27 Free Online Courses For Teenagers 13-19 Year Olds

Here you will find free online courses for teenagers to keep their brain sharp and equally help them through high school and may help them decide what they can study in college or university.

These free online courses for teens are provided by top lecturers and instructors from various universities spread across the world. These universities understand the need for a teenager to be well learned as they hold the key to an even more successful future.

Readers should also know that this article is not only meant for teenagers but also for parents and every other adult alike as reading it would expose them to information on online courses which they can now pass on to their younger ones, maybe siblings in the age range or to their children for those are a parent.

ATTENTION: You should know that there are online colleges that pay you to take classes online; this is rare but they exist.

As a parent or older sibling who is able to come across the free online courses for teenagers can pass it to your younger ones and also be their guide in the course of their learning, who else would help them know about such things if not you as an older sibling or parent.

These teenagers are the future of our world and what better way to groom them for this future than through education. Educating teenagers the right way is how their potential can be uncovered, groomed, and shaped into something meaningful, that would in one way or another contribute positively to society.

About Free Online Courses For Teenagers

Modern-day teenagers are in luck as they have access to various technologies that make their learning easier and smart and teaching them to make use of these technologies the right way is also important as they also have their bad aspects which may jeopardize their smart learning.

They could learn whatever they want using a smartphone and a stable internet connection, the search engine is always there to provide them with the answers they need, they could equally learn through other media platforms such as television, social media, etc.

Technology has indeed made learning really easy and smart too and it is still this same technology that is used to design and establish online learning platforms where you could literally learn whatever course you are interested in without fuss.

Online learning is designed to help everyone get the education they deserve or need, you may be employed but want to get a fast accelerated online bachelor’s degree or you may want to study for a Stanford online master’s degree, yes it is possible to study and acquire these degrees online.

It may further interest you to know that the prominent Ivy League institutions you know also offer online courses for free and you should look into them so you can get ahead of your friends and be skillful in major academic courses.

Also, in this article, I have listed out 21 free online courses for teenagers which will provide you with amazing skills and knowledge, and the acquired knowledge will look good on your college applications too and give you a head start among your peers.

What are the benefits of online courses for teenagers?

These free online courses for teenagers will help prepare teens for university or college, and help them to be independent learners and be capable of taking on responsibilities.

Unlike traditional schooling, online courses are flexible meaning you get to fix when you want to learn like your own timetable.

Online courses are equally faster to complete, you could complete an online course in one month sometimes less and you get to acquire the same skills and knowledge a regular student will acquire in a year.

So that leaves you with more time to keep learning, so in a year, you could learn about five or more different courses online.

Taking an online class as a teenager will quickly expose you to technology and the stress of learning is greatly reduced, you won’t need to have to go to school every day, you just sit in your home with your computer and an internet connection and learn whatever you are interested in.

Another wonderful advantage of free online courses for teenagers is that you may still be in high school and still decide to take these courses, you could attend your regular school learn from there and still keep learning online too. Amazing right?

Are there free online courses for teenagers?

There are loads of free online courses for teenagers to study that is what this article is mainly about and I have gathered 21 of them so you can choose the one that suits you then you can begin studying for free.

Also, you can decide to study more than one or as much as you can handle and you won’t have to pay to learn as they are all free.

Free Online Courses For Teenagers
( Free Online Courses For 13+ Year Olds )

The 21 free online courses I have gathered are for teenagers within the age range of 13 – 19 and they are;

  • Programming for Young Learners
  • Food as Medicine
  • Climate Change: The Science
  • Essentials of Global Health
  • Computer Architecture
  • Injury Prevention for Children and Teens
  • Teaching Kids About Data
  • Science of Exercise
  • Introduction to Music Theory
  • Big History: Connecting Knowledge
  • Guitar for Beginners
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Fashion as a Design
  • Epidemics, Pandemics and Outbreaks
  • Chemistry
  • Introduction to Calculus
  • Calculus: Single Variable Part 1 – Functions
  • Calculus: Single Variable Part 3 – Integration
  • How to Apply to College
  • Applying to U.S. Universities
  • An Introduction to Physics
  • The Science of Solar System
  • Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space
  • Writing in English at University
  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare
  • Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology
  • Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation

#1     Code Week: Teaching Programming to Young Learners

This free online course for teenagers is aimed at teachers, parents and older siblings to encourage teens to learn programming and coding at an early age. You as the older one will learn it and then pass it on to teenagers thus equipping them with programming and coding skills and preparing them for a future in the digital space.

#2     Food as Medicine

This is a free online course for teenagers where they get to explore the concept of food as medicine, learn the importance of food in preventing certain diseases know the kind of food to eat when sick to improve health. They will also be able to understand food nutrients and their importance in human health.

#3     Climate Change: The Science

Everyone is tasked with protecting the Earth, even teenagers, especially teenagers need to learn how climate change affects the planet and how to avoid it since they are the future of the earth. Through this free online course for teenagers, they can be able to protect the earth from harm by understanding science.

#4     Essentials of Global Health

This free online course for teenagers introduces teens to the concept of global health teaching them how to prevent diseases and how to care for the sick and address major health issues. Teens who take up this course will learn the importance of staying healthy and this may begin a career in the health sector for them.

