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Below is everything you certainly would want to know about McMaster University in Canada. The full admission requirements, tuition fees, application fees and process, programs, rankings, scholarships and lots more.


McMaster University, Canada

McMaster University is a public research university in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The school was founded in 1887 in Toronto but was relocated to Hamilton in Ontario in 1930.

With a mission to inspire critical thinking, personal growth and a passion for lifelong learning, McMaster University has grown to house a capacity of over 30,000 students with international students from over 160 countries of the world taking more than 13% of this population.

With the massive presence of international students at McMaster University, there is no doubt the school is amazing.

McMaster University is featured as one of the best universities in Canada with amazing scholarship opportunities for students. The school of mechanical engineering at McMaster University is also ranked as one of the top mechanical engineering schools in Canada.

McMaster University Ranking

McMaster University has been in the list of top universities in Canada and the world at large for some years now and the record keeps getting even better.

According to the 2020 World University Ranking, the school ranks #144 on the list of best universities in the world, #16 by subject ranking and #98 by graduate employability ranking.

The ranking criteria is based on factors which include: academic reputation: 40.7, employer reputation: 47.6, faculty-student: 81.4, citations per faculty: 32.4, international faculty: 99.3, international students: 48.1, overall score: 51.5.

The university which is about a hundred and twenty years from inception is built on the tradition of fueling inquiry, research and discovery amongst her students and this is still being upheld until date.

McMaster University Acceptance Rate

McMaster University can be very selective in its admission process although there is no definite acceptance rate for the school because it changes from year to year. Still, for the sake of clarity, admission rates from the school’s previous enrollments for different colleges are provided.

According to the 2019 application statistics, the school had 46,168 applications but only admitted 5,500 students.

So, deductively, from the data above, we can say that the McMaster acceptance rate is 12%, Right? That wouldn’t be final anyway, this is just the acceptance rate of the university for 2019. Anyway, the schools seem to argue differently.

According to the university’s website, its admission rate into undergraduate programs rose from 13.5% in 2000 to 42.44% in 2017. So, this is to say that the official acceptance rate for undergraduates undergraduate programs at the university is 42.44% though our 2019 findings say otherwise.

McMaster University Graduate School Acceptance Rate

Graduate school at McMaster University is very strong and reputable.

It offers above 150 masters and doctoral programs across many disciplines, their research facilities are premium international standards and they boast of one of the best research laboratories in Canada.

In 2018-2019, graduate headcount enrolment comprised 14.7% of total enrolment and when compared with the undergraduate admission.

Mcmaster Medical School Acceptance Rate

The McMaster Medical school is operated by the faculty of Health Sciences. It is one out of the two medical programs in Canada, which operates on an accelerated 3-year MD program. The other is the University of Calgary.

For the class of 2022, Mcmaster medical school received 5,228 applications which happens to be the highest application of any medical school in Canada and had an acceptance rate of 3.9%.

The average CGPA of undergraduates in the Class of 2020 is 3.87 and the average MCAT Verbal Reasoning/ Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills score was 129. MCAT is used to calculate the average admission rate for the school each year and students are required to write CASper test in order to qualify for admission.

Admission rate for international students

In the fall of 2018, 13.3% of all McMaster undergraduate students were international students from about 120 countries and international students represented 26.7% of the graduate student body
The whole student body is made up of International graduate students 27% of fall 2018.

McMaster University Tuition fee

For domestic students enrolled in the school’s undergraduate degree program, the total amount estimate is between $5,957 – $6052. The graduate fee is $6400.

For international students, the graduate school tuition is an estimate of $30,000. For undergraduates, $28,000.

McMaster Faculties/Schools

  • DeGroote School of Business.
  • Faculty of Engineering.
  • Faculty of Health Sciences.
  • Faculty of Humanities.
  • Faculty of Science.
  • Faculty of Social Sciences.

You can follow this link to find details of all McMaster University faculties.

McMaster university Scholarships and Awards

President’s Award

This award is worth $2,500 and is awarded when the final admission average is 95% and above.

Honour Awards

$1,000 is awarded when the final admission average is 90 – 94.99%
Award of $750 given to the student when final admission average is 88-89.99%


  • Canadians or Permanent Residents.
  • International students who completed their final year of high school in Canada.
  • Applicants who haven’t enrolled at a college or university any time after high school

Faculty Entrance Awards

These awards are offered to students entering specific faculties/departments as:

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Degroote School of Business
  • Faculty of Humanities

The Access Awards

This award helps academically qualified students from underrepresented groups find a compass to higher education.

The value of the award is up to $25,000 per year towards tuition and other costs associated with attending McMaster (tenable for up to four years)


The candidate should at the moment hold at least a high school diploma or has an expected completion date of June that same year.

