13 Online Training Courses for Students and Employees

Here are some amazing online training courses open to receive applications from students, employees, freelancers, and just anybody from any part of the world who sees the need to take any of the courses.

If you are curious about some other field of study and want to gain the involved knowledge or skill, or as an employee, you want to sharpen your existing skill or take up another skill for the progress of your company then, this is your chance to get your hands on online training courses that will help you either as a student, an employee or just the other guy.

Modern-day companies require people with modern skills to help grow their businesses and most employees and business owners with traditional skills and method tend to fall out of the workforce competition unless there is an upgrade in their working method and skills which can then be able to match with the competition and keep the business going.

Growth is important and for these traditional companies to grow, employees with new skills are sought after who with their skill can keep the company on track or put them back into the game. So, as a student or an employee, it is just as beneficial that you acquire these modern-day skills. You can acquire these skills through programs like Zoe corporate learning courses.

With the covid19 pandemic, online learning became the new normal and this new shift stays even after the pandemic. Several online learning platforms witnessed an upsurge in the number of users as a result of the pandemic.

Several learners have taken online lessons on computer skill courses and which include some of the leading online training courses on digital skills that could fetch them good money in this season or in the near future.

As an employee who needs new skills, we are not saying that you should leave your job and go back to school to pursue a degree or as a student you should forfeit the course you are studying and hop on a new course, that is not the case.

All you have to do is to take up an online training course some of which I have listed below. Pick one or more of the courses that you are interested in and enroll on a self-paced study.

Through this means, whether you are an employee or a student you can keep working or keep going to school while taking the course. They are all self-paced online training courses thus they shouldn’t interfere significantly with your daily activity.

These training courses can be taken anytime at your own convenience, you can study right there in your office when you are less busy or at non-working days or no-school days. All you need to make this happen is a smart device (laptop/computer, smartphone), a stable internet connection and your honest devotion.

Some companies actually craft out time for some of their employees to take these online training courses as they understand the benefit that comes out of it but it is not advisable to wait for your company on that, you can start on your own today.

The online training courses are not limited to employees and students, entrepreneurs and freelancers can also go for these courses it will help to boost the success rate of your business, expand your skill and make you versatile in other approaches.

I came up with 13 of these online training courses from different fields like data science, computer science, leadership and business as all modern business models operate under these fields and seek for employees with skills in fields of these nature.


13 Online Training Courses for Students and Employees

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  2. Management Essentials
  3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  4. Web Development
  5. Becoming a Data Scientist
  6. Python Development
  7. Influence and Negotiation
  8. Data Science for Business Analysts
  9. Mini MBA
  10. Digital Transformation
  11. Mobile Development
  12. Data Science for Business Leaders
  13. Conflict Resolution Skills

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This online training course on Fundamentals of Digital Marketing will teach and equip you with the necessary skills and techniques on how to use digital tools to get your products, brands, goods and services online using social media channels, search engine optimization (SEO), analytics tools and viral content and succeed as well.

Management Essentials

In every work environment, the effect of the manager on the employees determines the outcome of the company whether good or bad results. This online training course on Management Essentials does not just teach you how to be a manager but a good one equipped with core management skills in coaching, people management, operations management and financial management that will bring the best result out of the employees.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are both cutting edge technologies and are being used to solve lots of problems in the world today.

They are new fields of study and individuals who hold knowledge and skills in the area are sought after by giant-tech organizations and even the government, here is your chance to become a high-priced individual with skill in machine learning and AI. Also, you can opt for Intellipaat’s Machine Learning Certification Course to become an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert.

Web Development

Whether you are a computer literate or not you can still go for this online training course on Web Development, it provides you with the authentic skills and ability to develop web sites and web apps from scratch and you become familiar with programming languages such as Java, HTML, CSS and more used in the web development.

Becoming a Data Scientist

This online training course introduces interested learners into the exciting world of data science and makes you a skilled practicing data scientist where you will be able to develop data products and know the essential design principles.

Python Development

Developers, whether experienced or beginners, need this course to grow as you will learn advanced programming skills in the Python programming language and its proper application.

Influence and Negotiation

To improve your managerial skills, even more, it is required that you take this course on Influence and Negotiation, here you will learn how to inspire and motivate your workers, your public speaking skills becomes sharper and you get to be a wonderful persuasive negotiator.

This skill will help you grow even more in the organization, you are definitely getting promoted.

Data Science for Business Analysts

As a business analyst, acquiring data science skills will be important for your work as it will produce an even better and effective result. If you don’t have this skill set yet, here is your chance to get it.

Mini MBA

This online Mini MBA training course equips interested learners with the core skills of an MBA-style education which you can then apply to your business and career for an effective outcome.

Digital Transformation

Like I said earlier, companies and businesses that have integrated digital technology into their business model are ahead while those that still utilize traditional business models have either fallen or are lagging behind. This course on Digital Transformation is designed to help interested learners navigate and innovate in this rapidly changing business setting.

Mobile Development

This online training course on Mobile Development will help you learn the skills and knowledge of designing and developing both iOS and Android apps from scratch you will equally gain some programming skill.

Data Science for Business Leaders

This online training course on Data Science for Business Leaders is designed to help business leaders build a strong and sustainable data and analytics organization and also allows them to be conversant in the fast-growing field of data science.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Problems, issues, conflicts will always pop up and it may be your job to control it, this training course on Conflict Resolution Skills gives you the skill to target and eliminate these problems and make plans to control them whenever they arise.

Become productive today, grow out of your regular bounds by laying your hands on any of these 13 online training courses you’re bound to succeed after you complete them.

The conclusion to the 13 Online Training Courses for Students and Employees

This is your chance to grow without affecting your daily activities, brush up your skills with any of these courses, learn new ones as much as you can since no knowledge is wasted all is for your benefit.

The skills you get from studying any of the online training course puts you ahead of the workforce competition, could lead you to a new career path and you get to make more money too.



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