Degrees for High School Students Who Hate Math and Science

Here are degrees for high school students who hate math and science but nevertheless still want to go to school.

Saying “Yes” to everything except maths and science courses? Exactly.

Did you fright math or science class as a kid? And forcing yourself to understand the whole concept because it was the most boring subject you can ever ask for?

Fortunately, you don’t have to be looming for careers anymore, you can shine with your own
field of interests. Confused about which career is the right one for you? Don’t fret, The College Monk has an extensive list of careers you can choose from.

The Occupational Information Network (O*NET), a US Department of Labor Database, gathers
job details, check salary data on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website, searching positions
with a median annual salary of at least $65,000 without heavy math skills.

O*NET ranks the importance of maths level using ranking level between 1 and 100, actors and
massage therapists rank under 10.


Top majors to focus without much maths or science

You can always make your way which could outshine your interest again involving no heavy
math skills or science. Some of the different majors are as follows.


Education is the root of every degree. Without education, there is a wing without growth. And
educational teachers hold an impact on the country’s future, upbringing economic success.
Choose an interested major to become one in that specific field.

However, having an interest in researching and teaching a particular topic, you can be a professor. But, it requires higher education more than grade-level knowledge.
The average salary for a teacher would be $56,720 per year


Taking a major degree in the communication field would be a marvelous option that includes
wide opportunities. Journalism, management, marketing, and public relations fall under it.

The average salary is $58,020. A degree like this provides you with interpersonal skills which are of
key importance. Completing a major under it, marketing would be an easy piece of a job
especially with innovative plans.

Human Resources

Not everyone has the potential to come under this lucrative spot. Having an interest in
businesses, human resources is the prime requirement field apt for it, with a speeding job

Establishment of numerous businesses and competitions, human resources experts are more in

The average salary is $59,180. Human Resource Manager is the most lucrative position of all.

The other field under Human resources major falls into public relations, employment law, and
general business.


It’s no surprise that English majors pin in the list. English is an advantageous major which you
can be well paid for.

Writers, communication managers, journalists, editors are such roles you
can get through an English major.
The average salary is $61,240.


Stay Cool! Accounting relates more with computer working and numbers besides using the real
arithmetic maths.
Having an accounting major, you have more close-up relations with the business globe.
Financial consultants are such roles under it, that work with cool people or organizations,
industries having a reputation.
The average salary is $68,150.


This field is a public service job. Nursing is a guaranteed major for job assurance after studies.
The world needs nurses.

Nurses should have good communication skills with a lot of patience
and have a busy schedule all day. One of the most respectful jobs as well.

The average salary is $68,450 depending on the status of the center/hospital/office reputation.


Do you aspire to make millions on Wall Street? A Finance major is the only answer to your
question. A very common major, as it could get you a good sum of money utilizing the
knowledge of economics, accounting, management, and of course business statistics.

You will be like a shining beacon in the darkness if you earned the importance of using it.
The average salary is $81,760.


Management major shares similarities to a communication major driving to many opening

Small-scale or large-scale industries have a management position. It is a great deal if you could
align in your area, plus the average salary is $100,79 depending on the company you enter.


Understanding economics is not hard. It is the study of goods and services, how it implements
and impacts the economical trade by the decision made by human plans.

Courses under this major have psychology, political science, and business. While business
analytics, investment management, and economics are some of the demanded positions.
The average salary is $101,050.


The top highest paying major of all is marketing outside of STEM. Advertising, social media
marketing and sales are the roles.

Commission rates in companies depend on the sales value. Marketing majors are a beautiful career if you manage how to top the surface with the business platform.
The average salary is $131,180.


You can try for a competitive public or civil service examination with the state in relation to your
major such as the U.S Civil service exam.

Law, sports, social work, hospitality and tourism, defensive services, artistic area, academic fields, and many more, to focus more besides the above mentioned.

Different job degrees positions besides maths and science

Below are the different paying job positions that you may look up positively.


Taking up a law course is a wonderful option as it involves a variety of interesting tasks.
Researching, collecting evidence, making legal files such as business or wills contracts,
prosecuting in court, and many more. Being an analytical career, it seldom gave any number crushing.

A law degree can include specialized areas such as corporate, family, criminal law to let you fit in those areas suited to your personality.


Another math-free legal career. Life as a judge is a two-way role. One is engaging, the other is

A judge oversees legal proceedings and herrings in the court, applying the rules of law to a
diverse range and contexts. The judge is logical, unbiased, and decisive. They are the ones
who view complex issues from multiple angles.

The rule may not favor everyone, but fulfill justice for the right person. Being a judge itself is a fascinating line of work.

Compliance Manager

Don’t worry, no maths blocks you to become a compliance manager.
Having great communication skills, dedication towards work and understanding corporate law is
the biggest asset to become one.

They work in collaboration with companies to maintain and improve their authenticity. They plan,
implement, enforce new policies and programs, making sure that the system and employees are
abiding with the rules and regulations.

Art Director

Not everyone has the talent to come up with innovative and productive ideas. Grand orchestrators
behind the masterpieces in the universe would be referred to as an Art Director.

They have all connections with film companies, advertisers, and other organizations to produce
and display in a way that is not only artistic but for consumer products.

An art director is a highly social profession, involving top-notch coordination, equipping
managerial skills, a keen eye for aesthetics. But, there is seldom any number of crushing
involved, availing an ideal career option for people with an aversion to math.

Talent Agent

Another math-free profession. Lit yourself. It represents professional athletes, artists, actors, writers, entertainers, performers, musicians, and artists in connection with potential employers.

A talent agent can negotiate fees and contracts, search for fresh job opportunities, or promote
clients at networking events. It is the most booming and exciting career option. Meant for
outspoken beings.

Film Director

Creative visionaries they are. From transforming screenwriters innovations into a flying outcome
for the golden screen, which will be viewed by everyone.

Reviewing and marking every day that, everything from raw sets well. They direct, conduct
decisions, finalize how the screen would be shared, scenes would unfold. From the costumes of
the actors or props they’ll use, or makeup, they hold the power.

The film director is dynamite and creative that brings colors to cinema life. Their income
depends on the hit of the work/movie response by the public.

Talent Director

Known by another name as- skilled selectors. Talent directors are not only skilled judges of
character, but they’re also pretty good at scanning characters/talents for that justified role.

A great innovative person who transforms visions of talented people into a realistic ones.
You will find them at the best in the spotlight industries in modeling/TV/films. Their core duty is to
filter the candidate’s resume, headshots and find the deserving person perfect for the role.


Passionate about healthcare having the ability to learn acupuncture is wonderful. Perhaps the
most trusted career.

It was culturally practiced for healing purposes for more than 2000 years or more. Acupuncturists own a variety of treatments for healthcare purposes, to treat patients.

No medical degree is required under this career when compared to practitioners or doctors.
In fact, the freedom to own this career with no math skills or meticulous MCAT exam.

Brawn your interests

Should you do what you love or love what you do? Maths and science aren’t the only happening
areas. It’s always important to consult career guidance.

Not everyone is bold enough to make decisions and changes in career life. Nothing works at
best if you force yourself to do it, whether it be personal or professional. Get a Life Not a job.


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