#5     Computer Architecture

Computers are the future of and who better learn and be equipped with the skills if not teenagers, this course teaches interested teenagers the complex design of computers and all of its internal features. This free online course for teenagers will usher teens into the digital space and prepare them for a future in the space as well.

#6     Injury Prevention for Children and Teens

This free online course for teenagers is actually aimed at teachers, parents and guardians to teach their young ones key concepts on how to prevent injuries of all kinds that will endanger their lives.

#7     Teaching Kids About Data

Data is the process of the up and down of everything we do in the digital world, this course exposes kids to the digital space, the importance of data and the key role it plays in the space.

#8     Science of Exercise

Exercise is important for the body and mind regardless of age, this free online course for teenagers teaches the importance of exercise and the impact it has on the human body both psychologically.

#9     Introduction to Music Theory

Are you a teenager interested in music or you as a parent have noticed that your child possesses musical talents? Then this free online course for teenagers is just right for that child to start learning and gain experience in music theory. In the course of this online class, students will explore basic harmony, pitch, rhythm, chords, scales, keys and more.

#10     Big History: Connecting Knowledge

Teenagers too need to learn the history of the earth, what it was like billions of years ago and learn other knowledge connected to the world. This free online courses for teenagers will teach them all of these histories as they take a journey into the discoveries of our world.

#11     Guitar for Beginners

Using basic music theory, teenagers can learn how to play an acoustic or electrical guitar by following up on this free online course. It teaches teens an easy approach to be a guitarist and beginning their journey in the musical world.

#12     Introduction to Philosophy

Do you know what philosophy is? Do you also know that there are different concepts of philosophy such as philosophy of the mind, philosophy of science, moral philosophy and political philosophy and they are all important in better understanding our everyday life? Begin your journey in philosophy through this free online course for teens and gain all the basic philosophical experiences you can get.

#13     Fashion as Design

Being a fashion designer requires a lot of creativity and if as a teenager you possess such creative talents you should look into being a fashion designer, it is lucrative and continues to thrive and besides gathering the experience at a much younger age is only going to make you a lot better when you get older and make a name for yourself in the industry.

#14     Epidemics, Pandemics and Outbreaks

The recent pandemic outbreak the world is going through has shown that everyone, especially teenagers, needs to be educated on how to deal with an epidemic or pandemic, learns the facts about infectious diseases, medical responses and quarantine laws. This free online course for teenagers will go a long way in helping to protect teens against deadly infections.

#15     Chemistry

This free online course for teenagers is offered by top lectures from the University of Kentucky and covers subjects in advanced high school chemistry covering areas such as atomic structure, compounds, reactions, stoichiometry, thermochemistry and other topics that will make you pass high school chemistry with flying colours.

#16     Introduction to Calculus

Begin your journey into calculus through this free online course for teenagers which exposes the student to the fundamental and theoretical application of calculus in science, engineering and mathematics.

#17     Calculus: Single Variable Part 1 – Functions

After you must have completed the introductory calculus it is best to dive into this to gain further knowledge on the subject matter, calculus.

#18     Calculus: Single Variable Part 3 – Integration

This aspect of calculus covers the fundamental theorem of integral calculus, integrating differential equations and every other technique of integration connected with calculus. At this level, you would gain advanced calculus skills.

#19     How to Apply to College

This free online course for teenagers teaches how to search and apply for a college including the selection process and how to prepare the necessary documents and write-ups such as essays that are necessary for college applications.

#20     Applying to U.S. Universities

The United States university application system has been known to be confusing as it does not have a standard application system, this free online course for teenagers is designed to eradicate this confusion by providing practical information about the documents and pieces necessary for a U.S. university application. Your days of confusion are over through this course.

#21     An Introduction to Physics

This free online courses for teenagers is offered by a top physics professor of the University of Virginia and introduces interested learners to physics in the context of everyday objects.

#22     The Science of Solar System

When you look up at the night sky you like what you see and what to learn more about it, you want to know all that is up there, well, this free online courses for teenagers use principles from physics, biology, chemistry, and geology to explain our solar system and uncover the mysteries for you.

#23     Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space

Astronomy is an exciting field of study and teenagers are encouraged to study the course so they can begin to gain early experience on the subject matter. If you follow up on these free online courses for teenagers, you will also get updated on the most recent astronomical discoveries as it will further help in your astronomical experience.

#24     Writing in English at University

If you are a university aspirant it is important you take upon this course, it will help to build your English speaking and writing skills which would help you both academically and professionally. There are lots of doors speaking and writing English correctly will open for you.

#25     Animal Behaviour and Welfare

This free online course for teenagers involves the study of animal behaviour and the challenge of accessing the emotions of animals. You would learn how to care for pets and also gain basic veterinary skills in the process of learning this online course.

#26     Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology

The dinosaurs have gone extinct thousands of years ago but studies are still being carried out on them to learn more about them while they were alive and it would interest you to know that you too can be a part of this study by joining this free online courses for teenagers.

#27     Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation

In this free online course, teens are introduced to ecology and ecosystem dynamics, what it means and what role humans play in the subject matter.

This brings an end to the free online courses for teenagers, these courses will help in boosting their thinking skills and make them even more knowledgeable providing answers to things they have always been confused about.

It is also important that parents, guardians, and older siblings guide their young ones during the course of their online learning as it would play a vital role in deciding their future and possibly their careers.



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