Onboarding New Hires: Tips To Make A Great First Impression

As much as a new employee wants to create the best first impression in a new job, the company too must make an equally good first impression on them. Why? Because it is a key factor in employee retention. 

According to a popular survey, companies with poor onboarding programs have double chances of new hires quitting in the early stages of their job. This is why employee retention must start the very first day an employee joins the company.

So how do you ensure employees have a positive experience in their early days at the company? How do you create an efficient onboarding program that will make them feel welcomed and compel them to stay for the long haul? Here are some expert tips:

Use an uncomplicated tool

An easy-to-use employee onboarding software helps employees get all the necessary information they require about their new role in the company. At the same time, it is a great way for data collection of the new hire.

Using a powerful tool like Ultimate Kronos Group that has superior recruiting and convenient onboarding capabilities, businesses can uncomplicate the onboarding process. Not only does it ease employees in their new roles, but also enables the company to view their progress.

Give clear instructions

Clear communication is the key to ensuring employees don’t feel confused or misinformed. Lack of information is one of the key reasons employees feel disengaged during the start of their jobs and choose to quit.

Arrange proper guidance with a point of contact that will help employees understand the correct way to get information. Having a mentor can make employees feel supported during their first few days and get a better understanding of the company culture. 

Keep the paperwork to a minimum

Introducing a new hire in the company involves a lot of paperwork where employee information is gathered and stored for business purposes. Drowning employees in paperwork during their early days can make them feel disinterested.

To combat this, make use of automated tools where employees can upload the necessary information on their own. This saves a lot of time and reduces the chances of human errors. It is also a green practice and helps in reducing the carbon footprint.

Spread out the program to avoid employees from feeling overwhelmed

A very short and concentrated onboarding program will lead to information overload. Introducing them to every single company rule & policy is not ideal as the employee has just been introduced to the work culture.

Make sure the program is spread wisely to convey information without overwhelming the employees. Create a schedule that has information transfer broken down into small sections. This will allow employees to retain information better.

Set up the workspace

An easy way to make a good impression on new employees is to prepare the workspace for them. In these times when offices are re-opening and welcoming their employees back, it is more important than ever to offer a clean and sanitized workstation to your employees.

Once you have communicated their joining dates, arrange for a decluttering of the workplace and keep office supplies ready for the new hires. A clean and tidy workstation enhances the employee’s mood and makes the business look more professional.


The last time you would want a new hire is to feel out of place or be worried about the lack of support from their point of contact. Use these above-mentioned tips to leave your new hire feeling impressed and comfortable in the company.

Nurturing your new hires will allow them to stay dedicated to the company and produce better work results from the very beginning.