Review of Free Online Courses in Germany and Cost of Living

Here is a review of free online courses in Germany and the general cost of studying in Germany for international and domestic students.


About Germany

While studying in a country you have to know some important facts about the country. In Europe, Germany is one of the largest countries as it encompasses a variety of landscapes.

Berlin is the capital of Germany and their official language is German but there don’t have any official religion like other countries do. Germany official name is called the “Bundesrepublik Deutschland”

Germany is bounded in the north by Denmark, West by Belgium, Netherland and Luxembourg, its south borders Switzerland and Austria. In Germany, there have over 380 officially recognized universities with over 17,000 study programs.

Brief History of Online Education

The man called BF Skinner, he was a Harvard Professor, introduced what we called the “online teaching machine” in the year 1954. But the first computer-based training program came into existence in the year 1960.

Now with the rapid increase in technology, online education is making a massive improvement in the education system globally.

What is online learning?

Online learning can also be called “distance learning” and is an alternative that allow student to study a degree course online.

When opting for online, it means you will not be attending lectures on the campus ground and you won’t have access to attend seminars on campus meaning all teaching, lectures, seminars and other things will be accessed through an online platform.

Online degree programs give you time and opportunity to study at your own time and convenience. It may interest you to know that 6 million students are doing online courses worldwide and 85% of students think that online learning is equivalent or sometimes better than classroom lectures. 

Online learning also allows students to socialize with classmate and doing seminar also courtesy of online resources like;

  • E-Books 
  • Journals
  • Recorded lectures 
  • Discussion forum
  • Interview  

Cost of living in Germany


As a student going to Germany to study especially when you are not placed on scholarship, you will need to consider the place you will live. An apartment (1 bedroom) in the city like in Berlin and Munich you will pay $739.85 per month while 3 bedroom apartments in the city, you will pay $1,418.80 per month. But you will spend less if you are in the school hostel.


Another important thing you will consider when living in Germany is the transportation cost. A one-way ticket will cost $2.80 (depending on the distance) while a monthly pass ticket will cost $70.00. But the transportation cost will increase according to how the price of gasoline rises. In 2020, I liter of gasoline cost $1.40.

Utility Cost

Other basic utilities you will pay or consider will be electricity, heating and cooling water which may cost $220.94. For internet services 60Mbps or more, unlimited data and cable you will pay $32.21.

Food Cost

An average meal in a restaurant that is not that expensive, you will pay $10.00 a plate while a meal for 2 people in a mid-range restaurant will cost $50.00. Domestic Beer will cost $3.50 while imported Beer will also cost the same amount too. Coke and Pepsi in a mid-restaurant will cost $2.36.

Structure of Online Courses

When talking about how online learning is structured, we are simply talking about the ways designed for studying in on the internet in a virtual classroom.

Online learning is supported by:

  • Web and Video conference
  • WhatsApp group
  • Wikis
  • Multiplayer Activities.

A blended program involving seminar, workshop are held on the university sites.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Online Studies

One important factor to consider when choosing online studies is Accreditation; it is the primary aspect to consider is the area of online studies.

It guarantees that it is up to the acceptable standard of online education. Another aspect to consider is the kind of Degree program and you must also understand the requirement for online studies.

Free Online Courses in Germany

Lifestyle and Nutrition in Pregnancy

This online course is a free online course which deals or focuses on the variety of nutritional related aspect and outcome of pregnancy.

Studying about a healthy status in nutrition and lifestyle, it helps to the growth of the unborn child. Recommendation of a healthy diet for pregnant women is what also interests them.

Competitive Strategy

It teaches you the way you grow your own business and you will learn how your actions may affect your competitors’ profit with the tools of Game theory. It is an online certification course at LMU Munich.

It covers so many disciplines, from humanity and also cultural studies through economics, medicine and science.

Learn Basic German

This online certification course will help you when aspiring to go for any program in Germany. It teaches you basic German, which makes it easier to communicate in German vocabulary and grammar and it makes it easier to communicate in German effectively and with confidence.

Germany is the powerhouse of Europe, so learning their language has a great reputation internationally.

Thinking and Acting like an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is independent so this course will teach you how to turn your ideas into a real-life business and make you successful. This online course will help you to think outside the box and stand out as a different person in any field of yours.

Communication Acoustics

It is an online free engineering course which teaches you the important aspect of communication acoustics. Communication acoustic is simply the way sounds travel from a source with a channel to a receiver.

This online course focuses on different system components in Acoustic communication including that of humans between machines.

Flood Risk Management

When talking about flood, it simply means natural disasters which is accompanying with loss of properties and may even damage lives.

This online free course will teach you the concept of protecting people from floods, catchments. In the cycle of flood, prevention, protection and preparation measures are taught. So anyone interested in flood management will take this free online course.

Introduction to Marketing

When talking about marketing, it involves the exchange of goods and services between one person to another in a particular location called a market.

In this free online course, it will take you through the basics of a given company’s marketing; you will be taught o the methods of a good marketing plan. It will also take you through the social and ethical responsibilities of planning in companies.

Conversational German

This German online course deals with teaching you the grammar and vocabulary needed to discuss using phones. It will also teach you the vocabulary needed to hold a conversation in German. It will also put you through on how to go about weekend’s plans, book hotels and many other things.

Strategic Management

This free online course will teach you how to go about with effective strategy process and to know and identify fundamental market and how technology changes in your industry. It helps in strategic analysis in order to your intuition and deep insights needed.

It allows you on analyzing and shifting industry structures and developed different capabilities in terms of industry changes by different parts of strategic points.

The Economics of Agro-Food Value Chains

This course will teach you how the agro-food value approaches competitiveness by producing high-quality food and agricultural product and determining to archive greater sustainability in the agro sector.

This online course is handled by the best hands from universities in Germany, Italy, Ireland and Scotland. They will give you insight into a specific topic that coincides with food quality and agro-food values.


With the introduction of basic online tools, you can acquire your dreams without any obstruction; thanks to technology.

With this advancement in technology, you will just get on your computer and explore the free online courses with certificates in convenience. With this advancement, there is no excuse for not archiving your goals in any field of yours.