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Below is everything you need to know about Western University in Canada; their application and tuition fees, admission requirements, international and local scholarship programs, their undergraduate, postgraduate & certificate programs and lots more.


Western University, Canada

Founded in 1878, Western University now popularly known as the University Of Western Ontario (UWO) has been on the forerun of delivering world-class learning experience for both domestic and international students.

As one of the oldest universities in Canada, it prides itself as a global citadel for academic excellence. This is evident in its offering of leading research intensified programs, well-equipped facilities and the swamp of notable Alumni that the school has provided.

Western University has an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally, as a top institution in the world preferred by international students both for their on-campus studies and distant learning.

Located in Ontario, one of the top cities in Canada with its economic activities actively centered on education, medical research and health care. The city is very large with a teeming population of about 382,832 people.

With out doubt, Western university has one of the best undergraduate campus environment in Canada that is very convenient for learning. Fondly known as the kernel of innovation, the school promotes and encourages diverse research programs to foster growth and development in the field of wind engineering, green energy, neuroscience, biomaterials, planetary science, math, child and youth development.

The university offers over 2000 courses that cut across its 12 faculties for the various undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral programs. It awards courses leading to B.sc, Msc, B.arts, M.arts, PhD in diverse disciplines such as engineering, business, humanities, health sciences, creative arts, music, physics, maths and Robotics.

Western university is an exceptional institution to consider if you want to have a remarkable academic experience that’ll boost your career, talent and probably bring out the genius in you or if you want to foster a great collaboration for your research and industry work.

The University high-class modern teaching and learning infastructures which include advanced teaching facilities, hi-tech laboratories, exquisite arts studios, computer centers for e-learning and teaching and well-equipped library, which houses over 2.45 million books, in addition to several e-resources.

Western University Ranking

Western University has been on the spotlight of global recognition for its role in providing top research-based programs and learning in Canada and in the world.

It sees itself as an institution that provides innovative solutions to human and global challenges by using its cutting-edge innovativeness to improve humans health, enhance technology and creativity, create business opportunities and accelerate social change.

These have made its name to be highlighted by ranking bodies and organizations for striving to achieve and provide high academic excellence.

The Academic Ranking Of World University recently ranks Western University as 201 in the world and 7th best in Canada.

The QS World University ranks Western University as 211 best in the world and 8th best university in Canada.

Also, a survey by Times Higher Education (THE) ranked the university at 201 in the world and 9th in Canada, while the US News and World Report Best Global University ranked the university as 276 in the world and 5th in Canada.

Furthermore, the university’s research performance in decades has been spotted in various bibliometric university rankings which analyzes and carry out advanced studies to evaluate universities based on its contributions in academic publications.

Taking these into consideration, Western University ranks 345 in the world and 4th in Canada by the Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for world university.

Western University also holds over $256,654,305 research grants and 13,205 Academic awards. The researchers and professors at this institution have achieved their own numerous milestones and they have won about 2M teaching fellowships which is Canada’s top award for undergraduate excellence, a little above their predecessor, Alberta University.

The programs and facilities are not left out, for it has also been ranked by various bodies and organization which Western University has seen topping and being ahead in the list for many years.

Western University is also ranked at the top of the “Most Satisfied Students Category” in the Globe and Mail’s annual Canadian university report.

Western University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at the Western University Canada is 58% which shows that it is moderately competitive.

Despite this acceptance rate at Western University, it might still be challenging to obtain admission. So, it is advisable that you apply very early once the admission window is open and ensure to meet up with all necessary requirements for admission.

Western University Application Fees

At Western University, different category of applicants pay different application fees and as such, there is no single application fee that serves for all the applicants.

Western University Graduate Application Fee

Gradutate applicants at Western University Canada pay an application fee of $120 but in some cases and for some programs, the application fee can rise to as high as up to $150.

You can find out more about the graduate application fee here.

Western University Undergraduate Application Fee

For applicants from Ontario secondary schools, an application fee of $150.00 (CAD) is required and they are to apply using the 101 form.

For other full-time undergraduate applicants, an application fee of $156.00 (CAD) is required and they are to applying using the 105 form which attracts extra $93.50 (CAD) non-refundable evaluation fee.

You can find out more about these undergraduate application fees here.

Western University Tuition Fee

The tuition fees at Western University for undergraduate students is between $11,560 and $14,450 which varies from international and domestic student to degree programs.

The university also offers various graduate degree programs for its Master, PhD and other programs. The graduate tuition fees at Western University ranges from $6,360 to $18,247 which varies between programs and between domestic and international students.

