10 Top High Schools in Canada for International Students

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the top high schools in Canada for international students open to accept admission applications from foreign students who want to have their high school studies in Canada.

Maybe you don’t know this, it easier to move to Canada for primary or secondary school(high school) studies than it is to move at the university level. One reason is that all primary and secondary schools in Canada are Designated Learning Institutes while not all universities are designated and to be able to obtain a student visa to move to Canada, you must have gotten admission into a designated institute in Canada.

These top high schools in Canada are gaining popularity among international students as many students from different countries of the world today are interested in moving over to Canada for academic purposes as Canada has been recorded to be one of the most friendly countries for foreign students.

The instructive staff is inspired to coordinate educational activity and intriguing rest with the goal that students feel good and open to communication.

Parents and guardians have the opportunity to send kids to schools with separate accommodation for young men and young ladies. This practice permits the utilization of particular educational and out-of-school programs pointed toward quickening the advancement of academic, creative and communicative capacities.


What are the highlights of living in Canada?

The boarding schools in Canada provide top-notch accommodation facilities to its students. Students live in comfortable rooms individually or in twos or thereabout.

What’s more, students are under the constant care of teachers who reside in the same residences. With the care and attention of teachers, the students are helped to adapt with much ease to the new cultural environment.

Foreign students rapidly get used to the new environments as they can freely communicate with their peers.

Top High Schools in Canada for International Students

  • Andrew’s College (SAC)
  • Rosseau Lake College
  • Albert College
  • Columbia International College
  • Fulford Academy
  • Royal Crown Academic School
  • Bronte College
  • Keystone International Schools
  • Blyth Academy
  • Upper Canada College

St. Andrew’s College (SAC)

St. Andrew’s College popularly known as  SC is one of the best high schools in Canada for international students, a prestigious private school for boys between the ages of 10-18 years.

The students here have an option to choose to either come from their homes for classes daily or live at the school’s boarding house for an extra fee.

The school has two teaching departments namely: Middle School (grades 5-8) and Upper School (grades 9-12). Both departments admit Canadian and international students alike.

Located in Ontario, the college was founded in 1899 and is currently the largest and one of the most prestigious Canadian schools for boys.

This educational institution attracts many international pupils – this is shown in its having representatives of 34 countries of the world studying at the college who applauded the highest level of the proposed academic training.

The school witnessed a successful enrolment of 100% of its graduates in universities in 2014.

Though the separate type of training received by the young men, they get frequent leisure activities such as sports, intellectual competitions, performances and buffets, with the nearest women’s schools.

Rosseau Lake College

Rosseau Lake College is among the popular high schools in Canada for international students. Though the school is small, it is well known and is one of Canadian’s most reputable boarding schools.

It is located in the largest Canadian province of Ontario, on the shores of Lake Rosso specifically. The school’s environment is quiet, calm, and safe with picturesque landscapes, where students will be comfortable to study all year-round.

Thanks to the successful location of the college’s campus which presents wide opportunities for walking, sports, and other outdoor activities to the students.

The program offered at Rosseau Lake College is based on proven British programs and its academic curriculum satisfies the high standards of the Canadian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education of the province of Ontario.

The school has a balance of courses, professional teachers, and a richness of academic programs and on average, has a class size of at most 12 people per class, a teacher-to-student ratio of 1: 8.

In Ontario where this high school is located, there are also a number of universities for international students which are marked as designated learning institutes by the Canadian government.

Albert College

Albert College is one of the top high schools in Canada for international students and a well-known boarding school in the country for both boys and girls.

It was founded in the 19th century, 1857 precisely and is currently among the most prestigious secondary educational institutions in Canada.

The school’s mission is to provide students with basic education and an opportunity for creative and physical development.

The leadership of the school adopted a strategy aimed at equipping the students through its curriculum and that strategy has been on successful implementation.

One of the ways to prove the effectiveness of the said strategy is the attitude of the students towards learning which has been a very positive one.  

On a yearly basis, 99% of its students gain admission into universities, colleges in Canada, the USA, and many more and more than 80% of children further their education in priority educational institutions.

International students from 20 countries of the world are studying in this college and the school is open to admits more international students yearly.

Columbia International College

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Columbia International College is one of the biggest high schools in Canada for international students, admitting students within the age range of 13 to 19 years.

