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In this article is everything you need to know about the University of Montreal in Canada, its fees, scholarships, programs, application process and all.


University of Montreal, Canada

The University of Montreal is a French-language public research university situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with its main campus located in Mount Royal in the neighborhoods of Outremont and Côte-des-Neiges.

For brevity, the school is also called UdeM. The institution comprises thirteen faculties, more than sixty departments, and two affiliated schools: Polytechnique Montréal (School of Engineering; formerly the École Polytechnique de Montréal) and HEC Montréal (School of Business) and offers more than 650 undergraduate programs and graduate programs, inclusive of 71 doctoral programs.

The university was founded as a satellite campus of the University of Laval in 1878 but later became an independent institution after the issuance of a papal charter in 1919, and a provincial charter in 1920.

Undergraduate students make up the majority of the university community with a whopping percentage of 74 of the university student body which is about 34,335 students.

Graduate students make up about 24 percent of the student body which is about 11,900 students. Currently, the total number of students at UdeM is over 66,000. The university holds over 9,500 international students while more than 8,000 are the permanent residents of the country.

University of Montreal Rankings

Ranking of universities is based on different criteria and as well done by different bodies, which is why a school may not necessarily be ranked the same always, although the differences between them is usually nothing so big anyway.

University of Montreal is ranked #139 in Best Global Universities. This ranking is done based on school’s performances across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. UdeM has consistently been ranked in a number of university rankings.

The 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed the university 85th in the world, and fifth in Canada.

Similarly, the 2020 QS World University Rankings ranked the university 137th in the world and fifth in Canada. In U.S. News & World Report 2020 global university rankings, the university placed 139th, tied for fifth in Canada alongside the University of Alberta.

The University is also placed in a number of rankings that evaluated the employment prospects of graduates. In QS’s graduate employability ranking, the university ranked 151–160 in the world, and ninth in Canada while in Times Higher Education’s global employability ranking, the university is placed 37th in the world, and third in Canada.

Amidst all the statistical rankings and building structure, the school has such a lively student life with the vibrant cities around helping a great deal too. UdeM offers the peace of a traditional campus fused within a busy city.

University of Montreal acceptance rate

At the University of Montreal, the acceptance rate of the University is around 40-50% which indicating a highly competitive and selective admission procedure. This further explains that if for instance, a total of 100 prospective students apply, then about 40-50 of the qualified students get selected.

This just explains how so hard you must work to get in because just as much or even harder as you work to get into college are thousands of other prospective students too who are doing the same.

University of Montreal Tuition fees

University of Montreal is one of the few schools in Canada where the cost of tuition is determined by the student’s citizenship; if the student is a Canadian residing in Quebec, a Canadian residing outside of Quebec or just an international student. So the tuition fees can’t be said to be a certain figure.

However, for the purpose of clarity, estimates of the university’s annual average tuition are listed below.

  • Canada Average
    Average tuition: $6,053
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
    Average tuition: $2,473
  • Prince Edward Island
    Average tuition: $4,888
  • Nova Scotia
    Average tuition: $7,926
  • New Brunswick
    Average tuition: $5,583
  • Quebec
    Average tuition: $2,792
  • Ontario
    Average tuition: $8,456
  • Manitoba
    Average tuition: $4,363
  • British Columbia
    Average tuition: $7,527

For foreign students and those not residing in Canada, the above fees are made in addition to some supplementary fees.

University of Montreal faculties/schools

There are a lot of courses to choose from out of the many courses the university offers. So no matter where you think you want to be in life, the University of Montreal has just the right departments for you to fit in and pursue your life course. Listed below are the various faculties/schools at the university.

  • Faculty of Arts and Science
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Education.
  • Faculty of Environmental Design
  • Department of Kinesiology
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Music
  • School of Optometry
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • School of Public Health
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty of Continuing Education
  • Polytechnique Montréal
  • HEC Montréal

University of Montreal Scholarships

The University understands the hurdles of obtaining a college degree especially as it pertains to financing and so the school provides scholarship opportunities.

Undergraduate students with excellent academic records and graduate-level students are eligible to apply for some of these scholarships. You would be surprised by the number of possibilities open to students, particularly at the graduate level.

There are over 5,000 sources of financing offered by UdeM, businesses, foundations and a range of public and private organizations. The school has a scholarship office that offers workshops, informational sessions and individual consultations to help eligible students in their search for scholarships and in preparing their files.

Students might be lucky enough to have a research director as an ally in the search for financing. Most professor-researchers are aware of the best scholarships in their field. Certain Faculties or Departments offer possibilities for integrated financing.

International students are open to certain scholarships that allow for a considerable reduction in tuition fees, namely the UdeM’s Exemption Scholarship and even several sources of financing which may also be offered by your country of origin.

The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (ESP) provide over 8 million dollars per year in financial support to students.

In addition, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s Work-Study Programs help certain student clients experiencing financial difficulties obtain part-time employment on campus.

University of Montreal Admission requirements

It is good you know the documents expected of you to provide for admission consideration so as to avoid an omission that would have easily been prevented. So explained below are what UdeM requires of prospective students for undergraduate and graduate programs respectively.

  • Students are required to submit the official test scores, high school academic transcripts and certificates. Upon graduation, a final high school transcript must be submitted.
  • The University of Montreal is a French taught institution and because most of the courses are held in French. French proficiency is strongly recommended. Some departments may require a higher level.
  • Students must secure a nothing less than a GPA of 3.0 over 4.3 in the last two years of their previous program.

