22 Best Scholarship Websites For College Students Globally

In this article, you will find a detailed listing of the best scholarship websites for college students across the globe, how you can apply for local and international scholarship opportunities on these websites and links to the scholarship pages on these platforms.

Over the years, StudyAbroadNations has proven to be one of the best study abroad blogs across the globe providing valid educational and academic opportunity information to local and international students from over 170 countries of the world.

In our quest to provide constant helpful and valid information to support international and local education and to help prospective international students locate and connect to international opportunities abroad, we have come across several scholarship websites for college students.

Passing through a university is one of the most expensive career-building stages you will ever encounter in life and for this reason, several international and domestic students are not able to make it through a university aside they obtain worthy scholarship opportunities.

For students in this category, we have gone all out to ensure that we find legitimate and reliable scholarship websites for university and college students and we’ve put our findings out here in very organized order to help you locate and navigate easily.

Whether you are looking for the best scholarship websites for college students, best scholarship websites for high school students, best scholarship websites for graduate students or best scholarship websites for international students; be rest assured that you are at the right place to get all of these.

Best Scholarship Websites for College Students

  • Scholarships.com
  • Niche.com
  • World Scholarship Forum
  • Scholarship Positions
  • Fastweb.com
  • Finaid.org
  • The College Board
  • Scholarshipmonkey.com
  • SallieMae
  • Scholarshipportal.com


Scholarships.com is one of the best scholarship websites for college students currently and thousands of international students have been able to find and secure scholarship opportunities on this platform over the years.

Recently, scholarship seekers from some regions of the world like Nigeria have been blocked entirely from accessing scholarships from this website and this has to some extent affected their volume of visitors.


Niche.com is a college search engine used by millions of students yearly to analyze and find deserving schools of their choice.

Niche as a popular student platform went ahead to create a scholarship sourcing page for students which is currently ranked among the best scholarship websites for students in college, high school and at the university level both for graduate and undergraduate programs.

International and domestic students source for college opportunities through this platform and also source for worthy scholarship opportunities through their scholarship page.

World Scholarship Forum




Scholarship Positions




Fast Web





FinAid is an international scholarship website for students fully dedicated to everything concerning helping international students secure financial aids for their international and local education journey anywhere in the world.

At FinAid, students source for and find beffiting scholarship opportunities, education grants, academic loans and work-study opportunities to aid their education in schools of their choice.

As one of the most preferred scholarship website for university, college and high school students, FinAid also assists students to appply and secure these opportunities.

The College Board

College Board is a very popular scholarship website for college students working with a network of over 6000 member institutions from across the globe to provide students with study and financial aid opportunities towards their college success.

College Board is a not-for-profit scholarship and student support website but to use the services of this website, you need to be a registered member and have your own personal account. Registration here is free.

Scholarship Monkey

Scholarship monkey is one of the best scholarship websites for students at all levels of education though a lot of applicants find it difficut in some cases with accessing scholarship opportunities on this platform.

On this platform, you can either browse through their random lists of scholarships, search for your prefferred scholarship type by keywords or create a profile and indicate the type of scholarship opportunities you want and you will always get afree alert whenever such scholarship is available.

Sallie Mae

Though Sallie Mae publishes a vast number of scholarship opportunities, the platform is majorly for students who probably are not able to obtain fully funded scholarship opportunities, do not have enough money to fund their college education yet want to go to college.

These sets of students can apply varieties of student loans on Sallie Mae and be 95% percent sure they will obtain the loans to repay as agreed.

Scholarship Portal

Scholarship Portal is the scholarship website arm of Study Portal and this undoubtedly is one of the most helpful scholarship websites for college students and university students alike.

Every time at Scholarship Portal, there are usually some hot scholarship opportunities published on the home page with direct application links for international and domestic students.

You can search for and obtain scholarships based on the country of your choice whether you are moving there as an international student or you are a domestic student looking for study opportunities in your own country.

Scholarship Websites for High School Students

  • www.scholarshipportal.com
  • www.Niche.com
  • www.Scholarship-Positions.com
  • www.FinAid.com
  • www.FastWeb.com

Best Scholarship Websites for International Students

  • www.WorldScholarshipForum.com
  • www.Scholarship-Positions.com
  • www.FindaScholarship.com
  • www.ScholarshipPortal.com

Best Scholarship Websites for Graduate Students

  • www.GoGrad.com
  • www.Scholly.com
  • www.Unigo.com

Visiting one of these scholarship websites for students today and not coming back again isn’t the best practice for securing and winning scholarships.

As it stands, you may not find the best scholarship opportunity for yourself on these websites today but one thing you need to know is that scholarship opportunities pop up almost on a daily basis across the globe and you need to be proactive to stand a fair chance of grasping one.

Many great scholarship opportunities you might have won have come and gone without you even being aware of them talkless of placing an application. This is because you certainly didn’t get the information about these scholarship opportunities.

Below is a list of things you need to do to get the most out of these scholarship websites that you may decide to follow up today.

How to Secure Great Scholarship Opportunities

Be regular

Always visit your chosen scholarship website to checkout our latest scholarship opportunities for students as hot as they are released. This makes you stand ahead of others. You can subscribe to their email list to get daily updates for free or sign up for their notifications just as we expect you would have done for ours.

Be Proactive

Never procrastinate the application of any scholarship program that you are eligible for and want to go for.

Some scholarship applications partially close before the announced deadline and in such case, if you are not among the first to place application, you may have been qualified to be chosen but will certainly not have the opportunity for your application to be reviewed.

Be Social

Hook up with these scholarship websites for students on all their social media platforms on Facebook to get the latest scholarship information free of charge.

Social media is a platform you shouldn’t ignore at all if you are seriously searching for scholarships. You can follow our Facebook page to chat with us anytime.


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