  • Eligible to apply to an undergraduate degree program for September that same year
  • Commitment towards academic excellence


  • He/she should permanently reside in the Golden Horseshoe Area.
  • Demonstrate financial need.

Marjorie Anderson Financial Award for Indigenous Students

This award is valued at $80,000 paid $20,000 per year for four years of the undergraduate program.


  • Self-identify as Inuit, or as Status/Non-status First Nations from the Six Nations of the Grand River or the Mississaugas of the New Credit
  • Entering a degree program at McMaster in 2020-21


  • Minimum admission average of at least 75%
  • Demonstrate financial need

The application should consist of:
(1). Essay describing the influence that your Indigenous heritage has on your volunteer activities, leadership opportunities, university program choice, career path, or other community involvement that is important to you (1 – 2 pages).
(2). Reference letter from a non-family member

Provost entrance scholarship for international students

Established in 2018 to recognize the academic achievements of international students.
Value: $7500 (Up to 10 awards available per year)


The student has to be an international visa student, currently studying at a foreign high school outside of Canada and applying for admission to a Level l program.


Award requires a nomination and an application. Students are nominated by a school official from their high school (i.e. principal, department head, guidance counselor etc.) to recognize involvement in community initiatives and demonstrated leadership. Just one nomination is accepted per school.

The Woo family international entrance scholarships

Established in 1999 by Mr. Chung How Woo in honour of his late wife, Mrs. Ching Yung Chiu-Woo, mother and mother-in-law of four McMaster graduates.

Value: $3,000 per student (Variable number of awards each year)


He/she has to be an international visa student, currently studying at a foreign high school outside of Canada and applying for admission to a Level l program.


Students are automatically considered for this award once enrolled at McMaster for the upcoming fall term.
Awards are based on final admission averages.

The McMaster Chinese Alumni – Peter George international entrance scholarships

Established in 1999 by Chinese Alumni (Toronto Chapter) of McMaster University.
Value: $3000 per student (Variable number awards each year)


The student must be an international visa student, currently studying at a foreign high school outside of Canada and applying for admission to a Level l program.


Once enrolled at McMaster for the upcoming fall term, students are automatically considered for this award.
Awards are based on final admission averages.

Athletic Financial Awards

Value: The maximum amount of tuition and fees up to $4,500 for ALL financial awards that contain an athletic component (this includes any bursaries or other athletic awards – i.e. Ron Joyce Award of Athletes – distributed by Aid & Awards.


Student-athletes must be listed on the eligibility certificate.


  • Final admission average is 80% or above
  • Awards requirements are outlined in the student’s Memorandum of Understanding
  • A minimum 6.5 GPA in all enrolled courses within subsequent academic years (September – August)

McMaster Partner Scholarships

It’s offered to McMaster students in partnership with prestigious external organizations. Each award requires an application and has its own set of criteria.

LORAN scholarship

This one is a total merit-based award to find and nurture young Canadians who show strength of character and commitment to service, challenging them to realize their full promise.

Value: Approximately $100,000 over four years of undergraduate studies (including tuition waiver and $10,000 annual stipend)


  • Be in your final year of uninterrupted full-time studies in high school or Cegep (If you are planning to attend university outside of Quebec after only one year of Cegep, you can apply in your first year of Cegep)
  • At least 16 years old by Sept. 1 of the following year
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident


  • High school students: Present a minimum cumulative average of 85%
  • Cegep students: Present an R score equal to or higher than 29

SCHULICH leader scholarships

Value: Up to $80,000 – $100,000 over four years


  • Entering a program in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM)
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Must be selected as high school’s nominee (Canadian schools only)


Demonstrate not less than two of the following:

  • Academic excellence
  • Outstanding performance
  • Financial need

McMaster University Admission Requirements

Basically, there are nine common curriculums for admissions at McMaster University but this article focuses on admission requirements for three curriculums.

West African Examination Council (WAEC)

General Requirements for Admission;

  • 5 subjects
    The minimum average required for admission consideration under this category varies by program.
  • Documents Required for Review includes:
    Transcripts for SS1, SS2 and First Term SS3 grades

International Baccalaureate (IB)

General Requirements for Admission includes the following:

  • 6 subjects – 3 at HL and 3 at SL Plus the TOK and EE
  • Math SL or HL will be accepted
  • NEW Math equivalencies for first assessment
  • SL/HL Analysis & Approaches or HL Applications & Interpretations can be used to meet Calculus requirement
  • SL/HL Analysis & Approaches or SL/HL Applications & Interpretations are needed to meet the Advanced Functions requirement.
  • HL Analysis & Approaches or SL/HL Applications & Interpretations can be used to meet the Data Management requirement.
  • SL Analysis & Approaches MHF4U, MCV4U.
  • HL Analysis & Approaches MHF4U, MCV4U, MDM4U.
  • SL Applications & Interpretations MHF4U, MDM4U
  • HL Applications & Interpretations MHF4U, MCV4U, MDM4U
  • Bonus points – TOK and EE are added to the total score for admission consideration
  • A minimum of 28 is required for consideration. Admission is competitive and many programs will require a much higher score for admission.