You have to also note that the school charges an additional fee of $923 aside the regular tuition fees. Other additional expenses are:

Western University Acommodation Fees

The school has built-in campus rooms and the cost of each of these rooms per academic year is $10,143. Students expecting to live off-campus are expected to be on an estimated budget of $12,105 depending on their choice of housing.

For students who want to live off-campus, it is expected of you to have a budget of an additional $2,415 for your personal upkeep and well-being.

Estimated Expenses for other Supplies and Books at Western University

The estimated yearly cost for books and other supplies is $1,567. There are available scholarships that can cover this cost but certainly not all students would be on scholarship

Estimated Yearly Cost of Schooling at Western University, Canada

In average, domestic students should expect a total yearly basic cost of about $26,009.

For international students, expect a total yearly basic cost of about $28,899.

Western University Faculties & Schools

The institution offers a wide range of courses that runs from humanities, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, Languages, Arts, and numerous others. Below is a list of all the faculties and schools in western University.

  • Faculty of Anatomy and Cell Biology Schulic
  • School of Medicine & Dentistry Anesthesia & Perioperative MedicineSchulich/School of Medicine & Dentistr
  • Anthropology/Social Sciencw
  • Faculty of Applied Mathematics/Sciencw
  • Faculty of Arthur Labatt Family/ School of Nursing/Health Science
  • Faculty of BiochemistrySchulich/ School of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Faculty of Biomedical Engineering,/The School of Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering/Engineering
  • Faculty of chemistry/Science
  • Faculty of children’s Health Research Institute/Research Institute
  • Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering/Engineering
  • Faculty of Classical Studies/Department of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Clinical Neurological Sciences Schulich/School of Medicine & dentistry
  • Faculty of Communication Science Disorders/School of Health /Sciences
  • Faculty of Computer Science/Science
  • Faculty of continuing Teacher Education/Education,
  • Faculty of criminal Law/Law
  • Faculty of Dan Management and Organizational Studies/Social Science
  • Faculty of DentistrySchulich /School of Medicine & Dentistry Developmental
  • Faculty of Biology Schulich /School of Medicine
  • Faculty of Economics/School of Social Science
  • Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering/Engineering
  • Faculty of English/Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Epidemiology & BiostatisticsSchulich/School of Medicine & Dentistry Family
  • Faculty of Medicine Schulich/ School of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Faculty of first Nations Studies/Social Science
  • Faculty of French/Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Geography/Social Science
  • Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies/School of Health Information Science (MHIS)Information and Media Studies
  • Faculty of (FIMS)Health Studies/School ofHealth Sciences
  • Faculty of (FHS)History/Social Science
  • Faculty of History of MedicineSchulich/School of Medicine
  • Faculty of Ivey Academy/Ivey School of BusinessJD Academic ProgramsLaw
  • Faculty of Journalism & Communication (MMJC)/school of Information and Media Studies
  • Faculty of (FIMS)KinesiologyHealth/Sciences
  • Faculty of Library and Information Science
  • Faculty of (FIMS)Linguistics/School of information and Media Studies
  • Faculty ofMechanical and Materials EngineeringEngineering
  • Faculty of Media Studies/School of Information and Media Studies
  • Faculty of (FIMS)Media, Information & Technoculture (MIT)/School of Information and Media Studies,
  • Faculty of (FIMS)Medical BiophysicsSchulich/School of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Faculty of Music Education/School of music Don Wright
  • Faculty of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Schulich/School of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry Occupational Therapy/School of Health Sciences,
  • Faculty of OncologySchulich/School of Medicine & DentistryOphthalmologySchulich
  • Faculty of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Schulich/School of Medicine & dentistry physical Therapy/School ofHealth Sciences
  • Faculty of Physiology and PharmacologySchulich/School of Medicine & Dentistry Plastic
  • Faculty of Popular Music & Culture (MA PMC)/School of Information and Media Studies
  • Faculty of (FIMS)Psychiatry Schulich/ School of Medicine & Dentistry Psychology/Science
  • Faculty of Sociology/Social Science
  • Faculty of St. Joseph’s Health Care London
  • Faculty of Surgery Schulich/School of Medicine
  • Faculty of Windsor Regional Hospital/Teaching HospitalWomen’s Studies and Feminist Research Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Writing/School of Arts and Humanities

Western University Admission Requirements

The Western University admission requirements for both Domestic and International Students vary. You are also expected to note that, a mere possession of necessary requirements might not guarantee admission despite it’s acceptance rate of 58%.

Hence it is advisable that you apply early once the admission window is open.

As a general criterion, all students must pass the English proficiency test or be able to provide a valid prove of English proffeciency. All admission is confirmed when you have in possession, the final official transcripts from the university.

If you are an international student, here is a general international admission requirements for undergraduate and graduate students.

