22 Free Ebook Download Sites without Registration

This post provides details on free ebook download sites without registration allowing students and book lovers to read their favorite stories, textbooks, novels, etc. without paying or going through a tedious registration process.

E-books are actually short for electronic books and just as the name implies are books you can read on any electronic device with a screen, of course, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. and it can be any book. E-books have a wide range of collections you can read, there are school textbooks on any subject, especially popular subjects, literature, history books, classics, and novels of various genres.

These electronic books are actually designed to take over the regular paper books, it is an innovation for the common books, like the future, but a future that’s already begun. Regular books are expensive and not very good for the environment.

Well, how does the regular book affect the environment? What has that got to do with environmental impact?

Paper books are made from trees, for the many paper books you see, a lot of trees were felled to create them and we already know of the many importance that trees provide and also the risks involved in cutting them down.

The innovative idea behind e-books is very brilliant, it isn’t on paper, thereby no trees are cut down which in turn reduces the disadvantages of cutting down trees. E-books eliminate the stress of carrying bulky books around instead you get to carry as much as possible in the device you carry around.

E-books also eliminate littering, papers won’t litter the environment any longer since e-books can’t be torn off from your device, that’s technically impossible. You can easily create or edit an electronic book using the right mobile or PC application.

The advantages of e-books have been provided above and if you don’t get them by now, re-read them. There are also disadvantages of e-books such as being expensive and going through a rigorous signup process to get one.

Just like books, e-books are written by authors and put on the internet, at a price, for others to read and they can be pretty expensive compared to regular books. Well, the author too has to make money, and setting a price for your book is the only reasonable way to earn income for your writing.

Still, the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages which are why a lot of people are adopting electronic books, they are just that great.

In a bid to eliminate the issues surrounding e-books, this article is created to show people where they can get e-books for free, yes, no payment of any kind, and also without going through registrations of any kind. Thus the title, free ebook download sites without registration, and are compiled below along with their details and direct links to get to the websites.

These free ebook download sites without registration provide books on a wide range of topics, there are cookbooks, romance novels, classical literature, school books on subjects such as computer, math, engineering, etc., lecture books, kid books, and much more.

While some of the sites are specifically designed to provide books based on a particular book category, others aren’t instead they provide various books on different categories and genres for readers to browse through their preference.

These free ebook download sites without registration are pretty amazing, you don’t get to pay for the book of your choice nor go through annoying registration processes. You just click on the provided link which takes you to a specific website, search for the book you want, and download it or read it online for free.

You’re now excited to see know these websites, well, let’s get on with it…

Free Ebook Download Sites without Registration

Below are the list, details, and application links to the free ebook download sites without registration and they are 22 in number so you can choose your preference:

  • Project Gutenberg
  • Z-Library
  • Planet E-book
  • Ocean of PDF
  • Library Genesis
  • Book Guru
  • BookBub
  • E-book Directory
  • Novel Updates
  • Get Free E-books
  • Open Library
  • Internet Archive Books
  • BookBoon
  • Baen Books
  • Free Tech Books
  • PDF Drive
  • iBookPile
  • Booksee
  • E-BookHunter
  • eBookLobby
  • Bibliomania
  • Authorama

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the free ebook download sites without registration and is so far the most popular site to download all kinds of e-books on various book categories. The platform was established in 1971 by Michael Hart and has since been delivering as an online library of free electronic books.

At Project Gutenberg, you can freely download or read online some of the world’s great literature works among a host of other kinds of books. You can search books by authors, title, subject, language, type, popularity, and more.

Visit website


Z-Library is also one of the free ebook download sites without registration and is widely recognized as the world’s largest ebook library. Although there’s a “registration” section you really don’t have to register an account if you don’t have to.

At Z-Library, you can find books and articles of different genres including romance, suspense, thriller, and action novels. You can search for your preferred book and if it isn’t available you can request for the book to be added by clicking the “book requests” and it will be added to the platform. If you also have a book you want to share with the community, you can send a link to your book on the website and the team will promote it to the community.

Visit website

Planet Ebook

This platform is one of the free ebook download sites without registration and is filled with over one hundred literature books by top authors such as Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Lewis Caroll, Leo Tolstoy, and more.

The website is designed with a friendly-user interface making it simple and easy for all kinds of readers to easily make use of the website. Readers can choose to download the e-book of their choice or read online.

Visit website

Ocean of PDF

PDFs are also other forms of e-book since they are also electronically accessed, that is, you can read them online or download them too. Ocean of PDF is one of the free ebook download sites without registration with over 20,000 books on a diverse range of book genres.

There are cookbooks, novels, articles, and so on. There’s also the “request a book” option in case you don’t see the book you’re looking for.

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Library Genesis

At Library Genesis, you can download/upload an e-book of your choice at no cost but since we are discussing free download, we should just stick to that. Library Genesis is one of the free ebook download sites without registration, categories of books range from scientific articles and fiction to comics, magazines, and nonfiction.

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Book Guru

Book Guru is one of the free ebook download sites without registration and this platform, unlike the others above, actually has college and university textbooks on engineering, business, computers, health sciences, law, social sciences, and humanities.