Supporting Documents

  • Applicants must submit at least one letter of recommendation from the home university’s (Academic Head, Advisor or other appropriate authority) and this letter must highlight the applicant’s career objective and future goals.
  • An official copy of a single official document listing the name of the student as well as the names of the parents
  • Identity documents are required to show; place of birth (showing city and country), sex, full names (first names and surnames). Additionally, foreign students must compulsorily obtain a student permit and Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) and these documents must be translated to French or English when such students are applying from countries that have neither of these languages as an official language.

University of Montreal Graduate Admission requirements

For graduate students who wish to gain admission into the University de Montreal, it is mandatory that they have good command of the French language. This is more so since the University is a French University and insist on communicating with all applicants and students in the French language. This rule on good mastery of the French language continues all through the duration of the student’s study up until graduation. A guide to filling the application form may be downloaded at required documents that should accompany the student’s application are:

  • The identification sheet, fully completed or the application summary (if printed before submission) should be photocopied and attached.
  • Applicant’s official transcripts showing grades in every year of study.
  • Official transcripts showing the grades of the applicant in the last years of secondary school
  • Grades of all courses offered in the university in official transcripts. This will include uncompleted programs, distance education and university exchange programs inclusive of any document which operates as proof that the applicant duly obtained his degree.
  • Birth certificate or other official document showing applicant’s date of birth, location of birth, sex, family names or other given names as well as full names of parents.
  • Official transcripts from University de Montreal for graduate students of the university who are applying for a graduate program.
  • Individual programs also require specific documents in the course of application.
  • Copies of the certificate proving citizenship for applicants born outside Canada who have subsequently obtained Canadian citizenship.

University of Montreal Application fees

The treatment of your application includes administrative fees. These fees are not refundable and applications cannot be canceled. In order for your application to be submitted and studied by one of the university agents, it is essential that you pay the fees when you submit your application. These fees vary according to the specific programs the applicant wishes to pursue. Below are the fees for each program.

  1. Application for admission to undergraduate and graduate programs
    Cost: 102,50 $
  2. Application for admission to a module or a microprogram
    Cost: 22,60 $
  3. Application for admission as a visiting research scholar
    Cost: 11,00 $
  4. Application for admission as a postdoctoral fellow
    Cost: 11,00 $
  5. Application for admission due to a change in program
    Cost: 28,40 $
  6. Application for admission to independent studies
    Cost: 22,60 $
  7. Application to modify a choice of program
    Cost: 34,00 $

How to apply for admission at the University of Montreal

The University of Montreal offers various bachelor’s degree programs with multiple disciplines. As mentioned earlier, if you must stand a chance of getting in it is best you follow the right procedures.

The admission criteria and procedure for application to different Undergraduate courses are mentioned below:

  • Students are required to submit the official test scores, high school academic transcripts and certificates, a final high school transcript is expected of the candidate too.
  • A basic knowledge of French knowledge is required too because almost all courses are held in French hence the need for French proficiency.  A proof of a good knowledge of the French knowledge is needed.
  • For students who earlier did an A’level, they must secure a minimum GPA of 3.0 over 4.3 in the last two years of their previous program.
  • Applicants must submit at least one letter of recommendation from the home university.(Academic Head, Advisor or other appropriate authority). This letter must be submitted and it should highlight the applicant’s career objective and future goals.
  • An official copy of a single official document listing the name of the student as well as the names of the parents.
  • Applicants are also required to pay the non- refundable application fee of $99. The academic session at the University of Montreal begins in fall, winter, summer and spring season.
  • Interested candidates can apply by filling the online application form or through a paper application.
  • Students applying through the paper application are sent a mail confirming receipt of the completed application. The same is followed for informing the applicants about the admission decision.
  • Students who apply in Early action will be considered for scholarships.
  • The admissions are open for the International students for different intake seasons as per the semester-based academic calendar.
  • A few of the courses are offered only in the Fall season.
  • Deadlines, admission process, application fee, online application portals, and decision notification vary for each course and session.

Some Great University of Montreal Notable Alumni

The university has an extensive alumni network, with more than 300,000 members. Throughout the university’s history, faculty, alumni, and former students have played prominent roles in a number of fields. Several prominent business leaders known around the globe graduated from UdeM.

Global influencers in the likes of Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien, founder and CEO of Telemedia, Louis R. Chênevert, chairman and CEO of the United Technologies Corporation, and Pierre Karl Péladeau, former president and CEO of Quebecor.

A number of genius students have also gained prominence for their research and work in a number of scientific fields. Roger Guillemin, a graduate of the university, would later be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work with neurohormones.

Another Alumnus Ishfaq Ahmad would also gain prominence for his work with Pakistan’s nuclear weapon’s program. Jocelyn Faubert, who is widely known for his work in the fields of visual perception, is currently a faculty member of the university.

Gilles Brassard, widely known for his fundamental work in quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, quantum entanglement distillation, quantum pseudo-telepathy, and the classical simulation of quantum entanglement.


In summary, the University of Montreal could be just the right school for a student who wishes to see the world from many angles while in college. The school is prestigious and offers more than what students always have in mind for college. UdeM is waiting for your application, send it today and make no little plans.


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