9 Top Catholic High School Scholarships for Students

In this article, we have compiled an updated list of top catholic high school scholarships in the world. So, if you are a high school catholic student you can hop on these scholarships and enjoy the dividends of free education or education at a highly subsidized cost.

Just as there are government or public and private high schools, there are also catholic and other religious-based high schools and higher institutions. Since this article is obviously about catholic high schools, there is no need to talk about the others.

This post is for students who are already enrolled in a catholic high school or who want to be enrolled in one. Through this blog post, you get to become aware of the following;

  1. That catholic high schools offer scholarships to students as well as public and private high schools
  2. learn about the particular catholic high schools that offer scholarships to facilitate your admission into these schools
  3. The charity organizations or foundations that offer these scholarships to catholic high schools

These and more are the things you’d learn from this post, so sit tight and have a good read!



How do I get financial aid for catholic high school?

Financial aid is provided by catholic high schools to assist students with tuition fees. To get the financial aid from a catholic school, students will have to obtain a grant aid application from the financial aid office at the high school or can make an online application if the school has one.

Do catholic high schools give scholarships?

Catholic high schools provide scholarships to students who are considering that type of education but are financially incapable. The application for the scholarships can be made at the admission office of your preferred school or secured online.

What are the requirements for catholic high school scholarships?

To be eligible for catholic high school scholarships, students must have applied for admission to their school of choice and be accepted. Students must also fulfil the financial need and location requirements set out by the school.

Top Catholic High School Scholarships

There is actually a large number of scholarships for Christians in general, and we all know that the Christian faith is inclusive with various denominations.

The catholic faith is one of these denominations and also offers scholarship opportunities specific to the people that practice this faith.

Just as there are scholarships for catholic high school students, there also are for university and college students. This post you’re currently reading is for the high school students and we will prepare that of university students later.

These catholic high school scholarships are designed to help you achieve your college dreams and here, we have compiled the top catholic high school scholarships.

  • The Catholic United Financial Post-High School Tuition Scholarship

  • John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarship

  • The Lucile Murray Durkin Scholarship

  • Del Papa-Grimaldi-Gabriele Endowment Fund Scholarship

  • Lilo Wendell Scholarship

  • Wilanna K. Robinson Scholarship Fund

  • Catholic Community Foundation Scholarship

  • The National CCAA Scholarship

  • First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association Scholarship

Below are the details to this list of catholic high school scholarships above, and here you will find out how these catholic scholarships work and get links to apply for them.

The Catholic United Financial Post-High School Tuition Scholarship

The Catholic United Financial is a foundation or organization that funds the education of high school students who wants to enter college or university. The organization has been in operation since 1995 and has since provided scholarships worth over 3 million dollars.

Catholic United is established to help members of any age who wants to learn a trade, earn a certificate or complete a college degree. The scholarship is also extended to non-Catholics and to be eligible for the scholarship, either as a Catholic or non-Catholic, you have to be a member of Catholic United Financial by owning one of its financial products.

This scholarship is worth $500 to Catholics and $300 to non-Catholics, the application is done online and you can start applying now.

John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarship

This is one of the catholic high school scholarships that you may want to apply for as a catholic and enjoy educational or vocational funding. To be eligible for this scholarship, your parent(s) must be a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Interested applicants must also be entering their first year in a catholic college or university of their choice to receive this scholarship. The scholarship is worth $1,500 per student and awarded based on academic merit, that is, you must have an excellent academic performance.

See deadline and application here.

The Lucile Murray Durkin Scholarship

The Lucile Murray Durkin Scholarship for Women Discerning Priestly Ordination is another of the top catholic high school scholarships specifically for women and non-binary individuals whose aim is to become catholic priests. It is also open to those seeking priestly ordination in other denominations.

After the above requirement must have been met, applicants will submit a 2,000 to 2,500-word essay answering one or more of the prompts given as well as two letters of recommendation. The scholarship awards $2,200 to selected winners, if interested you can begin your application here

Del Papa-Grimaldi-Gabriele Endowment Fund Scholarship

When talking about catholic high school scholarships, the Del Papa-Grimaldi-Gabriele Endowment Fund Scholarship cannot be left out. This scholarship is funded by the Stewards for Tomorrow Campaign and targeted at current high school seniors or college freshmen residing in the Archdiocese of Detroit and who want to enrol in a college or university.

The term of assistance for this scholarship is up to one year and worth $2,000 which is paid directly to the student’s school of choice. See deadline and application here.

Lilo Wendell Scholarship

This is scholarship is targeted at high school seniors who are catholic daughters of single mothers and who are members of a parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit and are planning to attend college or university full-time in the current academic year.

This award is so far the highest in value in this list of catholic high school scholarships at $4000 per student which is paid directly to the school. You can begin your online application here.

Dr. Wilanna K. Robinson Scholarship Fund

This is a $500 worth scholarship designed for high school seniors who are newly admitted into an accredited college or university. The award targets both Catholics and non-Catholics, the only requirement being that applicant must be an active member of a faith-based institution and have a GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.

Other requirement includes being a resident of the state of Michigan and has community involvement. Application is done online and you can begin here.

Catholic Community Foundation Scholarship

This foundation has various scholarships designed to assist students’ educational funding benefitting students from high school to the university level of study. Because there are various scholarships offered through this organization, their deadline, requirements, and monetary value all differ.

Applicants must either be Catholic or practising a Christian faith and be active in their parish and various communities. The Catholic Community Foundation has some of the best catholic high school scholarships.

The National CCAA Scholarship

This is one of the top catholic high school scholarships targeted at college-bound seniors and transfer students, the award is offered annually to students in this category. To be considered for the National CCAA scholarship, applicants must fulfil the following requirements;

  • Applicants must be accepted to one or more National CCAA member institutions.
  • Must have completed high school or in their final year
  • Must enrol in a National CCAA member institution beginning in the fall

Begin the National CCAA Scholarship application and get a chance at getting a scholarship that will see you through college.

First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association

The FCSLA offers an annual scholarship award worth over $287,000, awarded to young members of the association. The recipient of this award is chosen by a committee of impartial judges from the educational field based on the student’s academic performance, church/community service value, and school involvement/essay.

Another eligibility requirement is that applicants must be a member of good standing with the Association for at least three years before the date of application. The scholarship worth depends on the category of scholarship you are applying for. The various categories are;

  • College and graduate scholarship application
  • Vocational/technical/trade scholarship application
  • High school scholarship application
  • Elementary school scholarship application
  • Early elementary school scholarship application
  • Seminary or diaconate or religious life application

These are the catholic high school scholarships, read through carefully to not miss any important detail as they would help you, your child or siblings to curb the cost of catholic schools and some of the scholarships go on to see them through college and university.

Each of the scholarship eligibility criteria is different, spend some more time reading them and don’t do any errors or mix them up. You may also go on to contact the host institution for further clarity and learn about other requirements not listed here.


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