the future by taking core academic courses as well as career-focused electives in the high-demand field of their choice. They also offer tuition-free summer courses and camps.

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5.      Connections Academy

Accredited by Cognia and designed by distance learning experts, Connections Academy is a tuition-free online public school where you can get a free high school diploma online. The curriculum readies students to go further in life by giving them the encouragement and support they need to gain core knowledge and develop important life skills.

Connections Academy is one of the free high school diploma online with 100% tuition-free but you must pay for standard school supplies and voluntary field trips.

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6.      Texas Success Academy

This is one of the free high school diploma online based in Arlington, Texas, United States, it is accredited by AdvancED, the Texas Education Agency, and other accreditation bodies. There are adult and teen learning options and you get to explore the full benefits of online learning that includes, taking classes at the time that is right for you, lesser stress and anxiety, and a flexible schedule among others.

Students can offers courses in Business Information Management, Business Management, an Introduction to Accounting, Electrical Technology, and Plumbing. Also, students with 0-11.5 credits pay $1,005 for 8 months while students with over 11.5 credits pay $905 or $105 per month for 9 months.

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7.      Mizzou Academy Online High School

Mizzou Academy is a nationally accredited online/blended school at the University of Missouri, based in Columbia, Missouri, US, and provides a free high school diploma online, it is accredited by AdvancED. The school offers courses such as English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Practical Arts, Physical Education, Health, World Languages, and Electives.

There are over 200 courses, innovative co-teaching partnerships, and options, for elementary through high school learners, Mizzou Academy provides an outstanding solution to meet the diverse needs of students, schools, and districts.

The tuition fee is $500 per course but residents of Missouri who are admitted into the online diploma program may qualify for a 50% tuition discount.

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8.      Middleton Academy

At Middleton Academy, you can enroll for a free high school diploma online and gain a diverse range of skills and knowledge that will help you secure a career path for the future. The academy is based in Woodbridge, VA, and accredited by Advanced and DEAC, it serves as a resource for students for teacher-led, student-centered courses that meet the State Performance Standards.

Middle Academy is partnered with a couple of private and religious schools, public schools, and military programs. Whether you want to take a few online classes or earn a high school diploma online, the academy is a good fit for you.

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9.      Liberty High School

This is one of the free high school diploma online, it is located in Battleboro, Vermont, United State, and is a considerable option for individuals who weren’t able to finish high school earlier in life and also for current students tired of traditional learning and want to explore flexible learning options.

You can enroll for courses such as English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Exploratory courses and each of these programs require you to make a down payment of $300.

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10. Orion High School

Orion High School is based in Midland, Texas, United States, and provides free high school diploma online to both teenagers and adults who are interested in engaging in the modern learning mode – online learning. The school is accredited by ACTS and Cognia, they offer over 200 courses spanning across a rigorous curriculum, from independent study courses to AP and dual-credit options.

Learners are provided high quality education and a flexible way to learn in a rich, supportive online environment, and allowing learners to facilitate their own active learning.

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These schools are all accredited by the right organization and the worry of getting an authentic diploma shouldn’t bother you at all.

Free High School Diploma Online at no Cost for Adults

Are you an adult and didn’t complete high school and wants to do that now? Well, here is the good news. You absolutely can earn an accredited high school diploma, and this time, online and at no cost. The education sector has improved over the years due to the sole invention of the internet, and now a lot of schools have implemented the online learning mode.

The technological advancement in education has made it more interesting, fun, vibrant, and exciting compared to the traditional teaching and learning method. So, if you were once plagued with challenges that couldn’t allow you to complete high school earlier, here is the chance to complete it, and this time, you are completing it with style.

The online learning model is flexible, faster to complete, and cheaper, that is a lot of styles, isn’t it?

Compiled below is the free high school diploma online at no cost for adults.

  • Keystone School
  • Excel High School
  • Park City Independent Online Adult High School
  • Smart Horizon Career Online High School (COHS)
  • James Madison High School Online
  • Clintondale Virtual School

1.      Keystone School

Keystone School provides free high school diploma online at no cost for adults, the program is designed to be flexible and to help students achieve their unique dreams and goals. You can also learn new skills to create a new career path or take an existing career to the next level. A course can be completed between 8 and 12 weeks and get up to 5-6 credits per year.

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2.      Excel High School

Excel High School provides an accredited high school diploma online at no cost for adults, you can transfer credits from your previous high school and complete what you once started, and graduate in just a few months. The online high school diploma programs are 100% self-paced and you can complete it at your own pace.

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3.      Park City Independent Online Adult High School

Accredited by AdvancEd and located in Scottsdale, Arizona, US, Park City Independent Online Adult High School is open to US citizens as well as students from around the world. Enrolling here will open you to a host of opportunities to upgrade your skill and knowledge by learning through a virtual campus from the comfort of your home and at your own pace, time, and schedule.

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4.      Smart Horizon Career Online High School (COHS)

This online high school is affiliated with the Smart Horizons Career Online Education and is dedicated to serving the millions of adults and older youths who lack high school diplomas. All of the programs are 100% online and the curriculums model advances each student based on performance.

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5.      James Madison High School Online

At James Madison High School Online you can enroll for a free high school diploma online at no cost for adults, it is accredited by DEAC, CHEA, and AdvancED. You can enroll in its 24 diploma programs at any time of the year. The diploma is designed to prepare you for college, qualify for a better job, or complete your high school.

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6.      Clintondale Virtual School

At Clintondale Virtual School you can enroll for a free high school diploma online at no cost for adults which can be completed within 8 weeks, it is accredited by AdvancEd. The programs offered here are only for adults aged 22 and above, enrollments are done at any time of the year to take advantage of their classes delivered online with 24/7 access.

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Free High School Diploma Online at no Cost for Adults in Texas

If you are an adult in Texas and want to complete your high school diploma online, right at the convenience of your home, and at your own pace you should refer to the schools below.

  • Orion High School
  • Excel High School
  • Texas Success Academy
  • Central Texas College
  • The Keystone School Online
  • San Antonio College