The curriculum of this high school doesn’t just produce full-fledged students for entering the chosen university alone but deepens the academic and linguistic knowledge of the students and also teaches the students to be citizens of the world, to adapt to the conditions surrounding abroad studies.

Yearly, the school accepts more than 1300 students and as a very popular high school in Canada, it admits international students from 66 countries of the world.

The graduates of the school have witnessed huge academic successes as every year, 100% of its graduates are enrolled in selected prestigious universities all over the world, and 70% of the graduate population are chosen by the top universities in Canada which include the University of Toronto, Western Ontario, UBC, Waterloo, Alberta, McMaster and McGill.

Fulford Academy

Though a small private boarding school in Brockville, Fulford Academy is among the high schools in Canada for international students. The high school is truly international as almost all students of the boarding school are having a foreign origin.

Fulford Academy is known for its intricacy, family atmosphere which makes it unique and exceptional from other high schools in Canada for international students.

This educational institution boasts of the high academic results of its students and how that its students enter high-ranked universities, colleges of the country, and the world at graduating from the school.

The school emphasizes language preparation and this is among the main features of the school. English is studied as a foreign language in Fulford Academy.

Fulford attracts international students with its high-quality courses and convenient location and is located a few kilometers from the border with the United States of America.

Royal Crown Academic School

Royal Crown Academic School is a top-ranked high school in Canada for international students with a commitment towards helping students excel and achieve their dreams. It is a private high school located in the heart of Toronto.

Royal Crown Academic School is part of the Royal Group of Schools, which includes a career college that admits both international and domestic students.

At Royal Crown, students are attended to individually to ensure that their individual needs are met and it is in this process that the school is able to help international students settle down, feel at home, get conversant with the environment, people and culture.

The school’s curriculum is challenging, and this pushes the students forward to achieve success.

Bronte College

Located in Mississauga (in the Greater Toronto Area), Bronte College is a co-educational, private Day and Boarding high school in Canada for international and domestic students offering education to students between the age range of grade 9 to 12,

Bronte College was founded in 1991 and has been offering a quality education and positive boarding school experience to international students for 30 years and has an international student population of 400 students from 30 different countries of the world.

Graduates of this high school are issued the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, recognized around the world.

Keystone International Schools

Established in 2012, Keystone International Schools serves both local and international high school students between the ages of 9 to 12.

Keystone operates in line with the Ontario curriculum with a project-based, experiential approach to learning key self-management skills among many others. It is located in the heart of Toronto and prepares students for post-secondary education success.

Aside from the general core subjects of the school, students select their electives on the basis of their interests and potential career choices. This selection is a process that involves the students, parents, teachers, and guidance counselors.

Blyth Academy

Blyth Academy is one of the best high schools in Canada for international students, it is known for its small class size which helps it achieve effective teaching, learning and monitoring of each member of the class for maximum performance.

The environment of the school largely encourages enthusiasm among the students and makes the learning process easy, fun, and interesting.

Blyth Academy is among the high schools in Canada for international students and is one that every international student is attracted to obtain high school education at.

Upper Canada College

Upper Canada College (UCC), is a high school that specializes in boy’s education. It is one of the best boys high schools in Canada for international students committed to teaching the boy the unique ways to learn and grow.

The graduates of this school are given high regard by top universities and post-secondary institutions in Canada and in other countries of the world.

Being a reputable high school, its global network of alumni includes leaders and innovators in finance, arts, politics, athletics, media and many more.

The school is outstanding for its financial assistance programs among independent schools in Canada that leaves the school with spending $5 million annually.

The school has a lot of programs that appeal to the taste of international students.

Top high schools for international students in Ontario

The top high schools for international students in Ontario include:

  • Andrew’s College (SAC)
  • Rosseau Lake College
  • Albert College
  • Columbia International College
  • Fulford Academy

Top high schools in Toronto for international students

The top high schools in Toronto for international students include:

  • Royal Crown Academic School
  • Bronte College
  • Keystone International Schools
  • Blyth Academy
  • Upper Canada College


The making of a good professional in any field of study starts at the high school stage as subjects taught here are fundamental and form building blocks to the courses one is to offer in pursuit of a degree in any field of study at any tertiary educational institution in the world.

This being the case, it is very imperative to attend good high schools and these high schools in Canada for international students listed in this article among many others could be a great start for both domestic and international students seeking where to obtain good high school education in Canada.


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