10 Government Scholarships For Studying Abroad With Free Application

Here are our top picks of government scholarships for studying abroad which have free applications and are open to international students for undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. programs.

Scholarships are helping lots of students around the world achieve their academic dream, this article reveals the 10 awesome scholarship opportunities provided and funded by the government for students who want to study abroad.

While for top study-abroad countries we’ve written scholarship articles like that on full-tuition scholarship opportunities in Canada that are open to students from outside Canada, we’ve also decided to take out time to release this article on government scholarships.

One good thing about government scholarships is that they are always fully funded, sustainable, and free to apply. The challenge with winning them is that they are very competitive.

Sometimes you may not even know when the application portal for some of these government scholarships open and close, or maybe you will get to know about them when they are about to close.

This is why we dedicate time here at Study Abroad Nations to provide free guidance and expose you to opportunities to study abroad. If you follow us, you will learn about new scholarship opportunities before their deadlines.

About Government Scholarships

Scholarships come from lots of different sources but they are grouped into two major sources; A scholarship is either funded by the government or by a private source like a charity foundation or just sponsored by a single person.

The thing is, if you have financial constraints but still want to achieve your academic goals by studying abroad it is much better you apply for government-funded scholarships for international students offered by the government of that country or by your own government like Nigerians have the BEA scholarship offered by their own government to enable their students to study abroad.

It is an incredible character that governments from some countries come together, generate scholarship funds especially for international students to come and study in their country for free at all degree levels.

While I’ve listed about 10 high paying government scholarships for studying abroad below, I want to walk you through some necessary application steps.

How To Apply For Government Scholarships To Study Abroad

If you want to apply for scholarships, especially those funded by the government, these steps below will help you greatly.

Step 1: Making Extensive Research

Make extensive research concerning scholarships including contacting your preferred university study abroad office, talk to the professors, academic advisors, friends and parents about scholarships that they may know of.

Step 2: Applying for Several Opportunities

Apply for as much scholarship as possible because the more you apply the more your chances are increased. You can always visit our scholarship page to apply for scholarships.

Step 3: Early Application

Begin an early application and run it as thoroughly and quickly as you can. Sometimes the review of scholarship applications is cut off even before the deadline of the scholarship program once a good number of qualified applicants have been recorded.

So automatically, those who applied late are totally not considered despite their qualification.

Step 4: Ensure Certainty of Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation would be needed during the application process. My advice? It would be best to get your recommendation letter written by a professor in your school or a school you have obtained any degree from before or by your immediate employer if you are already working and he has a good academic profile.

Step 5: Ensure Satisfactory Grades

Be sure you have a good grade before you begin to apply for a scholarship to study abroad because the providers want to be sure it is given to students with outstanding academic potentials.

Step 6: Get Your Passport Ready

Your international passport should always be ready. While you can obtain a student visa after admission and scholarship has been issued, you need an international passport in most cases to even apply for the scholarship or to cleared if selected.

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Government Scholarships For Studying Abroad
( With Free Application )

  • DAAD Scholarship
  • Japanese Government Scholarship
  • Australian Scholarship Award
  • Fullbright Student Program
  • Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme
  • New Zealand Government Development Scholarship
  • Chinese Government Award Scholarship
  • Chevening Scholarship
  • The Government of Hungary Stipendicum Hungaricum Scholarship
  • The Belgium Government VLIR-UOS Scholarship

DAAD Scholarship

This scholarship is funded annually by the German Academic Exchange Service and it goes out to thousands of students from all parts of the world to come and study their preferred field in their preferred university in Germany.

The scholarship supports both undergraduate or professional degrees, depending on the one you are ready to study at the time and it is currently ongoing so you can still apply.

Japanese Government Scholarship

This is a fully-funded scholarship provided by the Japanese government to an international student who wishes to study in Japanese universities, it is known to be numerous and you should equally consider applying for it.

Australian Scholarship Award

This is a fully-funded scholarship grant offered by the Australian government yearly to eligible working-class students. The grant is known to hold up to 3000 master scholarships available to students from any part of the world.

Fullbright Student Program

This is one of the most popular scholarship funding in the USA and it is dished out to 4000 students per year who may want to get a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in universities in the United States.

Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship scheme is funded by the UK government and has about 6 different scholarship programs under this scheme, so make extensive research and know the one you will go for.

New Zealand Government Development Scholarship

This is a fully-funded scholarship by the New Zealand government and awarded to selected students mostly from developing countries and offers them the chance to study a specific subject that would help in the development of their country.

Chinese Government Award Scholarship

The Chinese government scholarship is fully funded and open to both its citizens and international students and it is supported by lots of foundations making it one of the most numerous scholarships offered by the Chinese government.

The scholarship here is fully funded and awards up to 1,500 scholarships yearly to international students, this scholarship gives you the opportunity to become part of an influential worldwide network of 44,000 alumni.

The Government of Hungary Stipendicum Hungaricum Scholarship

This scholarship program is funded by the Hungarian government to international students who want to study in Hungary for free. You can choose any field of your choice and any university of your choice to study in Hungary also try to apply early.

The Belgium Government VLIR-UOS Scholarship

This is a fully-funded scholarship by the Belgium government to students to wish to study abroad, the program offers complete Masters and training scholarships, especially to candidates from developing countries.

Conclusion on Winning Government Scholarships For Studying Abroad

All of these government scholarships mentioned above are available annually for application. They are all fully funded, covering tuition, flight, boarding, books, healthcare and basically every other thing necessary.

By the provisions made by these opportunities, you are most relieved of financial burdens which is targeted to help you concentrate more to achieve greater results.

Remember, apply early and apply for as much as you can there is no limit to how much scholarships you can apply for.



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