Documents Required for Review are listed below

  • Grade 10, 11 and Grade 12 Predicted IB Diploma grades
  • Advanced Credit Policy
  • Final IB scores (HL only) of 5 or higher may be considered for Advanced Credit at the discretion of the Faculty.
  • Certificate at 5 or higher are also eligible for consideration.

American-Style Curriculum (Continental US)

General Requirements for Admission

  • American Curriculum High School applications are reviewed for admission based on McMaster’s own calculation of the admission average which may vary from those used at other institutions.
  • 5 Grade 12/Senior academic subjects or a combination of equivalents from IB, AP, SAT II Subject Tests
  • Grade 12 English/English Literature required for all programs
  • Math & Science equivalents:
    Biology – 2 years/2 full credits (Junior and Senior) or AP Biology (or equivalent)
    Calculus – 4 years of high school Mathematics including Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus (either AB or BC exam) or equivalent.
  • It is important fir the candidate ti note that SAT II Mathematics subject test cannot be used as a substitute for the Calculus requirement
  • Chemistry – 2 years/2 full credits (Junior and Senior) or AP Chemistry (or equivalent)
  • Physics – 2 years/2 full credits (Junior and Senior) or AP Physics (or equivalent).
  • AP Challenge exam with a minimum score of 4 or 5 may be used in lieu of one science/math requirement if subject not offered at your school.
  • SAT II Subject Test with a score of at least 670 may be considered on a case-by-case basis in lieu of one math/science requirement.
  • Students presenting AP courses are required to complete the AP Examinations via the College Board with minimum grades of 3 for consideration.
  • A minimum average of 80% (including all required subjects) is required for application eligibility. Admission is competitive and many programs will require grades/averages well above the 80% for admission consideration.

Documents Required for Review are as follows:

  • Detailed school profile including grading scale.
  • 2nd quartile results can be used for consideration for a conditional offer of admission provided at least 2 of the 5 required courses have been completed and grades presented.
  • Grade 9, 10, 11 and Grade 12 2nd quartile results.
  • SAT and SAT II Subject Test results must be sent from the College Board directly and cannot be accepted electronically.
  • SAT minimum – overall score of 1200 or greater (Reading/Math sections only) with a minimum score of 600 in each section (Institutional Code for SAT/AP – 0936).
  • ACT – minimum composite score of 27 or greater (Institutional Code – 5326).
  • Advanced Credit Policy.
  • AP courses with a minimum grade of 4 may be considered for advanced credit, however at the discretion of the Faculty.

You can find out all the McMaster University admission requirements and how to get them on their official admission page.

McMaster University Application fee

The McMaster University Application fee is $110 CAD for all programs and $150 CAD for MBA. The fee can be paid online during admission application.

How to apply to McMaster University

To apply to McMaster, you need to set things in order before taking the bold step!

  • First, decide your choice program
  • Ensure you meet the admission requirements and language requirements
  • Ensure availability of all required documents
  • Visit with your device
  • Navigate to “Future Students”
  • Click on “How to Apply” or simply click on the link here to land on the McMaster University application page.

Some Great McMaster University Notable Alumni

  • Lincoln Alexander – Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
  • Syl Apps – Hockey legend (1947-1998)
  • Roberta Bondar – Astronaut
  • Len Blum – Screenwriter & Producer
  • Bertram Brockhouse (professor emeritus) – Co-winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Martyn Burke – Journalist, novelist, filmmaker and recipient of the Auteur Award
  • Teresa Cascioli – Founder, Teresa Cascioli Charitable Foundation
  • David Dobson – Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Pitney Bowes
  • Tommy Douglas – Politician, medicare advocate (1904-1986)
  • Stephen Elop – President, Worldwide Field Operations, Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • David Feather – President, Mackenzie Financial Services
  • Dr. Eric Hoskins – Recipient of the Pearson Peace Medal
  • Arthur Fogel – Chair, Global Music and President, Global Touring at Live Nation Entertainment
  • Jay Firestone – CEO, CanWest Entertainment
  • Meric Gertler – President, University of Toronto
  • Dan Goldberg – Screenwriter & Producer
  • Andrea Horwath – Leader of the Official Opposition in Ontario and Leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party
  • Russ Jackson – Canadian football legend
  • Suzanne Labarge – Chancellor of McMaster University, retired RBC executive, philanthropist
  • Michael Lee-Chin – Founder, AIC Funds


McMaster University is one of the top universities in Canada. The school has existed for several years maintaining excellence which has made it the option of several international students.

Getting a degree from McMaster University maybe the next step you need in your academic advancement. You can find out more about the school from their official website.


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