Code Week: Teaching Programming to Young Learners

This course will help you to encourage today’s young digital consumers to become tomorrow’s digital creators. It is based around Scratch, a popular system adopted by millions of young learners worldwide as it fosters youthful curiosity, promotes creativity, and provides a basis for lifelong programming learning.

You’ll be truly amazed at how fast your learners get up to speed with coding skills! And if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, don’t worry. This course will get you started one step at a time!

NOTE: The course is entirely free but you must create an account with openSAP to access it.

Course Content

  • Unit 1: Introducing Scratch and the Art of Coding
  • Unit 2: Creating an Interactive Digital Environment
  • Unit 3: Coding Geometric Shapes and Freehand
  • Unit 4: Planning and Designing Games

The course is self-paced and is taught in English.

Code Week: Teaching Programming to Young Learners

This course will introduce you to Scratch, a free coding system by MIT. You’ll learn how to use the system and how to teach children how to use it and put their imagination and creativity to work

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    My name is Otis Strzała and I really liked the opportunity to take part in your free course: “Code Week: Teaching Programming to Young Learners”.
    I would like to know what I need to do to enroll in this course.
    Please, reply with directions as soon as possible.
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    Otis Strzała

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