Book Guru is a great source for free textbooks and e-book PDFs, visit the website by clicking the link below.

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BookBub offers free e-books with time-limited offers for some of the best books in more than twenty different genres from both top-tier publishers and critically acclaimed independent authors. Discover the book you love using BookBub.

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The eBook Directory

The eBook Directory is one of the free ebook download sites without registration, there are over 20,000 free e-books on the platform available for download or to read online for free. There are psychology books, novels, works of literature, and more. The website is updated daily with fresh e-books to keep readers updated.

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Novel Updates

Here, you will find updated articles and novels on a wide range of categories that you can decide to download on your electronic device or read online at no cost. The website also has a forum where readers discuss books they have read, share their views and ideas about a particular book, and so on.

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GetFreeeBooks is one of the free ebook download sites without registration designed to connect book-hungry readers to other websites they can get free e-books of their choice. The website directs and connects readers to over 40 sites with hundreds of free short stories, top book collections, books on aeronautics and aerospace, and more.

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Open Library

What kind of book are you into? Is it art books, science fiction, fantasy books, cookbooks, romance books, biographies, or you need textbooks for school or your kids? Open Library is got you covered as it provides all the books here including classics, history books, and articles on various topics.

The website, Open Library, is one of the free ebook download sites without registration and has over 300,000 free e-books on these books listed above. You can also select your preferred language to download or read online.

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Internet Archive Books

The Internet Archive Books is one of the free ebook download sites without registration and has over 5 million books in its collection, some of which can be downloaded for free or borrowed and read in the online book reader.

The book collections include textbooks, children’s books, and books from libraries such as the Smithsonian libraries, American libraries, Canadian libraries, and more.

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BookBoon is a website that offers e-books on soft skills and personal development by industry-leading experts. There are over 3,500 e-books on business, university/college textbooks, and self-development designed to equip you with real-life skills and knowledge that readers can apply to day-to-day activities.

The website, BookBoon, may be part of the free ebook download sites without registration but it offers only a 30-day free trial for its business e-books after which readers will begin to pay $5.99 per month.

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Baen Books

At Baen Books, readers have access to over 1,400 books on science fiction, fantasy, young adult, nonfiction, paranormal romance, and books in a series. There aren’t any school textbooks nor articles, just novels you will find interesting to help in building your vocabulary and promote your English speaking skills.

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Free Tech Books

Free Tech Books is one of the different free ebook download sites without registration and is a database of free online computer science books, textbooks, and lecture notes over 1,200 and growing. If you are a college or university student and want to gain a better understanding of a particular subject this is your spot.

There aren’t literature books here, just “techy” ones as the website name implies, the book categories are computer science, mathematics, operating system, programming, supporting fields, and miscellaneous all free for you to download or read online.

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PDF Drive

PDF Drive is a search engine for PDF files with access to millions of free e-books on all, I mean, on every kind of book that readers want. It could be school books, self-development books, DIY books, literature, novels, etc. you will find them using PDF Drive.

the website only directs you to where you can get your preferred e-book for free, this makes PDF Drive one of the free ebook download sites without registration. There is no download limit, just search the book you want and start downloading.

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iBookPile is one of the free ebook download sites without registration and has a wide selection of books on horror, fantasy, science fiction, food & cooking, biography & memoir, healthcare & fitness, nonfiction, mystery & thriller, fiction, self-help, and other uncategorized collections.

The website is designed with a friendly-user interface making it very easy to use and if you don’t see a book you want, you can request for it to be added to the collection.

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Booksee is an easy-to-use free ebook download website with no need for rigorous registration. The platform has over 2 million books and to use it, you simply need to click on the website link provided below and input the book title or author’s name on the next screen that pops up on your mobile device.

In few seconds you should see the book you want and download it for free, no download limit but the ads can be a bit annoying.

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E-bookHunter is one of the free ebook download sites without registration and has over 90,000 book collections on contemporary, paranormal, thriller/suspense, and history.

The interesting about this website is that these book collections are updated regularly so it increases every day, there’s also the “request a book” section that you can click on to request a book you might want but isn’t on the website.

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eBookLobby is a website that provides free e-books divided into various categories ranging from literature, computing, and fiction to business, art, and education. Open the website by clicking the link provided below and select the category appropriate for the e-book you’re looking for.

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The website, Bibliomania, is one of the free ebook download sites without registration and has books appropriate for reading, studying, researching, and even shopping. You can also search for books you want if you’re looking for a specific one.

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Authorama is one of the free ebook download sites without registration featuring free electronic books from different authors all gather here for you to read online or download to read later. There are books from Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and other top authors, there aren’t many books here and they barely upload new ones but you can find something fancy here to read.

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This brings an end to the free ebook download sites without registration, their details and application links have been delivered as promised. These websites will make you enjoy reading because with few clicks of the button you’ll get the book you want and since it is on your device it is much easier to read them.

Some of the websites are also designed to be user-friendly so that all kinds of readers may find it easy to use and interesting. You can download as many e-books as you want on your device since their sizes are incredibly small and it eliminates the stress of you carrying many books around.



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