Admission Requirements For Undergraduates

To be considered for admission into Western University for undergraduate programs, candidates must have completed senior high school or be in their final year in high school at the time of applying for admission.

Their is also a compulsory prove of English language proficiency requirements for all prospective students whose first language is not English.

The minimum admission average to be accepted to Western University varies depending on the faculty and program of your choice.

Below is a list of undergraduate admission requirements at Western University.

  • Prove of English Proficiency
  • Statement of purpose
  • Academic transcripts

Admission is based on your complete academic history and achievement in three main areas: your grades, your English proficiency in TOEFL/IELTS and completion of required subjects.

A valid Student visa or student permit for international students is also required before you can be enrolled after admission consideration.

There are further requirements for foreigners from different countries, see them HERE.

Admission Requirements For Graduate Students

  • A valid study permit for international students
  • Must have completed a bachelor degree program from the University of Alberta or an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • For doctoral degree programs, the candidate must have completed a masters from the University of Alberta or a recognized university with a GPA of 3.0
  • English language proficiency test score for all student (for applicants whose first language is not English)
  • Provision of the GMAT or GRE test scores
  • Academic transcripts
  • Letters of reference
  • Statement of purpose
  • Proof of work experience may be required

These are the necessary requirements for your graduate degree pursuit at Western University. You can, however, check here for further requirements.


After gathering all the necessary information and expected requirements for the program you intend to pursue, follow this guide to begin the process of applying to western university

  1. Visit the school website and select your preferred graduate or undergraduate program
  2. Carefully review and highlight the admission requirements for your degree program and contact the department via email
  3. Apply and submit the necessary credentials requested from you

All undergraduate applicants should apply here while graduate students should apply here.

Western University Scholarships

Western University provides ample scholarship opportunities for both domestic and international students at all levels of studies and degree programs. There are over 974 scholarships worth about $1,446,578 CAD provided by the institution yearly.

Newly admitted students criteria for scholarship admittance is based solely on the final high school average grade.

At the national level, the scholarship is open to outstanding students with impressive academic records from previous institutions attended.

Also, there are other awards available at the faculty and departmental levels.

If you have applied and gained admission into the university, you are eligible to participate in several of their scholarship programs.

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships at Western University

  • W.Ross Pinkerton Bursaries
    Value: $1000
    Field: Engineering
  • Dr.C.A Heinrich Bursaries
    Value: $2000
    Fields: Medicine
  • Kathleen V.Pearce Scholarship
    Field: English language, literature
  • William .C. Heine International Study Fellowships
    Value: $3,500
    Field: Mass Communication/Media Studies
  • Gordon R.Thompson (OSOTF) Award
    Value: $600
    Field: Humanities
  • Western Admission Scholarship
    Value: $2,500
    Fields: General
  • Western Scholarship Of Excellenc
    Value: $8,000
    Field: General
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS)- Western University
    Value: $2,500
    Field: Engineering
  • OGS Scholarship For International Students – MBA
    Value: $800
    Field: Business
  • International President’s Entrance Scholarships
    Value: $1,500
    Field: Engineering, Computer

For more on scholarship offers, go here.

General Requirements­ for Western University Scholarships

  • The students must have applied to an undergraduate degree program at western university
  • Must have excellence academic records
  • Obey the eligibility and requirements of the graduate scholarship you are applying for.
  • Must possess necessary documents as required by the scholarship applied for.

Great Western University Notable Alumni

Western University have produced more than 400,000 Alumnus, many of whom have helped change the world with their innovations, breakthrough discoveries and formulated theories.

The network of Alumnus from Western University have continued to set a pace in the world and contributing massively to the growth and development of the institution by giving room for scholarship opportunities and other philanthropic acts.

The Cobalt bomb, for instance, was developed by Ivan Smith who is a renowned physicist from Western University.

Some of these remarkable alumni are:

  • Sir Frederick Banting – (Nobel laureate)
  • Alice Munro ( Nobel Laureate)
  • Catherine Zeisner ( Social Media influencer)
  • Stephen S.Poloz ( Former Bank Of Canada Governor)
  • Race Roster ( Inventor)
  • Kevin Murray ( Entrepreneur)
  • Bjarni Trygyvason ( Austranaut)
  • Kyle Dawson ( Kinesiology)
  • Ash Singh
  • Stephen Brunt
  • Connor Denton
  • Mark Mullius


You have seen that this article has helped to enlighten you on the necessary information you need to know about Western University, Ontario, Canada, so that your application process to the school will be very simple and easy.

This school is certainly expected to nurture you into greatness. You are just a step away from achieving great things in the world when you get yourself into Western University. This is because the learning system at Western University is so special that you will be inspired by the best and brightest professors to achieve more!


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